Day 896: I Spy (Part 2)

I’m not going to Spy all Posts I’ve Presented Previously, in the Present, but I’m Pretty Positive I’ve Presented You with  a Previous (and Perhaps Precious) Post “I Spy.”

After I Publish this Second “I Spy” Post, I’ll Spy the Previous Post, and You’ll Spy a link to it, here.

Ready for today’s game of “I Spy”?

I Spy with my little eye Some things that Start with the letters “S,” “P,” or “Y” (Spied Yesterday by YourS trulY):


As You Spied those Spying Photos, did You agree that that I was Showing Pictures of “S”  “P” or “Y” things? Y did You think that? Could you name any “S” “P” or “Y”  things in a comment, if I gave You a Special Prompt?

Here’s a Special Prompt, You,  to name other Special Parts You might See in more Spying Pictures from Yesterday:


I Spy with my little I that it’s

… Seven, So I’ll Swiftly Pick You Some “I Spy” Sounds.

I’m Pretty Sure I Picked the “I Spy” theme for the Previous Post, So I’ll Pick You

“Spy in the House of Love” Performed by Steve Winwood and …

“Spy in the House of Love,” by waS (not waS).

Shall I SPY anY commentS from You?

“I Spy” thankS to all PeoPle, PondS, SwanS, PoSSum dog toyS, SignS, and StateS (SPecificallY, MaSSachuSettS),  helPing me Produce thiS PoSt. And thankS to You, eSPeciallY!

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32 thoughts on “Day 896: I Spy (Part 2)

  1. I spy SIGNS and STUFFED animals and PEOPLE, and the color YELLOW. My favorite Photo is #3 with the man’s head coming out from the rock. Love it!

    • AlwaYS haPPY to SPY a comment from You, LiSa. And See, I SnaPPed that Photo because of the Screwdriver. So glad you SPYed what you did!

      • I went back to spy that screwdriver, which I never even saw the first time!!! I wasn’t thinking about S P Y – I was taking in how interesting that head was coming out from the rock!!!! 😀

      • You were in the PreSent moment, LiSa. YaY!

  2. I spy with my little I things spied on a stroll surrounding Spy Pond. Don’t know why the Y, though!

  3. Phew! That’s a whole lotta spyin’ goin’ on! Judy

  4. I spied Steve Winwood. Perhaps that doesn’t count, but many years ago when I was a teenager and still going to church with my parents a man with unusually long hair (even for a Presbyterian church) and a bright blue jacket joined us for the communion service. And Yours truly stood between him and another member of his entourage (in denim and cowboy boots) in a prayer circle. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t believe he was who I thought he was until a few days later when my parents asked, “Do you know who Steve Winwood is? He was one of those guys who came to church last Sunday.”

    I may never spy him again.

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    How did you get to with in a few feet of a possum? I’m positively perplexed…. Pure passion putting photographs on post…

  6. PoSt-SPYing So manY PhotoS, I’m almoSt SpectacularlY SPeechleSS. As PertainS to SignS, I’m tickled Pink to See You Still Pass bY SPY Pond. I’m aS Yet Puzzled bY the Sign PromiSing free heat and hot water. Do theY ShiP?

    (I SaY Phew! ThiS waS almoSt waY too much Pain and agonY. Which I hoPe You have leSS of now that You PoSted thiS PoSt.)

  7. I spy a Swan, a Park, and a Yellow music book!

  8. Such lovely things to spy during your dad

  9. You’re good at this game!

  10. Shadows, Pooch, Yellow. O, and Montrose can’t spell SPY

  11. Great photos! What these show is your ability to be present in the moment “Out here”. What this means is that you are no longer an observer from within you but have become an intrinsic part of all that is around you.

    And yes, this mindset can only come about when you are totally focussed in the moment with no judgments and perceptions clouding what you are seeing.


  12. My comment was swallowed by WordPress last evening, Ann. So I shall reMark: I spy a stop sign that may have been run down by a bunch of enthusiastic folks in a 5K!

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