Day 895: Simultaneously

For the past two years, Mark Bialczak and I have simultaneously been blogging daily here on WordPress.

Yesterday, we simultaneously took a photo of each other during a beautiful afternoon at “The Happy Cottage” on Cape Cod.

Doesn’t Mark look happy in that photo? Simultaneously, I was happy too, getting my picture taken while spending a simultaneous and fabulous three-and-a-half hours (but who’s counting?) with Mark, his lovely wife Karen, and their wonderful dog Ellie B (simultaneously known as Dogamous Pyle).

Earlier in the day, Mark and I were simultaneously snapping photos for today’s blogs (while Karen was simultaneously being patient and kind with the both of us). I am posting my pictures here (perhaps simultaneously with Mark sharing his own view of our simultaneously shared day):


Doesn’t that look like Ellie B. is simultaneously being a dog and a wine steward?

I wonder if Mark, like me, will simultaneously report that our meeting yesterday was

I also wonder if there’s a simultaneous description of this dialog from yesterday (after Karen mentioned Mark’s ability to do that male thing of simultaneously having doctor-approved good  hearing and also hearing her selectively):

Me: I know! Somehow, my boyfriend Michael hears every word my son Aaron says, but he can’t hear what I’m saying. Michael claims it’s the frequency of my voice.

Mark: Yes, it’s the frequency. How much you’re talking.

While  typing the  dialog above on my iPhone keyboard, I was simultaneously wondering whether I quoted Karen, Mark, and Michael correctly and also simultaneously remembering Mark passionately giving me instructions yesterday about how to avoid blogging on this friggin’ annoying keyboard. Simultaneously, while I was ignoring Mark’s attempt to make my blogging life easier yesterday,  he and I were joking and reminiscing about other times — over the past two years — when I have ignored other helpful suggestions from him.

Here’s another thing that happened simultaneously yesterday:  Mark and I declared it unfair that NEITHER OF US HAS BEEN FRESHLY PRESSED here at WordPress, despite our simultaneous blogging diligence and consistency.

Perhaps, as we simultaneously publish posts about our shared day today, we will simultaneously

  1. be freshly pressed and
  2. go viral.

After I got home yesterday evening, Michael was able to hear me well enough to talk about my delightful day and to decide to go food shopping last night. While he and I were at the supermarket, a group therapist who had simultaneously attended my workshop on my therapy groups last weekend was simultaneously shopping there, too. She and I were simultaneously thrilled to see each other, and she showed me this:

That’s the stone she had chosen while everybody in the workshop was simultaneously doing a mindfulness exercise,  a week ago.

Simultaneously, I know that Mark is NOT going to show a picture of that.

Before I end this post and check if Mark’s simultaneous blog is posted (and we do often publish posts simultaneously), here’s a song that I simultaneously thought of, in honor of my perfect day spent simultaneously with Mark, Karen, and (for part of the day) Ellie B.

Simultaneously, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are singing “I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends” (and part of a joyous encore) on YouTube.

Simultaneously, I’m curious about what comment you’re going to leave here (and perhaps simultaneously at Mark’s simultaneous blog, too).

Simultaneous thanks to Mark, Karen, Dogamous Pyle, Cape Cod, Michael, the therapist from my group workshop, all the Beatles, and you — of course! — for simultaneously reading, today.

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47 thoughts on “Day 895: Simultaneously

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    It’s lobster land in Cape Cod I see… The bakery looks yummy and no one I know has been fresh pressed…

  2. So great that you guys met up- looks like a simultaneously good time!! I started following Mark after seeing his comments on your blog, so now I simultaneously follow you both- I’m heading over to see what he had to say about yesterday!

  3. What a great day together! Just one great simultaneous moment out of many 🙂

  4. I’m happy to see what had the same great time at the same exact time, Ann! Thank you so much for your wonderful company yesterday in the Happy Cottage, and at Sesuit Marina Cafe and Bucky’s Bisccotti’s. My dear wife Karen, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I had a blast. I leave you with this special song just for you and Michael.

  5. The pictures are too, too pretty, Ann! (may I call you Ann?) 😀

    • Thank you for this complimentary comment. Of course you can call me Ann! Simultaneously, what should I call you?

      • You’re very welcome!
        You may call me anything!
        My name is Shubhada, you can call me Shubs. Or Shooby Doo – like Mark does! Whichever is easy for you to type! 😛 😀

      • Nice to meet you, Shubhada, simultaneously known at Shubs and Shooby Doo. Isn’t the blogging community great?

      • Is SO is! Here, somehow, we aren’t known by the country we come from. We’re known by the things we write/share. Which isn’t the case with any other international platform. 🙂

      • What we write and share are good things to be known by, Shubs.

      • Yes, of course they are! 🙂

  6. About the frequency thing, I first thought was about high pitch sound or voice which I’ve heard that as we age ability to catch the sounds in that region is diminishing. It turns into different kind of frequency. LoL.

    • I meant what you thought of first, and then Mark made a clever pun. “Frequency” simultaneously has several meanings, like so many other words. Simultaneously, I’m always so glad to see you here!

  7. Exciting times and fun-tas-tic photos. Almost feel I was there.

  8. Someone else must be reading this at the same time I am so we’re simultaneously enjoying it. The idea of time zones bothered me when I was very young because I wanted to believe that when I was doing something I enjoyed that other children around the world were doing the same thing simultaneously. Then I read a science fiction novel that opened with a man extending his birthday by teleporting backward through time zones. And, as another song reminds us, it’s always five o’clock somewhere.

    • No matter what time it is anywhere in the world, Christopher, I am simultaneously glad whenever I’m reading something you’ve written.

  9. As I mentioned to Mark, I am tickled pink that you all met each other Ann. I love that first picture of Mark and Karen, they should get it framed and hung somewhere in their home! How long was your drive to meet up with them Ann? ❤
    Diana xo

    • The drive was two hours down and two hours back, Diana. When I was driving, I was simultaneously listening to music and thinking about how grateful I am that Mark, other WordPress bloggers, and Karen are a part of my life.

      When you read Mark’s simultaneous post, did you notice that my hair was tickled blue? ❤ xoxo

  10. Great pictures 🙂 While you were all meeting I was looking forward to the blog world result. I haven’t gotten to Mark’s yet but looking forward to seeing the picture he took while you took a picture of him. That’s a great picture by the way. I love the joy in these faces. And……pretty sure the food pictures made me a wee bit more jealous…..

    • I am simultaneously very grateful for your visit today. And you’re right about the food: I was having trouble simultaneously doing anything else while I was eating it — that’s how delicious it was!

  11. Didn’t you partake of the Pelham House ice-creams? A happy meeting – one of the benefits of blogging.

  12. Meeting a fellow blogger is such a wonderful happening. Thank you for sharing and making me think of lobster ( yum).

    here’s to synchronicity in blogging and beyond…. peace, Linda

    • Here’s to simultaneous synchronicity and peace for you, Linda. Thank you for this yummy and wonderful comment.

  13. I would have commented on YOUR blog first, but you put a link that led to Mark’s blog, so I checked that out–also to see a photo of you, which you neglected to put on your post, eh. You guys were almost literally a stone’s throw from where I spent much of my childhood summers. Cold Storage Beach, Sesuit Harbor, Scargo Tower. My favorite place in the world. So glad you were out there to get a feeling for the Cape in June.

    • This comment, simultaneously, helps me feel closer to you, Jeff. Thanks for commenting on Mark’s and my blogs today.

  14. I love the friendship and mutual respect Mark and Ann show here. The simultaneous word is appropriately used plus the song is one of my all time favorites. Sung by two icons who I can honestly say I love Ringo and Paul! I have had bursts of followers and used to get notes about my #s but have no idea if I have been Freshly Pressed, Ann. Now, I NEVER hear a word from wordpress on my progress. I feel Ike a dis-enfranchised or disowned child of wordpress! Oh well, we try our best and I am grateful I have followers since I am not able to write daily. Winter months, I have shorter work hours and less hectic lifestyle. Smiles, Robin

    • I never hear from WordPress either, Robin! Simultaneously, I love to hear from you, whenever you’re here.

  15. I came over for a visit, liked what I read but can’t think of a damn comment so just saying I was here

  16. Simultaneously happy for bloggers who get to meet up, and sad that 2 of the best have never been Freshly Pressed. Great photos, Ann. I read about European bloggers who are planning a big meet-up in London, how fun would that be ??? ☺

    • I am simultaneously happy about this great comment, Van, and sad that I missed it for a couple of days. I’m going to Edinburgh in August; I wonder how close I’ll be to the big meet-up in London?

      • The Biggest Blogging Event of The Year is HERE #BloggersBash.

        It is Saturday, Aug. 1 at the British Library, 96 Euston Rd. London ☺

      • I am going to miss it, but perhaps many other bloggers will gather simultaneously and happily.

  17. For more info, if the link doesn’t copy. E mail to: Sachablack87(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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