Day 894: What kind of week was it?

What kind of week was it?

It was a week of relative safety.

It was a week when my hair, among other things, looked blue:


(If it’s a week when you are having trouble reading that blue t-shirt, it says

Everybody is a


but if you judge a


by its ability to

climb a tree,

it will live its

whole life

believing that it is


It was a week when my cardiologist,  Dr. Mark Estes, was pleased with my recovery from my May 4 heart-related surgery.

It was a week when I put aside my fears of singing in public and auditioned  for a musical.

It was a week when I did NOT get  a call-back for that musical.

It was a week when the  “rejection” of not being called back neither dampened my mood nor my hope to perform more in public. While it’s true that I had the

of telling myself I was “rejected” because I could not make any Thursday rehearsals …

…  my rapid recovery from that disappointment may have been the best part of my week.

It was a week when the question “Where’s Waldo?”  was finally answered.

It was a week of lots of work in therapy.


It was a week of many cats.


It was a week of lots of  music.


It was a week of different people and different perspectives.



It was a week of messy and clean.


It was a week of wildlife — fake and real.


It was a week when I attended — and gave a workshop at — a group psychotherapy conference.

It was a week that’s not quite over and which will include — today! — my meeting fellow WordPresser Mark Bialczak and his lovely wife Karen.

It was a week when I sang “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” many times, some better than others:

What kind of week is it, for you?

Many thanks to everyone who helped me create this week-in-review post and special thanks to you — of course! — for being here.

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30 thoughts on “Day 894: What kind of week was it?

  1. I am imagining you with the strip of blue hair could be an interesting look and fun. A good fun week for you, I would say. My nearly the end of the week yet, has been a bit fun one too, just many new things with up and down here and there. Please have a good weekend.

  2. Ann, you have a beautiful voice, and you sing that song perfectly. Thanks for sharing your rendition. What a beautiful week you had! Spring is filling you joyful heart.

  3. From the first few pictures I thought it had been a blue week, but clearly not.

  4. I’m so glad that you had the experience of trying out for the performance, I recognize how big of a step that was! Seems like it was a wonderful week – enjoy the time with your fellow blogger and have a great weekend!

    • I’m so glad to have the experience of your visit today, Kate! The time with fellow blogger Mark was very enjoyable and I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  5. yeoldefoole

    What is this “Normal” I see written on your white board? 😉

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Blue hair, blue tee shirts good! No blue cats… Good too!

  7. Full week, full heart, courage as well as acceptance. And nice singing! Have a great, not blue, weekend.

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  9. Have fun with Mark and Karen, Ann! Since I’m working full-time again, it was a week of “man, I really appreciate weekends again and having the ability to stay in my pjs all morning!” ❤
    Diana xo

    • I had fun with Mark and Karen, Diana, and I sent them your kind regards. For me, it’s another day of “man, I really appreciate these great people I’ve met through WordPress!” ❤ xoox

  10. It was a Cape Cod week topped by special Saturday indeed, Ann! A great time was had by us! Wait until everybody sees our dual posts tomorrow.

    I think your voice sounds very good on the YouTube clip. It’s the perfect frequency, Michael.

  11. Knowing that not getting a callback hasn’t dampened your spirits is a bright end to my already bright weekend, especially since it had nothing to do with your wonderful rendition of a Sondheim song and everything to do with scheduling. Such is a life in the arts. Rejection is not an end but merely an opportunity to try again. It reminds me of a dream I had once that I was a woman married to Gene Shalit. I had just, in my waking life, entered an annual writing contest for the third or fourth time. Every year I’d been a runner-up. In the dream I told my husband Gene I was entering again. He chuckled and said, “Move over Susan Lucci!” I would, when I awoke, go on to be a runner-up yet again, but the words of my dream-husband Gene Shalit won many laughs.

    • Rejection is not an end, but merely an opportunity to receive a fabulous comment and anecdote from you, Christopher, a/k/a Mrs. Gene Shalit.

  12. What a wonderful post! Congratulations on your many successes and successful perspectives. I love Dr. Estes’ smile. Seeing how well you are doing made his week a good one, too, I think.

    What does “It’s okay to be done” mean?

    • What a wonderful comment! That is actually not Dr. Estes — it’s Bob, who works with Dr. Estes. Dr. Estes prefers to not be photographed, much like Michael. It’s okay to be done with being photographed or anything else, if you choose.

  13. What a beautiful voice you have Ann! I am glad your spirits were not dampened by not getting a call back- I am sure it is the Thursday issue(I have a friend who acts & not being able to make rehearsals is always a reason for not getting a part) The fish quote on the t shirt (attributed to Albert Einstein) is on a poster on the door to my classroom. Thanks for posting the I did not mean to offend you shirt again- it made me literally laugh out loud again- it just strikes me as so funny. It was quite a week you had- so many different things!! can’t wait to hear about your visit with Mark and his lovely wife Karen!

  14. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog just now—it lifted *my* spirits. You sound like a delightful person, and one I’ll learn from a great deal. And you appear to live in or near the great city I’ve been happily enjoying again this week during the Boston Early Music Festival. I wish you success and joy in *your* music-making!!

    • You cheered me up a great deal with this delightfully kind comment, Kathryn. Thanks for making this week in my hometown of Boston even better!

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