Day 892: Best

Here’s my best attempt to start today’s post:

What’s the best word or phrase you’re using, these days, to end your emails, letters, or other best  communications?

Maybe here’s the best way to ask my question:

Before you write your name, do you write “Sincerely,” “Yours truly,” or some other best word or phrase?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people write


… to best sign their written messages.

My best sign-off phrase, these days, is

All my best,

I am doing all my best not to judge things, so I truly believe that there is no better or best way to end a communication. “All my best,” is simply  my personal choice, when I sign my name.

Here are all my best images, from yesterday:




All my best attempts today could never describe how excellent it was to be at the Boston Pops last night with my best son, Aaron, and my Ex-Sister-in-Law (ESIL) Deborah, at the Simply Sondheim concert.

Yesterday — after I had given you all my best in Day 891: Remnants — best WordPresser Maureen suggested it was NOT best to call Deborah my “Ex-Sister-in-Law.” After doing all our best, last night,  to discuss what Deborah and I best call each other, Deborah used all her best to suggest


… instead of ESIL.

What do you think is all the best?

Here‘s all my best, for the best musical addition to this post.

Despite all my best efforts, I’ve never seen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along, considered — by all the best people — to be one of his best.

All my best gratitude to all who helped me do all my best with today’s post, including Aaron, Deborah, Maureen, the Boston Pops, Stephen Sondheim, some of Boston’s best landmarks, and — of course! — you.

All my best,


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30 thoughts on “Day 892: Best

  1. Hi Ann, like the photos. In the photo after the Mapparium shot, the writing’s on the wall but I can’t read the words after ‘of those that published?’ It would be best if I know the whole saying. All the best, Bruce.

  2. I often sign off with All the best, but I like your use of MY best and think I will start using it. 🙂 I don’t like “best” by itself, there is something cut off about it, curt, and gets under my skin. I like the new name for your sister in law as ex is not up there with the best of words. Speaking of up there- those shots of the crane hauling up building materials were the best!!

    • After I read all your best words here, Lisa, I realized that sometimes I sign “All the best,” too, despite all my best attempts at remembering everything perfectly. I guess I try to do my best, depending on the situation. Thanks for all the best you give us, at WordPress!

  3. You live in one of the best cities ever for beautiful views,Ann, and you always give us your best stuff. Love the Joy on the yellow post !! ☺ Van

  4. This is one of your best posts Ann!
    You are the best!!
    I love bringing out the best in others and always try to be my best self.
    Guess I love this word – for the best reasons.
    Sending you best wishes and all the best!
    Val xo

  5. I see so many examples here of those giving their best, but what’s important is I think “Excellente” is the best thing you can call your ex-sister-in-law. I’m fairly certain the plural would simply be “Excellentes”. The use of the apostrophe suggests possession, although the best thing about grammar is its flexibility. You and your ex-sister-in-law enjoy having each other as friends, and that’s the best thing.

  6. Deborah seems like the best former sister in law ever. Wonderful to stay friends after the marriage is over.

  7. What glorious skies. You ever been up on any of the buildings you photograph? How are you for heights?

    • I am not at my best when it comes to heights, but I’ve seen some of the best of them — for example, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite in the USA. Thanks for another glorious comment, Alex.

  8. I generally always sign my e-mails with “Cheers”. It’s used more in the UK and picked it up from a friend who lives there. I always found Regards too impersonal, and Sincerely I use only when I am writing something more heartfelt like an apology, or support. Best is pretty good though too, I just like Cheers, because it’s…well…cheerier. 🙂

  9. Love the pics! If I know you fairly well, it’s always”love”. Because — why not? If it’s a little more distant knowing, I say “cordially.” But I’m really a LOVE person…

  10. yeoldefoole

    Excellente’s, definitely!

  11. I use “best”, but also “sincerely”. I’ve observed there are a few cameos of you in some of your posts!

  12. Excellente for Ex-SIL’s is the best, Ann.

  13. Deborah and Ann, best Excellentes. I love it!

  14. I was guessing you’d go for “friendsters.” 🙂

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