Day 891: Remnants

Yesterday, this remnant — of my visit with Kelsi, another social worker at work — was left on my iPhone camera:

Because I took that photo quickly, that’s not a complete remnant. It says

There are still a few remnants of magic left in this world.

Remnants of that beautiful saying and dragonfly will soon be just a memory, because Kelsi is leaving the hospital where we both work. Before she leaves (during the final remnants of Spring), I hope we fulfill the remnants of a shared hope: Kelsi co-leading a “Coping and Healing” therapy group with me next week.

Both coping and healing are good remnants to leave with people, aren’t they?

For my readers who might like some remnants of my audition last night in Concord Massachusetts USA for the Stephen Sondheim musical “Follies,”  here they are:

  • I sang in front of a dozen people, without fainting!
  • I spoke in front of a dozen people, without fainting!
  • I’ll find out, on Friday, whether I’m one of the remnants of the auditions.
  • Here are some remnants of things I wrote down last night,  while I was awaiting my turn:

Cognitive distortions: letting go of comparing myself to other people here. Or, compare yourself to other people in the world who are scared right now.  “The glass is already broken” — I’ve already done my audition and it was GREAT. Show up, be gentle, and tell the truth. My goal is to try out and I am losing my investment in getting a part. This is part of the process of my letting go of fear. Reframe: other people’s beautiful voices are not “a problem” for me, but rather something I can enjoy. What does competitiveness do to joy?

If you have any remnants of confusion from any writing remnants from me, please leave a remnant of your visit with a comment, below.

Here are more visual remnants of my yesterday:

I’m going to take a break, now, to grab more remnants of sleep before I get up for the day.

. . . . . .

Remnants of sleep often elude me these days, perhaps because of:

  • Remnants from my recent, heart-related surgery,
  • Remnants of thoughts,
  • Remnants of feelings,
  • Remnants from the past,
  • Remnants of the new day’s sun, bursting through our bedroom windows (which have no remnants of black-out curtains).

Here are some remnants of today I may be blogging about tomorrow:

  1. My work, during the morning, as an individual and group therapist at a Boston teaching hospital.
  2. Taking care of remnants of uncompleted tasks, like writing a recommendation for a former student.
  3. Attending “Simply Sondheim” at the Boston Pops tonight, with my 17-year-old son Aaron and my ex-sister-in-law Deborah.
  4. Getting more and better remnants of sleep.

A remnant of my blogging requirements for today is choosing a song about “Remnants.”

Here’s a song called “Remnants” by My Morning Jacket:

Here are two remnants of my search for “memories” on YouTube:

#1 “Memories” from The Temptations.

#2 “Future Memories” by ATB.

Large remnants of gratitude to Kelsi, dragonflies, magic, those who cope and heal in groups (and elsewhere), all the kind people at my audition last night, Stephen Sondheim, my son Aaron, my ex-sister-in-law Deborah, My Morning Jacket,  the Temptations, André Tanneberger (ATB), and  you — of course! — for any remnants you bring and/or leave behind, here and now.

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55 thoughts on “Day 891: Remnants

  1. yeoldefoole

    You’ve already won that audition, dear! You SANG!

  2. Remnants of migration back in 1956.

  3. Paying attention to remnants is so important Ann. They appreciate our attention so!
    Congrats on the audition. Survival is such a positive remnant! xo

  4. Love your remnants, Ann, especially ” It’s not your fault”. Could build a book around that phrase; it is one of the best segments of Good Will Hunting that has inspired me on many occasions. ❤️

  5. So true! You won! You sang!

    Those tree remnants look so sad.

  6. Congrats on the audition!!! So awesome!
    And I believe that comparison is the thief of joy, which is why I have worked so hard to not compare myself to others – and what a difference it made in my life! 🙂

    • I love the remnants of this comment, Kate; I’m especially celebrating how you’ve overcome comparisons! Yay!

  7. Congratulations on the audition. And thank you for sharing so much, but especially the dragonfly picture. An accident can reveal so much. You accidentally cut the “T” off the word “There” which made it “Here”. It’s a poignant reminder of how little separates There from Here, especially when Here is where we want to be.

  8. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Wow… It just happens that after years of no rain, we are getting a soaking by the remnants of Hurricane Blanca….

  9. Congratulations on your audition! You are such an inspiration to me. And thank you for the wise thoughts you brought back for us after your performance. They are more than remnants.

    I wonder if you might be able to come up with a new identifier forfor your ex sister-in-law? She does not seem very ex. Nor eben a remnant. She seems awesome and ever there. Maybe she is your sisters by a choice now?

    • Thanks for the congratulations, Maureen. Guess what? You’re an inspiration to me, too. And one of the remnants of your comment is this: I’m going to discuss your suggestion with my ex-sister-in-law tonight. She came up with the title ESIL or YESIL (Your Ex Sister In Law). So we’ll see what she thinks about changing some remnants.

  10. WordPress is telling me that is a duplicate comment but I don’t see the original so I will try to post this, at the risk of being annoying.
    Congratulations on your audition! You are such an inspiration to me. And thank you for the wise thoughts you brought back for us after your performance. They are more than remnants.

    I wonder if you might be able to come up with a new identifier forfor your ex sister-in-law? She does not seem very ex. Nor eben a remnant. She seems awesome and ever there. Maybe she is your sisters by a choice now?

  11. Okay…. Oops. I am having a WordPress-glitchy morning. Sorry!

  12. Gee Ann, how cool are you? I am so impressed with the chutzpah it takes to audition. I really hope you get the part, and not just remnants of the experience! Your Fenway pics remind me that my DH is attending a Yankee game (against the Nationals, in second place now to the Mets first) putting him in the ignominious position of rooting for the Yankees! True Mets fans do not. In fact the Sox are our fave American League team. Have a great day.

  13. I hope you pass the audition Ann! ❤ ❤
    Diana xo

    • Even if I don’t get called back, Diana, there will be no shame or judgmental remnants in my mind. I’m ready for anything! ❤ ❤

  14. Lovely and intelligent set of photographs. Chose only one of the videos. The Temptations obviously. Sound of my childhood.

  15. I’m so pleased the audition went well and that all remnants of fear about that have now floated away. I’m sure the news on Friday will be great! I love the butterfly image and the beautiful saying that came with it. A lovely positive post with some great photos.

  16. Some things are better the second time around, Ann. 🙂

    • Like PIE, Mark? I know, from your blog, that you didn’t leave any remnants of that, in Chatham.

      • Here’s the first word that pops into my head from remnants, Ann. I didn’t say it in my first comment, but here goes. Carpets. I don’t know if that’s an age thing or a regional thing.

      • I think it’s a fine thing, Mark, because I have the same association with remnants.

  17. I am always left with remnants from your blog going through my mind throughout the day. But like Mark, I tend to associate remnants with fabric and carpet more than with the ideas you present here, so please don’t get me wrong. Your words hold much more meaning than a leftover piece of carpet or fabric 🙂

  18. I’ve missed too many of your posts, rushing to and fro, preparing for a trip to California.

    Every little remnant is valuable, missing one would make the over all so very incomplete.

    I am very excited for you. As others have mentioned, “You’ve already won!” It is not the destination that is important, but the journey.

    • When you’re not here, I miss you. At the same time, I am grateful and content with all the incredibly valuable remnants you give us.

  19. Just letting you know I was here and sat looking at the screen and not reading, I don’t know why it is as if my brain fell asleep………….but I was here, that has to count for something………….doesn’t it

    • Your presence counts for A LOT, Joanne, no matter what you say. I’m so glad you let us know you were here.

  20. Congrats on the audition! I love the title of today’s post: “remnants”, a beautiful word. I see ‘remnants’ as a very positive word. Some may think it’s what’s “left over”. I see it as what the word really means: “that which remains…” A very talented person with so much creativity and one of WordPress’ best blog: Ann!

    • “remnant (n.)” late 14c., contraction of remenant (c. 1300), from Old French remanant “rest, remainder, surplus,” noun use of present participle of remanoir “to remain” (see remain (v.)

    • That which remains every time you write, Maria: light and love.

  21. A great picture to start off with. It remains for me to congratulate you on the audition, Ann

  22. Pingback: Day 892: Best | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  23. Linda Lintz

    Ann, You are an inspiration. How you define SUCCESS: You own measure of success: Having the courage to step out & do the audition w/o comparison to any other person performing.

    How extraordinary!

  24. Some remnants are better off completed. That is what I intend to do with a few of the remnants from my school days.

    • I always am glad when you leave remnants of your thinking here, Robert. Good luck with those remaining school remnants.

  25. Good luck, Ann! I am a big musical fan and was happy to get to be in mainly back stage roles in theater. I was a volunteer usher at Cleveland Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival and student director of a non-musical in h.s.
    congratulations on singing G in front of a group 🙂

    • That sounds like so much fun! I didn’t get a call-back, but I have no remnant of regret about trying out.

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