Day 890: Please list ALL conflicts you have

If somebody asked you to please list all conflicts you have, how long a list would that be?

If I were to honestly list all my conflicts, those might include conflicts

  • with people,
  • of time,
  • within myself,
  • past conflicts,
  • current conflicts, and
  • other types of conflicts, which I’m too conflicted and tired to identify, in the moment.

Two days ago — during the finale of a 3-day group psychotherapy conference  — a very talented group therapist from Texas, Jeffrey Hudson, asked us all some excellent questions about family-of-origin conflicts and emotions, including:

In case there are any conflicts about reading those questions clearly, here they are:

Who did you hate the most when growing up? What did you do with your hatred?

Many people at the conference expressed conflicts in reaction to those questions about hate — an emotion we’re so conflicted about.  Personally, I found all of Jeffrey Hudson’s questions helpful. I plan to use them at work, to help people list important conflicts.

There might be a conflict in this post, right now. You might have the conflicted and erroneous  belief that Jeffrey Hudson is the person who inspired today’s post about listing all conflicts. And while Jeffrey’s questions might inspire somebody to list  important  conflicts, here’s what actually triggered this post:

That’s the audition form I filled out yesterday for the Concord Players, which asked that I please list all conflicts I might have with the rehearsal schedule for the musical “Follies,” starting in September.

Knowing me the way you do, would you assume I would have many conflicts to list?

Actually, because of the therapy groups I do on Thursday nights …

… I may have too many conflicts to be cast in the play.

I’m still going to the “Follies” audition tonight, though, because I am completely non-conflicted in my wish to overcome all conflicting fears about singing a difficult song in public.

Please list all conflicts you have about these conflicting photos, which I took yesterday:



I am now pleased to list all my conflicts with the word “verb”:

  1. “Verb” is not a verb, but rather a noun.

Please list all your conflicts  with this post in a comment below. I will have no conflicts about responding to all your comments before the end of the day, no matter how many conflicts I encounter.

I shall now list all my conflicts about choosing a song for today:

  1. I can’t think of any song about listing all conflicts.
  2. I don’t want any other song to conflict with my audition song for tonight.

Therefore, here‘s another version of the song I’ll be singing at that audition (letting go of all conflicts):

That’s the rendition of Stephen Sondheim‘s “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” on YouTube that has the least conflict with my natural singing style.

Unconflicted thanks to Kresley Figueroa (for her beautiful singing on a conflicted song), to Jeffrey Hudson (who trained to become a classical pianist before becoming a psychotherapist), to the Concord Players, to all the conflicted creatures and things that helped me create this conflicted post, and to you — of course! — for overcoming all conflicts to be here, now.

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38 thoughts on “Day 890: Please list ALL conflicts you have

  1. Apparently there are no conflicts between Harley & Oscar (did I get their names right?) It is true that I do not suffer fools gladly and become conflicted when losing my temper in these situations. I am conflicted about the use of the word hate- it is such a strong word to use, filled with anger. I do know I am never conflicted about stopping what I am doing to read your blog 🙂

  2. Your beauties have no conflict right now 😉
    I don’t think that I would end this answer today, if I start mention all my conflicts here.
    Hate is a very strong word and useless for a positive attitude 😀
    Great post Ann 🙂

  3. You may enjoy blog I follow Afriendtoyourself

  4. Once you introduce the concept of conflicts I see conflicts in each of the pictures, even where one might think there are no conflicts at all. Clearly I’m easily influenced. That’s something I have conflicting feelings about. Or maybe they’re contradictory feelings. I believe this is what Keats called “negative capability”, which sounds like a bad thing but is actually a good thing.

  5. Ann, I listened to Kresley Figueroa last night and really liked her rendition of the song. The one of the movie clip which I posted yesterday in the comment was interesting to me because it had a visual analogy of the caged bird with humans, either through the young girl, or young man out the window, which I thought was really neat in terms of explaining the human emotions involved in the lyrics of the song. Seems the song IS about someone who feels caged (normal, existentialist feeling for humans), and wonders how birds manage in such situations, since birds are born free, unlike humans, and fly. Beautiful song, and I wish you would enjoy the audition, as it’s really about the joy and wonder birds arouse. So be well and sing! 🌹

  6. It creates no conflict within or around me to write, WOW! You never cease to amaze me! Love the way you live and see and think!

  7. yeseventhistoowillpass

    He’s my conflict… I view as many other blogs but few see mine… Weird I know…

  8. I can understand why people would be uncomfortable with the word hate. It’s strong of course, and we’re trained to not want to use it. Conflict, though, feels more inevitable, with people of course, but with all kinds of things, and especially, within ourselves.

  9. Good luck tonight! Thinking about you singing in public blew all my conflicts away.

    • Thinking about me singing in public later tonight is blowing me away, Maureen. Your good luck should help resolve conflicts.

  10. Life and the planet itself are full of conflicts. The needs of people and the land conflict with Mother Nature.
    I don’t have very many personal conflicts, thankfully! No conflicts for you tonight in your audition, I hope.

  11. I am completely free of conflict. About singing in public. I would never do it. That would create conflict in the audience about which exit to dash for. Had you used ‘all of your conflicts’, I would have been in conflict with you, but fortunately you didn’t.

  12. Sending you unconflicted happy flowing vibes for tonight Ann 🙂

  13. You sing the best you can, go home, and be happy that you went out in public and attempted a difficult song. What the judges think doesn’t really matter, so there’s no conflict, Ann.

  14. Conflicts……………do I have any………well I could say no but that would be a lie as I think everyone has conflicts at some point some have more then others and some just avoid people to avoid conflicts but that is sad so not really a good choice unless it works for you then by all means do just that

  15. My eye was drawn to the sentence, ‘You do not suffer fools gladly’, it carries an amber warning for me. My experience has taught me that this is often used, as a euphemism, to describe people who are bullies, or people with low tolerance who assume the rest of the world is not worthy of their politeness. I love the airborne truck!

    • There were no bullies involved here — rather acceptance and then letting go of feelings of frustration and annoyance — but I understand what you mean, Hilary. And thank you for listing your appreciation of the airborne truck — I loved that, too!

  16. Atavisman

    When read this I started a post that ended up losing. I wrote another 1800 words and posted some of them. I put the rest somewhere else. It’s nice to think.

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