Day 888: Counting

I count on my readers to count some important numbers in my posts, as I count my way from Day 1 to Day … ?

Ready to count some numbers today?

888 is the number of consecutive days I’ve posted.

16 is the number my group therapy workshop hosted.

92 is the number of words in  “educational objectives” for that meeting.

1 is for the wonderful sustaining bar a kind friend gave me, for eating.

2 is the number of photos I took at my office, nearby.

1 is the number of pictures I took, without knowing why.

2 is the number of ears on this bunny:

is the number of photos I snapped that seemed funny.


100%  was the positive feedback I got yesterday.

9 is the number of hours I’ll spend at the conference today.

2 is the number of days before my musical  audition.

2 is the number of Muppets in this counting rendition:

Countless is the number of thanks I’m now giving
For blogging, my readers, my work, and for living.

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52 thoughts on “Day 888: Counting

  1. Never mind why you took those 2 pictures. They are great. Congratulations on your 100%

  2. Great photos. Great journey you’ve taken us on!

  3. Count me in when it comes to counting on someone to read your blog- I love all the photos especially the Thunderbird and bunny!

  4. Love that I can count on you for a smile first thing in the a.m. This time, it included Muppets. Counting my blessings. ☺ Van

  5. Ann, its clear that you count 😉
    And you rock

  6. All of the numbers of activities you counted add up to be 1119. The 1+1+1+9 = 12. The 1+2 = 3. 3 is a very common number and can be powerful.

  7. Yes, you count a great amount! Awesome bunny, btw.

  8. Count on you Ann to.bring us right into the picture! I love the little confirmation girl, almost a Velasquez!

  9. I knew I could count on some great wit and fun photos from you, Ann!

  10. I can always count on you to put a smile on my face, Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  11. Count me in for loving your space here. 🙂

  12. The numbers don’t go high enough, Ann, to evaluate your talent, grace and wisdom.

  13. yeseventhistoowillpass

    525,600 minutes are in a year, if you posted 1 post a day every day you’ve been posting for 460,780,600 minutes of your life give or take a minute….

  14. 100% positive is how I feel reading your blogs. So there!

  15. There’s a show called Countdown. Normally more polite ha.

  16. amusez798387

    There are countless ways you rock!

  17. Good luck with your audition. How is your cold?

  18. You can count on me to comment when I drop in for a visit, just as I can count on you for a bloody great post

  19. I’m counting the days when you’re done, so there’s even more to come.

  20. loricarlson66

    It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by to see your wonderful posts. Wish I knew the number since we are counting 🙂 great photos!

  21. MAG

    great photos, thank you. I will count now !

  22. 888 is really something!!

  23. I was scanning this post quickly (as I am so behind) when the words, ‘Believe that you are going to be okay’ leapt out at me. I have a difficult (but not dangerous) trial ahead of me this weekend – of course I’m going to be okay. Thank you so much.

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