Day 886: Positive and Negative

Yesterday, like any other day, contained the positive and the negative.

First, I went to a conference on medical care innovation,  at a Boston hotel, where people talked about both. Then, I went to the hospital where I work, to facilitate a therapy group.

Here are some of the positive and negative topics we discussed at that evening therapy  group:

As you can see, we talked a lot about the balance of positive and negative. We discussed yin  and yang and how you can’t have one without the other. Here’s something positive and negative I drew, about that:

Here are some more negative and positive photos I took yesterday, during my positive and negative day:



Do some of those images seem more positive or negative to you?

When I got home last night, our negative and positive  cats — Harley and Oscar — further demonstrated this concept of positive and negative. Oscar is surprisingly positive about the vacuum cleaner …

… and Harley is negative about it.

My 17-year-old son, Aaron, is neither negative nor positive about the vacuum cleaner, but he is positive he loves the negative and positive singer/songwriter Tom Waits. I’m positive about that,  because Aaron came home last night from a positive banquet celebrating his successful one-act play, dressed as Tom Waits:

I’m positive that’s a fake cigarette Aaron is holding. He would never do anything negative, like smoking.

I’m also positive that I want to post two videos of Tom Waits singing his negative/positive song — “God’s Away on Business” — for this positive/negative post.

Which version do you think is more positive or negative — the live one with Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet or the one which a positive genius created with clips of the Cookie Monster?

Please leave any positive and/or negative thoughts you choose in a comment; I promise I will have only positive things to say, in return.

Positive/negative gratitude to everybody I encountered yesterday, including those attending the innovation in primary care conference, people in last night’s therapy group, my friend Jan (who was holding the colorful cell phone), my boyfriend Michael (who was holding the vacuum cleaner), Oscar, Harley, Aaron, and Tom Waits. And special thanks to you, for making this post part of your positive/negative day.

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40 thoughts on “Day 886: Positive and Negative

  1. I’m totally negative about the row created in these two videos. If that is typical of Tom Waits, I am amazed that Aaron feels positive about him. But perhaps I am just a negative old git.

  2. It’s all positive here…except the negative of it being the last, full day of vacation at HHI. It would become totally positive however, if you would grant me permission to use your “Maslow’s” photo on my blog….Ray

  3. What beautiful images Ann, specially the one of the bridge; I’m sure you knocked them dead with that group! Now I see what different personalities your cats have. I suppose all animals do. I’m glad Aaron feels so good about the play. I’m glad both positive and negative balanced out themselves,

  4. I positively loved your photo of the bridge with the reflection. Nothing negative there. Cookie Monster is always a positive in my book- how can he not make one smile? That phone case shimmering with stars screams positive and I would now like to find one like it .

  5. It must be my positive nature that makes me see at least one positive thing in everything. Maybe it’s the nature of living a creative life. Even the negative things are potential material which makes them positive. Except sometimes inspiration fails. Whoever came up with “Bach to the Kitchen” was inspired, but I’m positive “Choppin’ with Chopin” was a bit of a dud. You can’t win ’em all. And for me it’s an impossible choice between the Kronos Quartet and the Cookie Monster. Both combined with Tom Waits is just a tossed coin landing on its edge, neither heads nor tails–but definitely positive.

  6. Nobody is like Tom Waits and he’s at his best live, but that Cookie Monster version is pure genius. I’m also a huge Kronos Quartet fan, but still….

    • There’s nobody like you, Trent, so it’s a very positive experience whenever you comment.

      • Thanks Ann! Yeah, I read about all of the details of your life and only comment on the music 😉 But then, the music you pick is almost always a very positive experience.

  7. Jan Woodruff

    I positively enjoyed hanging with you at the conference!!

  8. I’m a big believer that you can’t fully appreciate and experience the happiness and joy in your life if you don’t have the sadness and hurt as a comparison. I can really appreciate our sunny days because we just had a month of massive floods! Put rainbows in a new perspective, too! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  9. I’m quite positive that I’ve never seen Tom Waits and Cookie Monster together in the same room…Hmmm?? My son is a huge fan of Waits, and I, of the blue monster. Have you tried the 5 napkin burger ?? ☺

    • I haven’t tried the 5 napkin burger, Van, but thank you for this five-times positive and delicious comment!

  10. My flash drive thingy is out of date and it won’t cooperate (negative). I love this glorious post (positive). Lots to ponder and laugh about – thank you!

  11. I positively laughed at the addition of WIFI to Maslow’s Hierarchy! And I think I most appreciate the Cookie Monster version of Tom Waits’ song.

  12. Ann,
    Yes, balance in all things.
    Keep an equal emphasis on the good and the bad. For one is improved by the influence of each.

  13. Leturos

    I like the idea. I’ve been counting down 19000 days old this year. 22 days to go. Is telling yourself everything is going to be OK akin to cognitive hand mirroring? I tried to explain why there has to be a yin for there to be a yang. I shortened Creation Week. There was light on Day 1. Night 1 had some absence of light. Differentiation was then possible. The next day some stuff was tried and the third things were tidied up a bit. Job over. Trichotomy. Leturos is a balance. I like the way you think.

  14. I love Tom Waits! And Aaron, of course, is channeling him perfectly. I feel very positive about both of them and about this post.

  15. I am positive that my favourite photo is the one after yada yada – that reflection of the bridge is amazing Ann! And I’m not trying to be negative about the other photos I just like that one the best! ❤
    Diana xo

  16. I am positive that your first drawing looks like a face from here. And I am positive that Tom Waits is “deep”, how did a young man like your son find him? I guess he’s “deep” also. I positively love Tom Waits. Nothing negative here. I love your pictures, you really do get around, don’t you.

  17. I’m positive we are safely in the Cape, and there’s nothing negative about that, Ann. Don

  18. ‘t even mind the cool evening drizzle!

  19. I was feeling out of balance … until I found this post and you again! You dropped off my reader Ann….. now that’s not positive 😉

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