Day 883: Be Kind

Yesterday I saw this sign, at work:

Okay, folks, we’ve got a great blog post for you all here today. I can already tell that you’re gonna love it.

I’d like to be kind, right now, and explain how that last paragraph kind of quotes the introduction my 17-year-old son Aaron speaks  in the one-act play “Serious Economics.”

If you know nothing of “Serious Economics” — which Aaron wrote and directed and kind of starred in with his kind and good friend Cameron —  please be kind enough to read my blog posts from two and three days ago.

Now I shall be kind enough to show you the other kinds of photos I took, yesterday, from the office of social worker Erin, who seems to be kind to everyone:


Erin and I both know that being kind to others is very important, but being kind to yourself is just as important. Therefore, I shall now be kind to myself and do what makes my heart sing:

Be kind enough to take a look at “Serious Economics,” taped by a high school senior Aaron barely knows, who was being very, very kind last weekend.

I shall kind of conclude today’s kind post with one more “be kind” story.

Two days ago, Aaron sent the video of “Serious Economics” to N. Gregory Mankiw, the real Harvard economist featured in his play. Was N. Gregory Mankiw being kind when he quickly emailed Aaron back the following?

Thanks. But how did you know I keep a large nuclear warhead under my dining room table?

If you have thoughts about that or anything else I kind of presented in this post, please be kind enough to leave a comment below.

Kind thanks to all the kind folks who made this kind of post possible, including Erin, Aaron, Cameron, Luke (who was kind  enough to put “Serious Economics” on his smart phone Saturday night), and  N. Gregory Mankiw. And kind thanks to you — of course! — for being kind enough to visit, today.

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38 thoughts on “Day 883: Be Kind

  1. Was any cash payment taken for this performance, or, perhaps in kind?

  2. Amazing Ann, what a look at how materialistic our modern society has become and how dramatically they played their parts. What a beautiful deep voice your son has, and he looked so neat dressed in black. Thanks for sharing it, and I’ll be kind!

    • Amazing all the things you so kindly see, Maria!

      • It was also a very nice gesture from N. Gregory Mankiw to email Aaron, and with a humorous reply. A very kind man. Even though it was a comedy, the play touched on some very poignant truths about the world’s economy.

      • I appreciate the kind of insights you have and share, kind Maria.

  3. How kind of you to share this!

  4. I can’t say enough kind things about the high school senior who taped this because I’ve been curious about the play and have wanted to see it. Now I hope someone at the university where I work will be kind and bring it here for a performance. The theater students are kind enough to perform one act plays at least once a year. It’s great because I’m kind of a theater nut.

    • I can’t say enough kind things about how kind, nutty, curious, and awesome this comment is, Christopher.

  5. Kind of cool, that kiddo of yours, Ann. Opposite of this song:

  6. How kind of you to give us this lovely information. Thank you.

  7. What fun! Aaron is truly a gifted kind of writer and actor! I just watched it while lying on my office couch having just had epidural injections for a painful kind of sciatica and some torodol so I can see clients this afternoon. Laughed aloud! Thanks for sharing this with us. I couldn’t help but recall how you recently related that the JDubs came to the door while Aaron was still wearing the devilish makeup! Hilarious!

    • Sonnische! I am not just being kind when I say that I can’t help but love what you wrote here. Many thanks for sharing your pain, your fun, and your laughter.

  8. I thought I might be kind enough to leave a comment that lets you know how wonderfully kind I think you are Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. A brilliant, funny play — and brilliantly performed, too. Lots of physical comedy as well as intellectual. Loved Gregory’s reply.

  10. It seems that comedy gene is in full play here, Ann. That was very creative. You and your son…two of a kind ?? 😁

  11. Kindness costs nothing and the world would be a nicer place if there was more kindness

  12. I’m kind of impressed with the wonderful world of kindness here.

  13. Jan Woodruff

    Aaron is kind of a one-act play writing genius!!!

    • I agree, Jan, of course. We are both deservedly proud of our kind and talented sons. Is there not also a BLOGGING genius you might want to kindly mention?

  14. Jan Woodruff

    That would be a great thing to do if I could actually remember the name of my son, Sam Donovan’s blog!!!

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