Day 882: Brains

Last night, before my  boyfriend Michael and I left for our weekly food-shopping, I overheard him using his brain to say to Harley …

What is it, my precious pea-brain?

… which got my brain going, like so:

  • Are cats’ brains the size of peas, as Michael has been mentioning since the day I met him?
  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, does that mean that all the intelligence and soul I see in them is a figment of my own brain?
  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, what kind of peas are we talking about?


  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, what vegetable are dogs’ brains the size of?

  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, what  vegetable are human brains the size of?

Regarding that last question, I’m thinking maybe cauliflower, but I wasn’t brainy enough to get a picture of that last night.

  • If human brains are the size of a large vegetable (not pictured), how do they create and comprehend all the things my brain encountered at the supermarket?





How would you use your human brain to guess what that last item is?

Speaking of human brains, here’s Al, whom we see on Sundays at the supermarket:

Al is always brainy enough to open every carton of eggs, to make sure they’re okay. Last night, I used my brain to ask Al how he uses his brain when he inspects those eggs. Then, Michael and Al used their brains, as follows:

Michael: Here’s how I make sure the eggs here are good, Al.  I lick them.
Al:  You want to know the best way to test eggs? Bounce them off the floor.

At this point, how do you use your brain to comprehend  Michael’s, Al’s and/or my brains? What about your own brain?

Now I need to use my brain, one more time,  to choose a song for today’s brainy post.

Using my brain to look back at this post, I could

from YouTube:

… but my brain has noticed that videos from the brains of certain artists tend to go away, in these posts.

So how about this brainy song?

Now, I have to use my brain:

  • to interact with animals and humans,
  • for my work as a therapist at a Boston hospital, and
  • to prepare for my conference workshop this Saturday about the therapy groups I’ve created with my brain (and my heart).

Brainy thanks to Michael, Al, Harley the cat, Faxy the dog, The Wizard of Oz, peas and brains and hearts of all sizes, artisans and artists known as Prince, cauliflower (not pictured), and you  — of course! — for bringing your brain (and the rest of you) here, today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 882: Brains

  1. That was a brainstorm – but I don’t know what the mystery object, despite wracking mine

  2. is, that is

  3. My brain tells me that mystery object maybe looks like a rubber funnel, the kind that collapses. My brain also tells me Michael and Al have quirky senses of humor the kind that make me smile.

  4. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I swear what country do you live in:) I’ve never seen half of those Brands nor canned and bottled products.. Pea gravel, pea soup… I’m out… What is choco-listo?

    • I know in my brain that you know in your brain that you and I live in the same country. So therefore, my brain does not know what choco-listo is, just like yours.

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        Sounds very Doctor Suess. Would you could you in a car? Eat them Eat them here’s purple swirl cake mix and white dressing…

      • Would I could I eat choco-listo with a mister? Or with my sister? As for the cake mix and white dressing, feel free to try them, with my blessing.

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        I wouldn’t eat either in a box or with a fox…

  5. Mystery items would be rubber meauring cups…we have the same style in our kitchen. I also learned something new as I never heard of Heinz Salad Cream. Where would the world be without Wickipedia?

    • The mystery items are collapsible funnels. My brain tell me that perhaps the same company created your measuring cups. I agree with your brain’s analysis of Wikipedia. As always, it’s great to see your brain here!

  6. Peas, Branston Pickle and other British goodies ….. Love them all!
    I thank your brain, body and soul Ann 🙂

  7. The mystery object looks like a jar opener … or collapsable funnel. Every home should have one?!?!

  8. My whole brain ate up all your photos — so I can’t name the mystery object as it too was consumed! 🙂

    Actually, I think it’s a collapsible funnel for olive oil and my brain likes all the eye candy you serve up!

  9. Hooray for our brains. But this is also why I could never call someone I love, especially a cat, “pea brain”. I think peas are very tasty, and I don’t want to think of anyone’s brains as tasty. When I read that octopuses are at least as smart as cats I couldn’t find octopus sushi tasty anymore.

    Cauliflower is a good comparative vegetable, though, because it’s not tasty. It doesn’t taste like anything. But all its little bumps and ridges make good hiding places. That’s how we can think of amazing things, and also how dogs and cats can be so smart. All of our brains are full of little hiding places.

  10. found brain
    now where’s
    my mind? 🙂

  11. At two inches long, it is probably more realistic to say a cat’s brain is more of a plum’s size. The Wiki article I found on this is really interesting;
    Boston must have a significant hispanic sector with some of the foods I’ve seen in your images.

  12. Ok, brainy one, that’s a collapsible funnel, right? And someone’s been scoping out the British imported foods again! I say, wot?

  13. What a creative and fanciful post. Your brain has no pea-er.

  14. They say it’s not the size of the brain that matters, but the convolutions. So…cauliflower works ! ☺

  15. There’s no drain to this brain post, Ann. Cats and dogs and us, oh, my. It’s all a matter of using what we’re giving. Not vegging out, if you will.

    I didn’t no ginger had nuts.

    I only want to sea (salt) you baby in the Purple Brain?

    • This is so amazingly, cleverly brainy that I need to veg out now, perhaps with some ginger and nuts. It’s alway great to sea (salt) you, Mark!

  16. Sometimes I wonder how a person from say 1800 or earlier would react if they went for a stroll around a supermarket with all the things for sale in them

  17. When I saw those cans of peas, my brain brought me the image of my Grandpa Johnny slurping pea soup, and crunching Ritz crackers.

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