Day 881: Faces and numbers

Let’s face it, my dear readers (with dear faces), facing my life experiences through this daily blog of 881 posts has helped me face a lot, over the last 29 months.

On the face of it, I like numbers. I find that knowing numbers often helps me face things.

Here are some numbers that would help me face the near future:

  1. The number of faces who will be looking at me during my conference workshop on my therapy groups, in 6 days,
  2. The number of workshop packets I need to make over the next 5 days (equal to or greater than the number in #1, above),
  3. Numbers regarding the therapy groups I’ve been doing, over the last 43 months, that will put impressed or otherwise positive faces on that unknown number of workshop participants (see #1, above).
  4. Figuring out how to get more than 5 hours of sleep a night, so I can face each day with a well-rested face.

Here are some numbers I faced over this past weekend:

  1. My #1 son (and only child), Aaron, faced 3 audiences of many faces over the last 2 days, in the 1-act  play he wrote and  directed with 1 other person (his close friend Cameron) and which he also acted in, with 9 other people.
  2. My happy face saw all 3 performances.
  3. After the performances, I faced more than 30 smiling faces telling Aaron how much they loved the play.
  4. Let’s face it, I also loved the play, to the nth degree.
  5. Aaron and Cameron’s 1-act play included way more than these 7 plot elements: (1) Aaron’s High School Economics textbook, (2) the economist who wrote that textbook, N. Gregory Mankiw (whom Aaron invited to attend,  with 1 email), (3)  Satan (played by 1 of Aaron’s closest friends Clark), (4) God, (5) at least 3 levels of economics, (6) 1 large nuclear warhead hidden under 1 brown cloth and (7) 1 giant abacus (which is an ancient counting device).
  6. At least 8 people I love saw Aaron’s play,  including my 1 sister, my sister’s spouse Linda, my childhood friend Barbara, my ex-sister-in-law Deborah, Deborah’s daughter Laura, Laura’s daughter Victoria, Aaron’s father Leon, and — last but not least — my boyfriend Michael.
  7. Before I saw 2 performances of 6 1-act plays yesterday,  my #1 hair stylist, Mia, gave me 1 awesome haircut and 1 purple hair extension.

Here are 27 photos from yesterday:



I have 1 more story to tell you, today, about faces and numbers.

Yesterday, while I was taking 20 of the photos shown in this post, the doorbell rang 1 time, where Aaron, Michael and I live. Aaron, who had been in the 1st performance of his play the night before, decided to answer it.

Aaron found a family of 4 — 1 mother, 1 father, and 2 children approximately 11 or 12 years old — at our door. They gave Aaron 2 pamphlets:

About 2 minutes into Aaron’s conversation with this family of 4, he realized he was still wearing most of his makeup from the 1st night’s performance of his 1-act play. Here’s 1 photo of that makeup (shown in this blog for the 2nd time):

What would be your 1st guess about what happened during Aaron’s conversation with 4 Jehovah’s Witnesses, with 1 cross on his forehead and tears of blood running from his 2 eyes?

According to my #1 son, all 5 people spent  5 minutes with each other ….






… and not 1 person said 1 word about Aaron’s face.

What number of words might you say about THAT (or anything else in this post)?

1 more thing to face here: A musical number.

That’s “God Bless the Child,” performed live by Blood, Sweat and Tears for 7 minutes and 53 seconds  (with over 300,000 views on YouTube).

Countless thanks to the large numbers of faces — especially Aaron’s — that helped me create today’s post. And a huge number of thanks to you — of course! — for spending minutes of your precious time with me, here and now.

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45 thoughts on “Day 881: Faces and numbers

  1. I’ll be facing 66 on June 18.

  2. So happy the play went well (theatre is where our older daughter has her home). Can we see the new hair cut and the purple extension? I am dying of curiosity. I understand both the sleep and the numbers. I am trying to create and print off flyers for a conference on Far East Prisoners of War… and sadly, I only get to read about one in three posts these days.

    • I already cut the 1 purple extension last night. I tend to feel some discomfort with new numbers. I’ll see if I can get 1 photo in this reply of approximately 10% of that haircut. I am 100% happy with whatever you can read these days, Hilary!

      Okay! I captured a bigger percentage of the haircut with this photo, which shows I have to return to MiAlisa salon 1 more time to get that extension fixed.

      ann's haircut

    • I was going to ask about that, thanks for jumping on it green! ❤
      Diana xo

  3. Here’s a number. Only 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses will get to their heaven. Maybe they didn’t think your handsome son had a chance ? ☺ Van

  4. Numbers are charming. I like numbers too but I am not sure I like counting or having to work through them (hint .. math) 🙂

  5. I’m much more comfortable with faces and photos than with numbers, which make me go glassy-eyed. There are, however 3 pictures I particularly like – the 2 of window reflections and the 1 of shadows across the graffiti. My number 1 has to be reflection number 2, which looks like a huge eye peering from someone’s face.

    • That was 1 of my favorites too, Derrick! Numerous thanks for the approximately 50 words and 5 numbers in your comment.

  6. Blood, Sweat & Tears – man, I still love that group!

    As ever, an enjoyable read, Ann.

  7. Wonderful post, Ann! 1st 1 for me to face this 31st day of May. I turn 64 in 2 weeks. Woke up faced with sciatica, due to issues with L3 and L4, 1st time I’ve had to face it in 7 months. Hoping 2 NSAIDs will nip it in the bud today! Otherwise it’s the cane again. Glad I have a pretty 1 that folds into 3rds and carry with me when I take 6 flights of stairs getting to and from 2 subway trains into Manhattan every day going to work. Oh yeah, and we live on the 3rd and 4th floors of our apartment building with 0 elevators. Know you’ll put your best face on giving your workshop!

    • I love all the numbers & words & things that you are facing & everything else that you put into this comment, Sonnische. Countless thanks.

  8. How cool it would be to act in a play that you’ve written. Please congratulate Aaron for me, Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  9. yeseventhistoowillpass

    What a talented son!

  10. Let’s face it, you have an awesome son, but I suppose that is not a surprise considering his awesome mother who has a fabulous haircut from the looks of it, even though she faced the camera rather than turning it around to face us! Love the purple 🙂

  11. Today’s entry is 1 grand slam, and Aaron’s economic devilish success is an extension of your daily output, Ann. I don’t need an abacus to count on that.

  12. That’s a riot that Aaron answered the door still in some of his makeup!
    What in the world is a Vaping Company???

  13. Is One the Loneliest Number?

  14. For me, numbers are the instrument for order in the universe.

  15. I wrote a long reply to this delightful post yesterday, on my phone, and because of some slip of the finger, it didn’t post. I’m not going to recreate it — just want to express my awe of Aaron and Cameron’s talent. I’m sure that the Witnesses enjoyed their conversation quite thoroughly.

    • My face is sad because I missed out on a long reply from you, Maureen. But I’m happy to see you, whenever.

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