Day 879: My, my, my

This was my walk to work yesterday:

Here’s what happened at my therapy groups at work yesterday:


This was my walk after work yesterday:


That’s my Boston, for you.

Here is my choice for music today, which I heard on my evening walk:

My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder is one of my favorite songs.

What is your reaction to all of this my, my, my?

Now I need to end my daily post this Friday, so I can go to my work and then see my son’s one-act play, tonight.

My thanks to my Fenway, my walks, my work,  my shuttle bus (which I rarely take, by my choice), my feet, my iPhone camera, my therapy groups, my anger (and the rest of my feelings), my Prudential Center, my sunsets, my health, my heart, my hero Stevie Wonder,  my son (who is also my hero), and to you, you, and you (of course!), my, my, my readers.  

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61 thoughts on “Day 879: My, my, my

  1. Ah, to be able to walk to work sounds like fun…except maybe in extreme weather. That is a beautiful section of the city. Maybe in the next chapter of my life….

  2. I said OH MY!! when I saw the beautiful photos with the reflections in the mirrored doors and buildings- they are beautiful! Your title reminded me of one of my first graders who instead of using the word my, uses “mines” “That is mine pencil” or “it is mines”- no matter how many times he is corrected, it is still mines not my!

  3. ?? Confused now…. sorry if you took my focusing on those photos as not a good thing

  4. Enjoyed the photos Ann.

  5. My, what beautiful reflections Ann 🙂

  6. I realize the pond and woods on the buildings were illusions, but I loved that your walk to work gave you so much to think about, as did work, and then your walk home gave you time to reflect on what’s within and above. And it was lovely as a summer day.

  7. My oh my what a beautiful day!

  8. Enjoy the play tonight! Very excited about that!

  9. I really like your Boston Ann, especially through your eyes. ❤
    Diana xo

  10. My reaction is admiration for the love of life, and the questions and wonderful things you notice in this world. Then share with us to admire, ponder, and/or question ourselves.

  11. So many “my’s”. Here’s pleasure, to share your view of Boston. Stevie Wonder, one of my all time favorites, a fan since “Fingertips”…he’s 14, blind and gifted. My, oh my. ☺

  12. yeoldefoole

    what’s not urine, is mynine…

  13. Where is “My Sharona?” Can’t imagine why that song popped into my head…

  14. A lovely song. Great post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Love the walk!

  16. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk. Your walk became my walk, too.

  17. You did it your way, Ann. My, oh, my. Stevie’s song is one of my all-time favorites, too.

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  19. That was great! Loved the pictures and ending with Stevie was the icing on the cake:)

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