Day 876: New items arrive each week 

New items arrive on my iPhone camera, each day. Here’s one from yesterday:

That’s true, isn’t it? We all have many new items arriving in our lives, each week, to deal with. Some of those new items we might choose; other arrivals  we might do anything within our power to prevent.

No matter what we think, feel, or do, though, the new items keeps arriving. Shouldn’t we keep arriving, too, as best we can?

Here are some of the new items that arrived, for me, within the last week:

  • Hearing about the death of a high school classmate I hoped to see again,
  • More feedback —  from loved ones and trusted medical treaters — that I am looking and seeming healthier after my recent cardiac-related surgery,
  • Continued proof of my healing and recovery from that surgery,
  • A representative of an insulation company refusing my request for further repair to  damage done  to the outside of our building, and
  • Many wonderful things I had never seen, heard, nor otherwise experienced before (as demonstrated by each and every post I created last week).

Here’s my latest shipment of new items, arriving yesterday:



Who knows what items will arrive this week? I shall do my best to arrive, greeting every arrrival, every moment.

Here’s an old song that arrived in a new way, for me, last week:

“People Get Ready,” by Curtis Mayfield, is now ready for you to arrive, on YouTube.

One more item arriving now, for you:

New thanks are now arriving for my late classmate Marina, for Curtis Mayfield, for Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA, for creatures on land and sea, for Genki Ya, for T. J. Maxx, for mothers, for chocolate, for kisses and hugs, for anything that heals us, and for you — of course! — for your new arrival here, today.

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46 thoughts on “Day 876: New items arrive each week 

  1. Wonderful! Here’s to new arrivals 🙂

  2. Your post stirred a thought in a different direction for me as to new arrivals.

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Milk Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips.. What won’t they think of next!?

    • Strangely enough, they thought of this years ago. I remember my father bringing home some chocolate-covered potato chips in the 1970’s! As they say, everything old is new again.

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        I’m here on your coast awaiting my grandson’s birth.. I’ll look for a bag, out in health conscious California I doubt they have them.

      • I’m so happy about your new arrival on my coast and the upcoming new arrival of your grandson!!

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        Hey… I’m in Newark.. Don’t be so happy:)

  4. What in the world was that food item that looked like a caterpillar?
    Loved the chocolate for breakfast mug. That is a long-held belief of mine.

    • It was called a caterpillar roll, and it had avocado, rice, and cucumber. It was a new item arriving on my plate, at that restaurant.

  5. I’m sorry for the loss of your old classmate, but delighted by all the new arrivals. There’s a delightful irony in the possibility of rain cancelling Fresh Pond Day.

    And now in honor of the chocolate smothered potato chips I hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy the Smothers Brothers dealing with chocolate.

    • Thanks for all the arrivals you brought here today, Christopher. Before I arrive at a place and time when I can look at that Smothers Brothers link, I am going to arrive at a guess that they are singing about falling into a vat of chocolate (my favorite song of theirs).

  6. I, too, had to stop and pause on that caterpillar-like item. Cucumbers ?? Maybe not. I love chocolate, and potato chips, but not together…way too decadent !! ☺ Van

  7. Celebrate the life that was, celebrate the life that is. A soul never vanishes. It’s far too valuable and cannot be replaced.

    T.J. Max? You went AND you didn’t take me with you? 😉 (I love that place, treasures abound!)


    • It would be fun to arrive at T. J. Maxx together, wouldn’t it? I am grateful for this wisdom of yours which arrived here today.

  8. I felt a powerful urge to open the plastic bags so that the dogs can breathe. How weird is that? I may have to eat chocolate for breakfast, after all.

    • I can’t arrive at a judgment of “weird” for that reaction, Maureen, since I had the same one myself. For a while I was eating chocolate chia for breakfast; now I’ve arrived at a daily breakfast of whole wheat matzo farfel, blueberries, and almond milk.

      • possiblystupidwriter

        Whole wheat matzo farfel for breakfast? Is this because you believe in the redemptive power of suffering, or does matzo farfel hold its crunch in almond milk better than, say, Grape Nuts?

        I’ve never seen whole wheat matzo farfel and have never eaten matzo farfel of any kind in a bowl with any sort of milk, but I do know how to make a pretty tasty mock fried rice with farfel. It has to be just the right sort of farfel, though. The wrong farfel, and it’s a gelatinous mess.

        Does it seem farfeletched to be talking about Passover staples in May?

      • A surprise re-arrival of Maureen, under a different name! It is extremely farfetched to think of you as a possibly stupid anything.

  9. Sad about your old friend, but otherwise very positive.

  10. I LOVE TJMaxx !! That roll looks so darn good 🙂 Thanks for sharing some remarkable items today Ann!

  11. Ann,
    The most pleasing new item arrival that you have recieved this week for my eye to see is bullet #3 at the top of the page.

  12. I love the new items in this post- especially to hear you are doing well after your surgery. TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to check for new arrivals!

  13. People get ready, Train Ann’s a comin’ … I love all your new arrivals, my friend. This Terrapin picks the turtle ceramic as his favorite.

    • Another perfectly paced, beautifully trained comment arriving from my favorite Terrapin. Chop choo, Mark!

  14. I get a new arrival each day, and that’s your photojournalistic blog Ann which is fun for me! I tell myself, Something’s Coming:

  15. Chocolate smothered potato chips??? Me likey. I love salty sweet Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  16. yeoldefoole


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