Day 875: Identification

Now that I have a new medical device (implanted a few weeks ago), I need to identify myself to others that way, for my own safety. Here’s the temporary identification (ID) card I now carry with me, at all times:

That temporary identification card identifies me as having an Implantable Cardiac Device (ICD). The manual they gave me at my identified hospital identifies me as having a CRT-D (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator):

For the past 52 years, since the age of 10, I’ve identified myself as having a pacemaker. Part of my identification as a writer at WordPress is reminding people that adjusting to change — including a new identification — takes time. I am reminding myself, now, that it may be a while before I easily use the identifications ICD or CRT-D, about myself.

Part of my identification as a blogger at WordPress is taking photos that focus on different types of identification, like yesterday:                                   

That last photo identifies the reality that identification can sometimes be … confusing. I shall now identify my main question about that: How can one product be unreal AND 100% real at the same time?

If you can identify an answer to that (or anything else), I hope you identify yourself in a comment.

You may have identified — from my previous posts — that my identity also includes sharing music which identifies well enough with the topic. I’ll identify, right now, that I’m having trouble ID-ing an appropriate musical identification today.

What identification song might you identify, for this post?

Well, part of my self-identification, as a human being, is loving the music from West Side Story. Last night, as I was falling asleep, the Boston classical radio station (identified by the call letters WCRB-FM) played Leonard Bernstein’s “Symphonic Dances” from that musical:

How would you identify your reaction to that?

A little more identification before I identify the end of this post … I just snapped these identifying pictures of Harley:


Michael (whom I identify as my boyfriend) said, “Harley likes to look out the window and watch the world go by.”

Personally, I think Harley is trying to ID some birds.

I shall now identify and thank — for helping me create this Identification post — pacemakers, ICDs, CRT-Ds, Dr. Estes, Belmont Massachusetts, Captain Stephen Frost, pleasant streets everywhere, those who put smiles on others’ faces, unidentified establishments, dogs of any kind, people who see-saw, tennis players, Star Market, flowers,  the real and the unreal, West Side Story, WCRB, Leonard Bernstein,  Harley, birds, Michael, and you — of course! — for identifying with me today, in any way.

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40 thoughts on “Day 875: Identification

  1. Thank you for remindng me about the importance of taking the time to identify some of the things I look at every day, but never see.

  2. so many ways to identify and awaken!

  3. Real/Unreal – Real as in genuine – unreal as in fabulous, fantastic. My reaction to the music is as a teenager once again. Real good pictures identified today.

  4. Hope you soon get used to your new ID. I am right there with you on the West Side Story, it is part of my identity (and I think you are quite right about what harley is up to).

  5. I could have identified that music immediately even if you hadn’t told us what it was!
    Loved the photos of the old houses. Old is relative in the west. My house is considered old – at 55 years.

    • I am older than your house. So I don’t even want to know how I would be identified, where you live. I’m glad you identified what you did in your comment, Emilie!

  6. Real and unreal? Interesting question. Maybe the fact that something or someone is 100% real is a foreign concept these days since everything or everyone seems to have an angle of some sort. So to find 100% real in anything is unreal. At least that’s what I think…:)

    • I don’t think you have an angle, George, so I’m identifying you as Real. And I’m identifying myself as very glad that you commented today.

  7. You have been newly upgraded. How wonderful !
    I can identify with West Side Story, created by old school Broadway …Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jerome Robbins, even William Shakespeare ! ☺ Van

    • I LOVE being identified as “newly upgraded.” Thank you, Van, for all the great identifications you made in this comment.

  8. All I know, Ann, and all that matters to me – is that you are real. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. Hi, Ann, I’m new to getting to know you and, wow, this post is just amazingly full and truth, hope, music, fun, questions, answers…so much of what I love in life! I identify with you and am privileged to do so.

  10. I saw this is a temporary ID. What will the real ID be? I am trying to learn how one knows a person has the condition?

    I think you are right about Harley.

    • The permanent ID card will be made of plastic (not paper) and will be appearing in the mail for me, probably in about six weeks. I also ordered a Medic Alert bracelet to wear on my wrist, so that people don’t have to look into my wallet to identify me as having that medical device.

      I’m glad you identified with my guess about Harley.

      Thanks for identifying yourself here today!

  11. You are a fine woman of letters, Ann, and the new identifiers don’t do a think to change that fact that your story goes over well on the west side, east side, north side and south side. Your so real it’s unreal!

  12. Perhaps since we are so used to food that has preservatives and additives, something that is real, may taste unreal is. If we get used to the unreal, it can seem real. Just like dreams can seem real, but are unreal. 🙂

    Despite your new identification, does it really change your identity? Which I think is far more important. 🙂

    • My new identification does NOT change my identity, Swarn, and thank you very much for identifying that very important point.

      I would have easily identified this comment as being written by you, every time.

  13. Many of us go through life without identifying things we encounter, the little things it’s ok to miss but the big things in life we need to see identify and take notice of just a thought

  14. I am glad you like to identify the things you see, especially beautiful houses and flowers and Harley, who has beautiful markings, who I would agree with you is trying to identify some birds 🙂

  15. I suppose I would identify myself with “Maria”

  16. I recognize brochures like yours! When my little brother was going to get a L-VAD, we all got to read over the brochure and make sure we understood – mainly the terminology in case we had to make a phone call! 🙂 Fortunately, it’s fun to play with acronyms and we never let the labels define him!

    • I am always glad to identify you as one of my readers, Kate, and I’m grateful your little brother had a big sister like you.

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