Day 873: Just Deserts

I just looked up “just deserts,” because I believe we all deserve a good definition today.

According to wiktionary, “just deserts” means:

A punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved.

Wiktionary also believes we deserve to know this:

Usage notes

  • Deserts here is the plural of desert, meaning “that which one deserves.” “Desert” is now archaic and rarely used outside this phrase.
  • The spelling just desserts is non-standard. It is sometimes used as a pun in, for example, restaurant names.


  • payback, poetic justice, comeuppance

Now that you’ve read through that definition, how about the just deserts of some of my photography from yesterday?



At this point in my day yesterday,  I realized that just deserts, for me, included some delicious ice cream.

Your just deserts include knowing that Boston Massachusetts USA is  just desert-ly famous for offering delicious ice cream  all year round (despite the harsh winters,  which are NOT just deserts for its many residents).

However, I did not get my just deserts in Boston yesterday, because — no matter where I looked — delicious ice cream was just not to be found.

While searching for my just deserts — and  encountering  a veritable desert of ice cream — I saw all this:






… but no ice cream, which I found particularly ridiculous, because I was mostly searching on

… and wasn’t Louis Pasteur somebody who helped us all get our just deserts of ice cream?

I believe that, as human beings, our just deserts include help from others, especially  when we’re trying to get our needs met. Therefore, I asked Robert

… from

… why I was having so much trouble getting my just deserts of ice cream, especially in an area with so many hospitals, where people justly deserved that kind of comfort. Robert  told me the only place to get ice cream nearby was

I then replied, justly (I believe), that our just deserts included better ice cream than that. When Robert agreed with me, I suggested he open up an ice cream place and get his just deserts of lots of money, but Robert thinks he won’t get his just deserts that way.  Here’s Robert

offering me the just desert of some ice cream he would keep frozen at Beantown Burrito just for me.

I don’t think I deserve that!

Here are more just deserts I deserved to see yesterday, after my work day was done:


While I didn’t get my just desert of ice cream after lunch yesterday, I DID get that just desert after dinner, last night.

Which of those just deserts do you think I — or you — might deserve?

What music do you think would be a just desert for this post?

This was a musical just desert for me, yesterday, as I was snapping some of the photos for this Just Deserts post:

The first three words of “Mammal” by They Might Be Giants are

Glass of milk.

Is that not a just desert?

Just deserts to Louis Pasteur, Robert, the Longwood Medical and Fenway Park areas of Boston, Rancatore’s Ice Cream, They Might Be Giants, Katie Cunningham for the “Mammal” video, and everybody else whose just deserts include gratitude from me, including you!

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28 thoughts on “Day 873: Just Deserts

  1. Yeah! You got your just desserts after all 🙂

  2. My favourite was the rusting spike on the post. It looks like a figure reaching out.

  3. One of your pics resonated so much with me…they serve Hydrox ice cream??? It was the predecessor to Oreo,and much preferred in my home growing up. Fabulous. Didn’t know for sure that they were still sold. Great pics…love the blue sky over Boston, as well as all the lovely food choices !! Van ☺

    • As usual, Van, your comment resonated for me. One reason for that: I almost got the Malt Hydrox ice cream yesterday, but chose a different flavor instead. Maybe I’ll go back there today and get that, in your honor.

  4. The picture of the cat on the beautiful rug is so good; your pictures are so nice and full of Spring! Just visual desserts!

  5. No, desserts No!!!

  6. Is that just a desert in your header, Ann? No, it’s a philosophy.

    I had an oatmeal raisin cookie for dessert in the suite at the Syracuse Chiefs baseball stadium last night. Servers came in with a big tray for us. That was pretty sweet! I had to eat one even though it wasn’t sugar free. I, like Van, was a Hydrox over Oreo guy when growing up. How just that the brand live on in ice cream desserts.

    I like your Real Guacamole photo best, Ann, because I don’t really think there’s fake guacamole. Bad guac, sure. Anyway, just chalk it up to colorful advertising.

    • I will check it all up to your colorful prose and your observant eye, Mark. Just deserts for me, as a writer at WordPress.

    • Oh, REAL! I thought it said RED guacamole, and I wonder what that would be like, brown? Yuck! Glad you got that ice cream, Ann! You deserved it!

  7. I like that you wear blue socks when you have blue nail polish on your toes Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  8. My vote is for the Ginger ice cream. Am I right? The Hydrox would have been tempting, but my chocolate allergy would have stopped me and the Espresso would have be my choice. I think the reason a lot of us prefer Hydrox to Oreo is Hydrox has a salty quality that is missing from the way too sweet Oreos. Ok.. I’m hungry now, too much talk of desserts!

    • It’s just delightful whenever you comment, Beth. I just considered ginger ice cream yesterday. That would have been a just and good choice.

  9. By coincidence, yesterday I, too, went looking for ice cream. This is something I very rarely do (or else it wouldn’t be a coincidence). I’d had a stressful appointment, and two friends took me out for lunch. We went looking for ice cream afterward. We couldn’t find any on a cone, but we did find some boxed ice cream on sticks. We took them to the water’s edge and watched the boats come in, nibbling the chocolate off our frozen ice cream. I don’t actually remember the ice cream, now that I think of it, but I remember savouring the chocolate.

    I don’t know if I believe in just deserts. But I believe in just ice cream. And I hope you enjoy some wonderful Boston-Cambridge ice cream this summer.

  10. Ice Cream is one of my favorite foods- I would rather eat in than “real” food most days. Please share with me the color blue you have on your toes- it is perfect!

    • You deserve everything you want, Lisa — ice cream and perfect colors everywhere! I don’t know the name of that color blue but I love it too.

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