Day 871: What’s taking up space in your head?

What’s taking up space in your head?

… is the question that was taking up space in my head, when I woke up earlier this morning.

Why was that question taking up space in my head?

Here’s why: Some negative people and difficult situations are taking up too much friggin’ space in my head, right now. And, I do NOT want to be renting them so much — if any — of my valuable mental space.

Why do negative people and difficult situations take up so much space? I mean it’s my head, dammit! Why, on earth, am I NOT renting more space to positive people and things, including

  • my ongoing recovery from my recent cardiac-related surgery,
  • my extremely good chances, according to my trusted cardiologists, of avoiding dreaded major heart surgery in the near future,
  • people and animals I love,
  • my wonderful experiences here in the blog-o-sphere,
  • the therapy groups I get to do every week at work,
  • my upcoming presentation on these groups, at a group therapy conference the first weekend of June, and
  • my upcoming chance to sing a song I love — Sondheim’s “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” — and KILL it at an audition (if I’m not too nervous)?

I would prefer to be giving ALL my mental space to those and other positive things in my life, today. So why am I spacey enough to give any head-space, at all, to:

  • negative people and
  • disappointing situations?

Here’s a possible answer to that, which is taking up space in my head:

Perhaps we spend a lot of time and energy on difficult people and situations because our mind is doing its best to solve “the problem.”

Well, giving those things too much head space can be a problem, too.

So how can I start giving negative people and difficult situations less space, right now?

I could:

  • recognize that those negative people and situations do NOT have as much power as I fear,
  • rent space to those negative people and situations only during times when I am able to take some helpful action in response,
  • serve them an eviction notice, over and over again,
  •  deliberately make space for other things (for example, these pictures I took yesterday, in chronological time and space):


  • and, finally, focus my head on interesting puzzles, like …. what was the word on that sign, above, before it got damaged?

Is there space in your head, right now, for some music? How about renting some space to something from the musical Rent?

In my head, the song “Santa Fe” is about people renting new space,  in their heads,  for hope and for change.

If your head has space to leave a comment in the space below, my head will become less spacey and more happy, I’m sure.

Finally, I shall now take up more space in your head with my space-filling gratitude for all the positive situations and people in my life …. including you!

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40 thoughts on “Day 871: What’s taking up space in your head?

  1. What’s taking up space in my head right now is that I’m going to get this guy Ann, I promise, give me some time.

  2. My head gets clogged up when people let me down and I know I must do something. When I have come to believe what has happened, I know what I must do. It is arriving at the belief which is the problem.

  3. Sometimes it’s diffcult to let the garbage in your head go but you feel so much better when you can.

  4. Great post Ann. I like your thinking!
    Of course, it is our thinking that cause all the problems in our head space too. If we didn’t think about the people or situations that upset us, then there would be no problems at all 😉

    • Let’s put our heads together, Val, and figure out ways to make more space for the positive thoughts and less space for the negative!

  5. Dale

    Ugh. Last night I could not shut up my brain. I hate when that happens. I am not the type who wallows in negativity so it comes and gets me when I am more vulnerable! That’s when you can find me sitting on the couch at 2 a.m. colouring! (Whatever works to empty said brain, works!)

    • I love taking up space in my brain with colors, Dale! Thanks for taking up space here with this colorful comment.

  6. Here’s what’s taking up space in my head: maybe negative things take up space in our head to make sure we appreciate the positive things. For there to be sweet there must be bitter. The danger is that our brains, like the rest of our bodies, can overcompensate. If we give too much space to the negative it’s mental anaphylaxis. Also now taking up space are whimsical pictures that make me think about those small doses of happiness we might miss if we have mental anaphylaxis.

    • I love that this comment is now taking up space in my head. The word “anaphylaxis” wasn’t taking up any space in my brain, so I looked it up. No allergic reactions to what you wrote, Christopher!

  7. yeoldefoole

    When the night comes knocking, let him see your lighted neon sign – the one that says “No Vacancy!”

  8. What’s taking up space in my brain right this minute is how you can take seemingly simple scenes and turn them into art. 🙂

  9. My head is awhirl with the synchronicity of your question, Val’s blog today and my blog — all about the questions. Mine is called — What is the more I seek? — and it’s not material matters. It’s all within! 🙂

    Lovely that you get to sing at an audition. How very exciting.

    • I am glad your blog post is now taking up space in my head, Louise. Now I’m heading off to Val’s space.

  10. You may want to pay attention to the ripped sign that said “Musical”, as well as your first 2 pics and just “Sing”. Music has always been such a pleasant distraction for us all. Time to serve eviction notice. ☺ Van

  11. fog 🙂

  12. What’s taking up space in my head right now is that I’m glad I can check on you on my lunch break from my new job Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  13. What’s taking up space in my head right now Ann is that I did get him, just when all the camera men went out for lunch!

  14. It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would be negative with you ever, Ann, and especially right now.

    I sometimes find it helpful to remember that when people are being negative, they are often very stressed, depressed, anxious or insecure. The most difficult, aggressive people often turn out to simply be people who feel threatened or like they might lose face. Sometimes, they’ve had a very bad experience that informs the way that they see this situation. It doesn’t work in every case, but it sometimes does help to turn to the negative, critical or aggressive person and ask how you can make the situation better for them. People who are afraid melt in the face of kindness.

    Just a thought. The other thought is —- your strategy of not thinking about people who are being difficult is a good one. There are so many better things to think about. Like auditions. And kids. And, what’s next in your photo shoot. 🙂

    • I am grateful and happy to allow a lot of space in my head for every precious word of this comment, Maureen. I’m glad there’s some space to spare, up there. Many thanks.

  15. I think the ripped sign said Classical, Ann. Which can be musical, for sure, especially in Boston. Pops! goes Bialczak.

    I think the adult man in your mental health care prompts looks like Aaron. Did he model for your workplace?

    I hope the photo op or no photo op in your home state is not one of your negative head games, my friend. Somehow maybe second weekend …

    Thinking of singing your song now is pretty cool. No need for nerves, Ann, really. It’s really an opportunity to sing a song you’ve only loved with a great accompanist, when you get down to it.

    • I love leaving space for you, Mark, and hope that second weekend thing works out. Thank you for this classically awesome and supportive comment.

  16. The garbage can with the “sucks” label is a good place for bad stuff.

  17. Nothing really. My missing tai chi master maybe.

    • Sounds like as good a something to take up space as anything else. Thanks for taking up space with this comment.

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