Day 870: What are you taking a picture of?

Yesterday, I took this picture of a trash barrel being rolled —  by a guy, pictured on the left — near Boston’s Fenway Park.

Immediately after I took a picture of that, the guy asked me the question du jour.

What are you taking a picture of?

My immediate response, as I pointed at the trash barrel, was this:


… which was an interesting communication, when you think about it.

Imagine what might happen, if somebody were to point toward a stranger and say:


Here’s what happened to me, yesterday. I asked him if I could also take a picture of his t-shirt.

While I think my answer left something to be desired, I believe his question

What are you taking a picture of?

… is a very good one.  So, I am going to invite all my readers, today, to similarly question the other pictures I took yesterday.

Ask yourself, what WAS I taking a picture of?


What was I taking a picture of, right there? That’s Fanon — from my workplace garage — showing his reaction to how I look to him, after my recent cardiac-related surgery.

What else was I taking a picture of, after I took a picture of Fanon?



If, while you were reading this post, you wondered

What ARE you taking a picture of?

… or you thought


… or there was anything else you’d like to share,  I hope I have the option of taking a picture of any comment you make, below.

Hey! What’s Deborah Harry —  from the group Blondie —  taking a picture of, in this 1978 performance of “Picture This”?

What might you take a picture of, now?

As we used to say when I was a kid:

Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Can you picture me now, thanking (1) everybody who helped me create this post and (2) you?

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28 thoughts on “Day 870: What are you taking a picture of?

  1. Can you picture me sitting here, Ann, and smiling at your post. I am with the garage dude: thumbs up! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Very well put together Ann. The last time I was asked the question was when I did the insect series a few days ago. It was probably something to do with the fact that I had my camera poked into a neighbour’s hedge. Well, it was an original way of introducing ourselves to each other.

  3. You made me smile. I’ve had my fair share of “what are you photographing?” close encounters…..and you followed it up in a visual stream of consciousness very nicely.

  4. You’ve taken pictures of things that make you happy. And you’re sharing these things and, in some cases, asking us to look deeply for the happiness. In others it’s obvious. In at least one it’s easily missed–I’m speaking of the guy dressed as an oversized elf. For those who don’t see the elf here’s a hint: he’s in the 10th picture.

    At least that’s how I see it. I wouldn’t ask “What are you taking a picture of?” because I know I wouldn’t understand until you’d had time to put it in its proper context.

  5. seems like
    everything is a picture!
    thanks for being
    in my picture 🙂

  6. I love the Roared to Life, and the Roller Coaster. The young trainee opera singer I follow has also tackled the Green Finch and the Linnet Bird

  7. I am always happy to see Fanon. And Fanon always seems happy to see you. In the pre-Wordpress era, it’s very unlikely that the smile of a person who works in a garage in Boston would be at all familiar to me, given that I live in Vancouver and have never parked a car in any garage, anywhere.

  8. I took a picture of what you’re likely doing the first weekend of June and thought, that sucks. That’s what I was doing, Ann.

  9. What were those policemen all looking at anyway? I always like that you take a picture of your dry erase board “ideas” today’s about anger hit the nail on the head.

    • I can’t hit the nail on the head regarding what those policemen were doing when I took their picture, because I walked by them so quickly without asking. I can tell you this: nobody looked angry.

  10. I love this blog because it promotes liberation of seeing the world as it is and not fearing to photograph it! As you know, I’m photographing flowers.😉

  11. This post made me smile

  12. Must say, it’s a good question and a good answer.

  13. I took a picture of my 6 year old grandson after he took a painting class in front of a metal sculpture and he was proud of his own version of Starry Night. Yesterday I took a photo of my granddaughter Lara at her chorus concert. Ladtly, I attended on Monday after work, my 10 year old grandson, Skyler, after his Strongs Spring concert. I like the way he thumps on it to catch the beat and how proud my grandfather who played the viola and violin would br. 🙂

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