Day 865: I should know

I should know, by now, that I’ll have plenty of blogging topics to choose from on a Friday, because I do two therapy groups on Thursdays.

In last night’s group, somebody said this:

If you read my blog regularly, you should know that I think “should” statements are not particularly helpful.

You should also know, if you read my blog, that I have a very thorough medical team.

Yesterday morning, I went for an appointment with some pulmonary specialists.

You may think you should know what “pulmonary” means, but you should know I think that’s just a fancy term for lungs and breathing.

You shouldn’t know  — because I haven’t told you yet — that in January a pulmonary test indicated I had two types of “abnormalities” in my lungs.  I should know the terms my Primary Care Physician used about that, but I’m not sure what they were. I think one was mild “restriction” and the other was mild “obstruction.”

You should know that, to be safe, my doctor made an appointment for me with a pulmonary specialist she liked, for last week.You should also know that I had to postpone that appointment to yesterday at 8 AM, because I had cardiac surgery last week.

I should know that if my doctor likes other doctors, I am going to like them, too.

Here’s Dr. Kari Roberts:

You should know that I thought her glasses were the coolest.

You should know I like to make goofy jokes, so when Dr. Roberts asked if it was okay that her medical fellow talk to me first, I replied

Is he a jolly good fellow?

I don’t know if I would call Dr. Manley

jolly, but he was definitely good. He explained the results of my pulmonary tests, very helpfully and clearly.

I should know, by now, that good doctors often draw things on whatever paper is around, when they’re explaining things to you.

You should know, if you read my blog, that I like to collaborate with medical people. So yesterday, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Manley, and I together came up with the conclusion that the slight abnormalities in my pulmonary tests were probably due to my heart becoming somewhat enlarged recently, allowing less room in the chest cavity for my lungs. I don’t assume  you should or shouldn’t know this, but nobody seems particularly worried about my lungs.

You should know that besides Dr. Manley and Dr. Roberts, Dr. Bains

was also there at my appointment yesterday, but I don’t know why.

You should know I like to include photos in every blog post, from the day before.


You should know  I love comments on this blog, so feel free to ask a question and/or make a statement below.

You should know I’m going to leave some music behind, right now. Did you know I’d think of this Beatle tune

… and this one, also?

(Although we all should know that “Dr. Robert” is not a perfect match.)

I should know I can’t create these posts on my own, so knowledgable thanks to my groups, my PCP Dr. Laura Snydman, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Manley, Dr. Bains, the Beatles, make-your-own Sundaes, flowers, Michael (for cleaning every Thursday), my co-workers for the Get Well card, Paul Nagano (for the rabbit fan) and you — of course! — because I should know I blog everyday for me and for you, too.

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31 thoughts on “Day 865: I should know

  1. You should know I am very VERY glad to hear that you and your pulmonary team, (the adorable Keri Roberts et al!) have come to such a wise and relieving aasessment of your pulmonary status!!!
    Love u

    • I should know that (1) you would make a loving comment and (2) I often misspell people’s names. I just corrected Dr. Roberts’s first name to “Kari.” Love you, too, Carol!

  2. You should know that when I saw Dr. Keri Robert’s glasses I said to myself “those are cool glasses” and scrolled down to see you had written the same thing. You should know an Ice Cream bar is one of my favorite things in the world. You should also know that I was glad to hear your Doctors are not concerned about your lungs. And finally I am sure you do know, but in case you didn’t you should know how much I enjoy your blog 🙂

  3. You should know that I am so pleased the pulmonary team visit went well … and I am envious of that ice cream. You should also know I am confused and curious about the cushions on the sofa and the question mark in the corner ….. 😉

    • I don’t know if you should know about the cushions and the question mark, but I did mention in my thanks at the end of my post that Michael always cleans on Thursday and that my co-workers sent me a Get Well Card. Should we know more? I should know and you should know that I am so pleased with every visit by you, Val!

  4. You should know that I too am pleased the pulmonary visit went well and that I too am confused and curious about the sofa cushions.

    You should also know that coming here in the morning is a great way to start my day!

    • I should know that you are always curious, authentic, and kind, Louise, and I love that! You should know that I explained a little about the cushions, above (see Val’s comment and my thanks at the end of the post). Would you like to know more?

  5. You should know that I’m so happy to read your posts, even if I am sometimes a little late in doing so. 🙂 You should also know thst I’m really pleased your pulmonary tests went well amd the team of specialists were so nice and helpful. I love all your excellent phots, including those of ice cream, which I feel like eating right now.

    • You should know that I was also a little late getting to your comment here, Millie. I should and do know that I always enjoy your comments immensely! Now, you and all those reading this know it, too.

  6. You should know that I used to have several patients with enlarged hearts that were in their 80’s and 90’s.


  7. You should know that I find it very funny that your doctors appear to have drawn a picture of your pulmonary system on a hospital gown, which is a better use for one that wearing it.

    • I should know that a comment from you would be awesome. You should know that Dr. Manley drew on the paper on the exam table. You should also know that I agree with your assessment of hospital gowns.

  8. It seems your new group is a great addition to Team Ann!

  9. You should know that I am sending you beautiful thoughts on which to float and prayers for good health.

  10. I’m glad that you received good news, Ann.

  11. Knowledge is power and well knowledge ha.

  12. You do deserve self care (dammit), but you should know how fortunate you are to have so many health professionals looking after you; especially the kind that smile and let you take their picture. ☺ Van

    • I should know that, Van, and you should know you deserve self care (dammit) too. Thanks for being part of my care today.

  13. I should thank you for your post and your pictures, and for pointing out the rabbit on the fan, because my mother taught me good manners, so thank you, very much.

  14. I feel fine now after listening to the Beatles.

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