53 thoughts on “Day 863: I haven’t got time for … 

  1. Stay positive!

  2. I always have time for Carly Simon. And your blog, Ann!

  3. Great stuff! Great attitude! Great song to have in my head this morning 🙂

  4. I hope your BPPV abates as with your busy schedule you certainly have no time for that. I will leave you with the words of Sweet Brown

  5. Hi Ann, I am so late to notice that I lost you in that mysterious Word Press shuffle. I will fix that, and resume the follow. Love this post, and Carly Simon. I just don’t understand how she could leave James Taylor behind !!! ☺ Van

    • I haven’t got time for the mysterious WordPress shuffle, Van, especially when it interferes with a connection with you. Thanks for taking the time to reconnect. I wasn’t sure who didn’t have time for whom — James Taylor or Carly Simon — but I was also disappointed when that great couple broke up.

  6. I like your blog, and this post is brilliant!

  7. I no longer state that I don’t have time. I gave it up a bit ago, because it brings about a negative and makes me focus on it, which brings more to my life. I changed the word “time” to “priority” and it’s amazing how my world shifted! It’s amazing what happens when you have to state whether or not something is a priority! I could tell my niece that I don’t have time to take her shopping this weekend, but I can’t tell my niece that she’s not enough of a priority for me to take her shopping. I could say that I don’t have time to work out, but I can’t say that my health is not a priority. Not quite the same as the point of your post – but it was an amazing lesson for me!

    Hope the effect from the BPPV episode dissipate quickly!

    • I have time for you, Kate — and your wise and kind words — and I do think your comment was on point. Thanks for making your visit here a priority. I’m honored.

  8. I’ve always got time for you Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. THANK YOU. I needed the reminder your post and commenters provided. Feel better soon Ann.

  10. Wow, I haven’t seen that sign in years. Yes, it’s interesting how certain things in our perceptions strongly affect others, as with your heart. I also notice after a tragedy that people reprioritize the importance of people/ family in their lives, over stuff or what they think they should be doing. Thanks for the song. Love Carly Simon.

  11. yeoldefoole

    Ha! My cardiologist tells me – with my family history & risk factors – I WILL, ultimately, fie of heart disease, if nothing else gets me first.

    We ALL live under the sentence of death. Blessed are those who know it – and LIVE!

  12. I hope that your dizziness doesn’t mess up your day and, especially, your drive.

    I love coming to your blog to see how you put a new spin on things, but BPV is not the kind of spin either of us were hoping for. Take care.

    • I have the time to put a spin on this answer, Maureen: I’m feeling better, and not just because I read your comment.

  13. What??? You mean I have to do those exercises for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)???
    I’m already doing them, can’t you see??? I haven’t got time for this nonsense!!!

    (from http://www.buzzfeed.com)

  14. What????

  15. You always come across as one of the most positive people I know, Ann. You positively ooze positivity! The only way to live life to the full is put all negative thoughts about yourself behind – which you do with style. 🙂

    • I always have time for this observation, Millie: it takes one to know one. Many thanks for stylish you!

  16. pain is a powerful
    wishing you
    restful moments 🙂

  17. I am always trying to create time by multiplication… maths was never my strong point.

  18. I’m glad I have time to spend time with you here Ann. Wish we could share a cuppa and chat 🙂

  19. No, we haven’t got time for the pain, Ann, as Carly sang in our past.

    And, as one great band from Boston says, here’s my view on your dang vertigogo.

  20. I also hear myself saying I don’t have time for this more and more as I get older

  21. Reblogged this on Janey Does Blogging and commented:
    At least one of my readers/followers may already know Ann Koplow of The Year(s) of Living Dangerously, because I discovered her blog after she started following mine. Ann is unfailingly positive and yesterday’s post struck a chord with me.

    I “haven’t got time for the pain” can be taken differently depending on your outlook. You can say you haven’t got time to WASTE on pain, and work through it to get to the other side. Or you can wallow in it, indulging in a pity party and causing those around you to suffer as well. Or, if the pain is emotional, you can opt out of the relationship – life’s too short to endure the pain.

    Next month will be our 17th wedding anniversary. That’s 2 years longer than my first marriage! And eons longer than any of my mother’s many joinings. Our daughter’s nearly-a-year relationship hit a really rough patch in the last couple of weeks. So much so she asked me if she could stay with us if she decided to leave. She doesn’t ask that lightly, she’s very independent. Last night she texted me that they “were good”. It had been exhausting and frustrating but they wanted to move forward. I think it’s reasonable to take a teeny bit of credit here, as she did come to both of us to vent, giving us the opportunity to advise her. Not to mention the example we live every day. She knows I haven’t always been the happiest but she sees that I’m not a quitter. I choose to go on in spite of any pain I might experience, I haven’t got time for it.

  22. But – today I have time to stop by & say – HI! 🙂

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