Day 861: Wildest Dreams

I saw this yesterday, while fulfilling my wildest dreams of spending all of Mother’s  Day with my 17-year-old son, Aaron:

Actually, at the time when I took that Wildest Dreams photo, Aaron was at his weekly keyboard lesson. Nevertheless,  I was still in Wildest Dreams territory:




Which of those photos seems the most Wildest Dreams-like, to you?

Wildest Dreams have been featuring prominently in three TV series I’ve been watching  — Louie, Shark Tank, and Mad Men —  during my recovery from surgery (which might fulfill mine and others’ wildest dreams concerning my wildest and unusual-est heart).

As I’ve been discussing with Aaron and my boyfriend Michael (both of whom often exceed my wildest dreams), the wildest dreams we have while asleep can seem wildly similar to our waking experiences.

For example, while I was sleeping without general anesthesia  during my entire 7- hour operation exactly a week ago, I had a wildest dream that the surgery was not successful. I woke up from that wildest dream to hear my not-so-wild cardiologist Dr. Estes say to me, “Ann, that went about as well as it could have,” which was Dr. Estes’s way of saying

That surgery met my wildest dreams.

Now, we’re all hoping that last week’s surgery grants our wildest dreams of no major heart surgery in my future.  Dr. Estes says there’s at least  a 50-50 chance that those wildest dreams will come true.

I’ll probably find out more about that today, when

  • The surgical staples are removed.
  • We program my new pacemaker/defibrillator for wildest-dream longevity AND quality of life.
  • I return to work, faster than many people’s wildest dreams.

Yesterday evening — on our way to our weekly  routine of dreamy food-shopping —  Michael and I were discussing our wildest dream that Massachusetts would return to wildest-dream spring temperatures,  after a day of near 90 degree heat. Suddenly,  Michael remembered  a wildest dream of his own:

I had a dream I bought tuna at Shaw’s, and it was bad.

How might  you interpret THAT or any of these dream-like photos, which I captured  right after Michael told me that wildest dream?



That last wildest dream image shows Al reenacting  — for my camera — his saying to Michael:

You better take good care of this lady. DON’T LET HER PUSH THAT SHOPPING CART!

Al — who is the cashier of our wildest dreams  — is fulfilling  one of his wildest dreams next weekend, when he attends a Civil War reenactment in Richmond, Virginia.

One more short list of wildest dreams, before I end this Wildest Dreams post. During my week of recovery, I’ve had wildest dreams including:

  1. The voice of my friend Jeanette (who spoke to me on the phone from Philadelphia the night after my surgery) coming out of a microphone that was hanging from a high ceiling and
  2. Encountering my son’s keyboard teacher in a large wood-panelled room that looked like a cross between a library and a college dining hall, where we both wondered whether Aaron would remember to go to his next lesson.

What meaning do you make of any of the wildest dreams in this post? Or, if you include one of YOUR wildest dreams in a comment here, that would meet my wildest dreams.

What wildest dream music might you include, now?

The Moody Blues are are singing about “Your Wildest Dreams” here on YouTube.

Wild and dreamy thanks to all those who contributed to my creating this Wildest Dreams post today and to you — of course! — for fulfilling my wildest dreams by reading it.

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35 thoughts on “Day 861: Wildest Dreams

  1. Glad to to see you are healing beyond your wildest dreams. I was dreaming about whether there is a funeral director acting as a benefactor for the pond as those little, gray signs are Temporary Grave Markers.

    See, you never know what you will learn in your dreams.

  2. Ann, may all your wildest dreams come true! I could smell the lilacs and I love the artwork around the pond in this post. Here’s some more dreamy music for you today

  3. Love your photos and lilacs are my favourite … I too could almost smell them 🙂

    It sounds like your recovery is going very well and I hope it continues beyond your wildest dreams 🙂

  4. You are wild and full of dreams. Thank you for reminding me to dream wild, too.

  5. My wildest dream is that I’m always an eternal ruler! And I always dream that!!!


    • These dreams make me the opposite of grumpy, Maria!

      • That grumpy cat is a famous character all over the web, it’s the breed, probably not the same cat, but they’ve made so may jokes with its looks.

  6. That was the cat’s dream. MY wildest dream is “Anywhere Is” (one of Enya’s best video IMOHO), is so wild this concept of space-time:

  7. My. Good luck with the rest of recovery.

  8. Dear Ann. I hope all your wildest dreams come true and that your days are filled with love and happiness with your lovely son and boyfriend and all your wonderful friends. 🙂

  9. lundygirl

    sometimes my wildest dreams are just a weird take on reality to the point that when i wake up it takes me a while to sort dream from reality. Very off putting! I wish you a recovery that is better than you can imagine.

  10. After reviewing all options above, my wildest dream is to live near Spy Pond and all the interesting people like you who make it whatever it is.

  11. Looks like it was a perfect Mother’s Day, Ann!

  12. Let’s get your wildest dreams answered, Ann. So far, so very good. Then we can work on mine.

  13. Well I do hope your dreams come true, both the wild and the little one. I think that pond it amazing!

  14. Hope that your post-surgery visit went well.
    Keep those dreams wild – but – happy. 🙂

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