Day 859: Was yesterday the best day EVER?

When our days are numbered (and they are, though we rarely know the exact number), every day might be the best day ever.

But yesterday really was one of the best days  ever for me,  because:

  • I spent time with my son,
  • I spent time with my boyfriend,
  • I spent time with my cats,

  • I gave and received gifts with WordPress bloggers,
  • I saw some helpful signs,


  • My friend Kathy brought chocolate,


  • Oscar, per usual, grabbed and swallowed any available ribbon, and did not return that ribbon later (as far as I know),
  • I watched, with my son, perhaps my favorite “Louie” episode ever, which included dreams, insomnia, guilt, friendship, kindness, Clockwork Orange, parenting, doctor’s visits, family,  moving heavy objects, dread, crying, connection, fear, rabbits, stand-up comedy, dealing with other people’s shamelessness, reparative experiences,  and other topics near and dear to my heart,
  • Michael was the best nurse ever, changing my surgical dressings perfectly (not pictured) AND the best cook ever, making me perhaps the best pasta primavera ever for dinner (not pictured),
  • I knew, despite never going to Italy, that “primavera” means “spring,”
  • I went with my amazing friend Carol to see my favorite movie EVER, Singin’ in the Rain, accompanied by the Boston Pops Orchestra, at Symphony Hall,

  • We had a nice walk in beautiful weather, to Symphony Hall,

  • I got to see, from afar, one of my favorite spots in Boston, the Christian Science Center,
  • Our seats were friggin’ awesome,

  • Carol, who was hungry, got to order food and I got to order water,

  • One of my heroes, Stephen Sondheim, kept showing up (before I had to turn my phone off for the performance),

  • We met new, wonderful people, some  who love that movie as much as we do and  some who were seeing it for the first time (not pictured),
  • I got to reminisce about my first time attending Symphony Hall to see Simon  & Garfunkel, when I was sitting in the balcony,

  • Symphony Hall looks and sounds as awesome now as it did then, and
  • It’s the best season ever, for me, no matter where I look.

And you know what? Today might be even BETTER, because they’re doing Singin’ in the Rain again at Symphony Hall, TWICE.

June’s looking pretty good to me, too — what with Simply Sondheim at Symphony Hall, my presentation about my therapy groups, continuing nice weather, and, I’m sure, so much more.

And — speaking of the future — there’s that little matter of making it to Italy, as soon as I can figure out how to pull that off, too.

To make this a better day (if not the best day ever) for all of us, here‘s an amazing dance number from my favorite movie:

Best-day-ever thanks to everybody and everything making yesterday exactly the day it was and to you — of course! — for making today better, for me.

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49 thoughts on “Day 859: Was yesterday the best day EVER?

  1. lundygirl

    Some days are just like that – ones to treasure. I love that film too.

  2. Glad you had a great day and are feeling better. Now….book that trip to Italy…:)

  3. Rob

    It’s a wonderful life…

  4. a perfect day! A free parking spot is worth its weight in gold 😉 And I adore Signing in the Rain #ImHappyAgain Glad you had a fab time.

  5. This just made my Saturday a better day. There’s a best day somewhere in every day, and I’m off to go find that now!…

  6. Sounds like your days are better for many reasons, not the least of which is having that cardiac procedure behind you! Happy, healthy recovery, Ann!

  7. For some reason, your post brought me to tears. Maybe it is partially due to your moving appreciation of the moment and what really matters. Or could it be the chocolate and cats? I hope you do get to Italy. My trip there back in 1991 still reverberates for me as it was the best day ever, every day I visited!

    Continue with a speedy and complete recovery!

  8. Oh Ann, i love how you td the story of your day and our delicious evening! I woke up full of joy! Love you and thank you for our melifluous outing! Hope today Is the best day ever! Xoxox

  9. happy for your
    second best
    day, ever 🙂

  10. Sounds like a pretty awesome day to me Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  11. I am happy to hear you had the best day ever and you are doing well as well!!!

  12. Some days are just sent for us to treasure, Ann, and it sounds as though you had one wonderful day yesterday. From what you said in yesterday’s post, as well as this, your recovery is going well, too. That’s very good to hear, and must be a big relief to you. I wish you lots of great days from now on. 🙂

    • Thank you, Millie, for sending me this wonderful comment to treasure. Healing and relief both make every day better.

  13. If you must know…:


    Yes, yesterday was the best day ever, because YOU felt better.

  14. Perfect Day by Lou Reed comes to mind 🙂

  15. Ann,
    One can’t help but sing in the rain when their outlook is as sunny as yours!
    Pleased you had the best yesterday ever.

  16. theorangedreamer

    Your blog is so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Your day just kept getting gooder and gooder, Ann. And that’s pretty darn good.

  18. It’s great to hear you so happy again… and I love the song.

  19. What an absolutely perfectly wonderful day for sure!! It’s so great you are out and about and feeling ok. I love Carol’s glasses too.

  20. A wonderful day! I love Singing in the Rain and Gene Kelly! And I love live music. I am glad you made it your best day ever — until tomorrow, when THAT will be the best day ever!

  21. I LOVE that rain scene too!

    So happy to hear you enjoyed your outing, your dinner and your very special time with Aaron.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. Sounds like the best of the best! Your musical and theater tastes run very close to mine, Ann. I would be very excited about Sondheim! 🙂

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