Day 858: A dozen ways to melt away your stress

Yesterday, I saw a sign.

I recognize that melting away my stress is extremely important, because

  • I’m recovering from an operation I had earlier this week,
  • I’m the owner of a very unusual heart, which has outlasted most conventional predictions for longevity, and
  • I’m soon returning to work, where I do my best to help others melt away stress.

Therefore, I shall use the other photos I took yesterday in service of helping us all melt away stress.

Ready to melt?

#1. Spend time with friendly creatures


when you’re outdoors

or indoors.

#2. Be kind to yourself, applying things that help you feel better, including

chocolate, pleasing colors,

and every other little thing that gladdens each beat of your beautiful


#3. Keep away from real

as best you can, whether you’re far away

or close to home.

#4. Seek out the beauty that surrounds you, even if you have to spend some time and energy looking for it.


#5. Pay attention to helpful messages from the universe.

#6. Work at

… but let go of worry when communication does not go perfectly smoothly. In almost every case, you’ll have another opportunity to connect.

#8. Come to think of it, let go of worry (and other future-oriented fears) about EVERYTHING, including

#9. Help preserve —  or even transform — the world, as best  you can.


#10. Listen to more classical music

… whether it’s Spring or any other season.

#11. Indulge in your favorite things whenever possible (like, for example, a showing of the musical “Singin’ in the Rain,” with music performed by the Boston Pops, tonight).

#12. Make ’em laugh (and let them make you laugh, too).

Stress-free thanks to cats, to Boston and its surroundings, to Antonio Vivaldi, to Donald O’Connor, and to all those who help melt away my stress, including you!

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61 thoughts on “Day 858: A dozen ways to melt away your stress

  1. What great ways to melt the stress away-I felt better already. Have a stress free day my friend 😀

  2. what a great list – and I am not sure if this is 6B or if is &…
    but my fav is
    “let go of worry when communication does not go perfectly smoothly. In almost every case, you’ll have another opportunity to connect.”
    and I also really liked the note format he flower -and please don’t step on my head… ha! the classical music song was a nice ending too – have a great day ann

  3. yeoldefoole

    I see you’ve put my favorite things at the top: visits to the cat house (you know we have four, don’t you?) and CHOCOLATE!!!

  4. I’m feeling more and more stress-free this Friday, ’cause you’re recovering Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. What a beautiful post; the list is great, and you have shared a beautiful insight into life. Thanks for melting away the stress Ann! I know about ‘pleasure ‘ foods:

  6. I love how your photos so clearly show, in spring’s warmth and beauty, stress, like snow, melts away!

    and thank you Maria F for that fabulous gif!

    I’m smiling. And stress always melts away when I smile.

  7. Great list, I’m glad you are recovering from your operation!

  8. Wonderful post today, Ann. I’m so glad you’re on the mend and back to your creative fun self. The Mr and I enjoyed the Donald O’Connor video. What an acrobat and all around performed he was! Thanks for sharing it! Btw, you might want to check out my blog this week that speaks of the Joy of Aging no kidding! (Beats the alternative).

    • I checked out your post. Another good stress melter! And I’m looking forward to seeing Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly tonight on the big screen at Boston’s Symphony Hall.

  9. I melted! First sign of a cat and I melted. Hope that doesn’t make me one of your stressors. 🙂

  10. Ah, some excellent therapies to melt stress away 🙂 Glad to hear you’re ok and recovering.

  11. A wonderful article. I feel better already! Back rubs from your loved one are also good.

  12. I hope you’re well again. I enjoyed reading your todays post and going through all those awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ann,
    Cats do tend to melt the stress away. But, a word of warning. When a feline freind is curled up on your chest and his purrs are lulling you to slumber, be clear of any sudden loud noises.
    My brother found out that truth the hard way, when my mom accidentally dropped a pot on the kitchen floor in the next room.

    • I understand what you are saying, Alan. Thank you for your caring, which helps melt my stress away.

  14. Kitties, chocolate and beautiful flowers sound like a Mother’s Day wish for me, Ann. Loved this post to de-stress my Friday afternoon!

  15. It feels like only yesterday you were thinking winter will never end and you had the mountain of your operation in front of you. Now spring is here and the operation is behind you. Wonderful!

    • Hilary! That helps me remember that negative things will melt away. Thank you for this wonderful, stress-relieving comment.

  16. Isaac Braddock

    Hi Ann: Didn’t know about surg. SO glad all is good. Stressbegone here: Settled headache case. ‘Twas a burr in undies ! BASTA burrs in undies !!

  17. A lovely list of ways to melt away stress and the little speech bubble from the flower brought a smile. Boston’s looking cheerfully colourful too… always a sight to melt away stress.

  18. Perfect ways to melt away stress, Ann.
    Am I to surmise via your photos that you are out and about already? If so, I find that pretty amazing!

  19. I had some Ferraro’s on Wednesday when visiting my dear old Mum. Didn’t go in for the nail polish though; nothing that I’m admitting to anyway.

  20. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  21. Your cats are the meow, Ann, and maybe even the pajamas, since I’m a day late on this comment. Please don’t step on my head, like the new flower!

  22. The nature photos help, but so does the knowledge you are not alone.

  23. I always read the comments before I comment, and half the time I want to say: Yeah! What they said! Love your kitty.

  24. Ahhh … yesss … Vivaldi and Ann make my day melt 🙂

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