Day 854: Soothing

Today, I’m going to the hospital for an operation.

In the past, I have not experienced going to the hospital as a particularly soothing experience.

However, as life goes on, there’s alway room to experience something familiar in a new way.
Last night, I experienced the familiar Todd Rundgren in a new way. I had never seen him in concert before, and the experience was exhilarating AND soothing.

Here‘s something new he performed last night, soothing the audience:

My heart was soothed by Todd Rundgren last night, and by all these soothing images, throughout the day:






Here are the soothing lyrics of Todd Rundgren’s song, Soothe:

Life is hard enough
Even if you do find love
It can be so tough
Losing what you’re dreaming of

When your lovers are untrue
And the whole world seems out to hurt you
Know that I would try everything I knew

Just to soothe you
I will soothe you
Maybe I can’t make that dream come true
But I can soothe you

I know how it feels
Trying hard to keep things real
It’s so plain to see
You don’t have a heart of steel

And anytime I hear you weep
Suddenly I can’t eat, can’t sleep
Not until I’ve done all that I can do

Just to soothe you
I will soothe you
Maybe I can’t make gray skies turn blue
But I can soothe you

When your lovers are untrue
And the whole world seems out to hurt you
Know that I would try everything I knew

Just to soothe you
I will soothe you
Maybe I can’t make that dream come true
But I can soothe you

I can soothe you
I will soothe you
Together we can make that dream come true
So let me soothe you

It’s a soothing thought for me, here and now, to believe I’ll be blogging again, tomorrow.

One more soothing blogging image, for today:

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61 thoughts on “Day 854: Soothing

  1. Good luck with the surgery. Hopefully the anesthesia will be soothing.

  2. Hope all goes well with the operation and you can delight us again with your lovely photos and well chosen words.

  3. See you after the operation Ann.

  4. Hi Ann…here on the west coast it is 3:30 in the morning. I’m crouched over my phone in the dark, trying not to waken my husband, reading your wonderful post and sending you love.I’ll be back to listen to the music when everyone is up.

    Wishing you a good day in the best, most real kind of way, and sending soothing thoughts your way.

  5. The best and most soothing thoughts for you today…..for your slumber through the surgery, your soft wakening through the recovery. Thank you for soothing us.

  6. Such soothing images and soothing words. Hoping by the time you read this all will have gone well and this page of well wishes will soothe you Ann. ❤

  7. Great images! Best to you on your surgery!

  8. yeoldefoole

    I held you in my heart as I drove to work at 5am.

  9. Very soothing. Sending you good energy and soothing thoughts.

  10. Your soothing images and calm words have me a great start to the week. Ann, may all go beautifully, soothingly well for you today and as you recover in the days to come. May you breathe I. Calm and breathe out tension,

  11. I wish you a peaceful successful healing experience. Having just left the hospital recently, I know it is a place I rather not return to anytime soon. Your blog helps so many who may have similar concerns or who are in need of hope. Your heart seems very operational to me 😉 hugs, Linda

  12. May you also be soothed the next few weeks while you’re recovering from this wildly successful operation!

  13. may each step
    & each photo
    & each calm breath
    be soothing 🙂

  14. NotAPunkRocker

    Keeping you in my thoughts, sending soothing vibes and wishes for a smooth recovery as well.

    • Sounds good
      & healing
      & soothing.

    • I was so confused by trying to blog in the middle of the night in a hospital bed with my iPhone, that I sent you the wrong reply. I hope it’s soothing that I now correct this and thank you properly for your thoughts, soothing vibes, and wishes for my smooth recovery.

  15. Ann, sending you beautiful, soothing thoughts on which to float, and prayers for a rapid healing.

  16. The very best for your operation. Your images are wonderful. Definitely soothing. I love them. Xxxx

  17. Sunshine Jansen

    I’m always happy that “music has charms to soothe a savage breast” (and a very unusual heart)… You and your team have made nothing but good decisions; now to rest and recover and see what the new day brings!

  18. I am sending soothing waves across the Atlantic.

  19. I’m sorry I didn’t catch you in the pre-. I will definitely see you in the post. Sending faeries to dance around you and make you whole — on the outside, that is, because you are wonderfully whole on the inside.

  20. Sending you soothing kitty faeries that will be there sooner than you think.

  21. I hope it all goes well, I like being put to sleep for surgery

  22. Thinking of you. Team Ann is in position with its hopes and soothing thoughts. You be you, the cardiologists will do their best thing, and the recovery will be all you ever wanted.

  23. Thinking about you this morning (Tuesday) Ann ❤

  24. The most soothing image I can think of is a river trickling gently over a sand bar.

  25. Thank you for following my blog. I just found your blog is very nice 🙂

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