Day 850: Drowning in the sea of ____.

Because I never learned how to swim, perhaps it’s easy for me to feel like I’m drowning in seas, sometimes.

Because, in four days,  I’m having surgery — which could prevent my very unusual heart from drowning in the sea of heart failure  — I could be drowning, now, in the sea of:

  • anxiety,
  • fear,
  • worry, and
  • other uncomfortable feelings.

However, I am staying bouyant, well enough, to notice the many different  seas all around me.

Here’s the sea of music I was pleasantly drowning in yesterday morning:

As I was drowning happily in the musical sea of Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs, and the rest of the New York Rock and Soul Review‘s “Drowning in the Sea of Love,” I drowned in the sea of …

… hot dog rolls, near Fenway Park, and

… trees, in the Longwood Medical area of Boston, Massachusetts.

Then, I did a therapy group at work, where people talked about drowning in the seas of

  • financial worries,
  • medical problems,
  • confusion,
  • isolation,
  • troubled minds,
  • judgmental people,
  • self-doubt,
  • guilt,
  • shame, and
  • other overwhelming problems.

However, the mutual support of the group kept everybody afloat for a good while.

Later that day, I was drowning in the sea of Starbucks


where I said goodbye to the wonderful barrista, Erin.


— who also works at Starbucks and who was trying not to drown  in the sea of beverage orders — helped me not drown in the sea of sadness about Erin’s leaving by giving me this:

It’s a new chocolate cookie straw at Starbucks, which was soon

drowning in the sea of chai tea misto, in my office.

Those flyers —  on my desk, next to the tea misto —  are for a Group Therapy Conference in June, where I’ll be drowning in the sea of other group therapists and amazing learning.  I will be giving a workshop there on June 6 about my therapy groups, so I hope I won’t be drowning in the sea of  presentation jitters.

Yesterday, I was also drowning in the sea of


construction work,


cupcakes, and

pet supplies.

Don’t these guinea pigs

look like they’re drowning in a sea of colored paper?

Here’s to everybody staying above water for another day!

I am drowning in the sea of gratitude for everything I witnessed yesterday and for you — of course! — for drowning in the sea of this blog post, here and now.

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36 thoughts on “Day 850: Drowning in the sea of ____.

  1. Hopefully, you are also drowning in all the prayers and wishes to get well soon…..

  2. yeoldefoole

    O say, can you sea,
    in the dawn’s early light,
    there’s an ocean of love,
    and it’s holding you tight?

    • O say, I can see,
      in the night’s lack of light,
      there’s an ocean of love,
      and it’s holding me tight.
      You’re so coole,

  3. Those guinea pigs are so cute looking right at you! May you continue to drown in a sea of love and seas of good friends!

  4. The sea of unknown is deep and mysterious, Ann. But you have a Team at your side here in BloggyVille.

    The sea of relief will be glorious, beautiful, much like the mood of your pictures!

  5. Made me smile this morning! Loved the photos especially the guinea pigs. I pray you drown in a sea of peace concerning your upcoming procedure.

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I just got one of those cookie straws.. You will have many more cookie straws and lattes. Please when you can type away on your phone a post..

  7. may your curious mind be at ease
    held by heart’s playful happiness 🙂

  8. Ann, I can see those seas you’re drowning in pretty clearly. Hope those waters drain away soon.
    Here’s Tom Wait’s version —

    • I am now drowning in this comment and Tom Waits (a favorite of Michael, Aaron, and me). As always, it’s wonderful to see the Sea of Maureen.

  9. Prayers and best of luck.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you for your upcoming surgery Ann. The minute I started reading your post, I thought of Robert Plant of the Honeydrippers and this vid!

    ❤ Diana xo

  11. Tigers aren’t taught to swim; yet they do!

  12. I also liked Joe Simon’s version:

  13. “Buoyancy Occurs Here” … Because it simply does, with your positive thoughts and vibes. Even through your nervousness we feel your strong waves of courage. We are floating alongside you and are here to remind you that friends cast nets of hope and love even when you are unaware.

    • I am much more buoyant now, thanks to the wonderful seas I see in this comment. Many thanks to you.

  14. Ann, I’m “drowning” in the lovely and striking beauty of your photos.

  15. Wishing you anxiety-free days ahead and a speedy recovery. Love your cheerful photos. It looks like a lovely place to hang out and have coffee. 😉

    • Thanks for throwing out this cheerful comment into the sea here, Judy. I think I’ll go outside into the sea of the beautiful weekend and get something at Starbucks.

  16. Loved this post full of video footages, lively pics and your joie de vivre, Ann…while the sea of illness is may appear dark and deep, you have a fully laden liner of hope and loving prayers to navigate you into calmer waters and balmy weather….Bon voyage…

    • I was drowning in a sea of blogging and other things, and I didn’t see your comment until today, over six months later! Thanks for lifting me up with hope, here.

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