Day 849: The Art of the Heart

Yesterday, I saw some unexpected art, as I followed my heart.



One of the artful messages on that giant CD heart came from my heart. Could you guess, in your heart, which one it was?

More importantly, what heart-felt message might you have left on that art heart? How would you “make visible what makes your heart sing and how you carry the music of life”?

Here are two performances of music made visible on that heart (and on this heart, too):

“No Day But Today” (found here and there on YouTube) is from the artistic heart of Jonathan Larson.

It breaks my heart that Jonathan Larson’s big, 35-year-old heart stopped in 1996 — because of an undiagnosed tear in his aorta — a day before the debut of the musical Rent, which was the art of his heart, made visible.

A few more scenes — seen and not seen yesterday — from the heart of Boston, USA:


Where we live

there’s only now

there’s only here

forget regret

no other way

no day but today.

Artful and heartful thanks to Jonathan Larson, the artists of Seen/Not Seen, Studios Without Walls, Riverway Park, Fenway Park, the cast of Rent, Idina Menzel, and you — of course! — for the heart you bring (no day but) today.

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30 thoughts on “Day 849: The Art of the Heart

  1. My heart is singing after reading your post, listening to such a beautiful song and seeing such amazing art. I will follow my heart today and try to heed some of the messages written in that heart and the words in the song ❤

  2. Beautiful photos and a beautiful message. That thought will be on my mind today “make visible what makes your heart sing”. ❤

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I didn’t know it was he who wrote Rent! 525600 minutes…. A season of love….

  4. Your CD message came from and with the heart, Ann. No day but today, yes, indeed, my friend.

    My CD heart art message would read: “There’s still a place for you.”

    Lovely blossom day today this morning, Ann, at my place, too. ❤

  5. Kathy T

    So nice to share your walk with you!! Warms my heart!

  6. I cannot guess which one you wrote Ann, although If I went back I might recognize your handwriting. What would I write? Something like: We need to live together likes brothers and sisters or die together like fools. This quote speaks to my ‘community building, working together’ bend. ❤
    Diana xo

    • I love your quote, Diana. I think I would have recognized your handwriting and heartwriting on that one. ❤ xo

  7. Just an awesome post 🙂

  8. I guess that you wrote “follow your heart” as you were following your heart.

    Thank you for the lovely post. My heart is happy to follow yours.

    • Your guess is right. That makes me happy, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. Thanks for following so beautifully.

  9. I love art and particularly liked the earthy stoneware-like tea pot. I also enjoyed the use of musical CD’s and the large shiny heart. Art of the Heart needed such a beautiful photo montage as this, Ann. I love the way it is tucked into the scenery, too.

  10. I’ve learned so much about Boston with your photography. Ann, this is a beautiful post, I follow your heart also, your heart of gold.

  11. I love love love the Art Without Walls exhibit! I wish we had one like it in Wisconsin. We probably do — I just need to find it. The heart is so full of soul — most of the writings could have been yours. My phrase would be: Reality is All in your Point of View. What’s real for you is all that matters in the end. Thank you for the visual escape.

  12. So heartfelt Ann! Love those CD’s and the Tea pot 🙂
    What a great start to the day 🙂

  13. What a lovely piece of installation art. I read all the messages and ‘follow your heart’ stood out for me as a possible Ann quote but really any of those messages could have been from you. They were all so heartfelt and sincere, just like you.

    • My heart is full with all the beautiful words of your kind comment, Carol. And I did write “follow your heart” on that CD heart.

  14. Talk about a wonderful post

  15. I find that nature with its many-faceted forms and interweaving shapes captures my heart.

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