Day 844: Gifts

What gifts are in your life, right now? What are you grateful for, in the present?

I am grateful for the gifts of:

  • another day,
  • meaningful work,
  • freedom from pain and want, in this moment,
  • good weather,
  • nature,
  • my family and friends,
  • animals near and far,
  • attentive and competent medical treaters, where I work and where I live,
  • kindness, wherever and whenever I find it, and
  • blogging!

I have been given the incredible gift of people who regularly read this blog. Those readers might be noticing that I’ve given no photographic gifts to support this post, so far.

That’s because I took very few visual gifts away from my surroundings yesterday.


Perhaps I was focusing more on appreciating the gifts in every moment, rather than capturing those gifts on my iPhone.

However, I do have two photographic gifts to share with you. I took those gifts away from a therapy group last night, where the group members offered the gifts of

  • vulnerability,
  • courage,
  • hope,
  • personal pain,
  • empathy

… and so much more.

Inspired by them, I offered the gift of a new group activity, where people gave gifts, using the paper and markers in the group room.

I offered the gift of these guidelines:

  1. You can give gifts to anybody in the room, including yourself.
  2. You have the option of turning down any gift.
  3. When you give somebody else a gift, you can also accept that gift for yourself. 

Here’s a gift somebody gave me:

Here’s a gift I gave myself, after somebody gave us the gift of the term “Akashic Record”:

Because I’ve never had the gift of great handwriting, here’s what I inscribed in my personal Book of Life, last night:

Good stuff
More good stuff
It’s all good, even
the not good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, here are some gifts in my immediate future:

  • another day at work, where I get the gift of witnessing people healing in therapy,
  • a get-away weekend in New Hampshire with Barbara (who has been giving me the gift of her friendship since we were both little kids), and
  • the return home, from a trip to Italy, of my 17-year old son, who is an amazing gift to me.

Here’s my Friday gift of music, from the gifted Elton John:

YouTube gave me that gift of “Your Song.”

Any gifts you’d like to leave below, in a comment?

The gift of gratitude to all those who gave me the gifts to create this post and to you — of course! — for the gifts you bring here, today.

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30 thoughts on “Day 844: Gifts

  1. A lovely post Ann. We all have things to be grateful for, whatever our state. Just being here, now, in this moment, with the gift of life, is a start 🙂
    I can relate to your comment that taking photos can detract from the moment, it tends to be my way. Photographs only give to others a small part of what you see with all your senses anyway, so you may as well enjoy the moment in full and forget the pictures 🙂

    • Thank you for the gift of this lovely comment, Robert, for which I am very grateful. I do wonder what my readers would think if I stopped giving any photographic gifts! As with everything, it’s finding a good balance.

  2. The gift I got first thing this morning was the look of love in my dog’s eyes.

  3. Ann you are a gift. I love that Elton John song. ❤
    Diana xo

  4. 1. an unscheduled weekend full of possibility
    2. a helpful and understanding husband in the face of a debilitating disease
    3. time to think
    4. knowing the weather HAS to get better

  5. When I began to read your post, I was feeling very sad about something. Your post gave me the gift of a smile. I’m so glad that Aaron will be home soon.

    I have few gifts to give you right now, but here’s the song that I was listening to. I love it.

    • You always have gifts to give, Maureen. I’m sorry you were feeling very sad. Thank you for the beautiful gifts of your comment and the song.

  6. I’m grateful for this moment, listening to Elton John’s wonderful song as I write this, and the gift of yourself in this post.

  7. Lot of Elton John music in the office. Not one from the Lion king soundtrack though 😦

  8. yeoldefoole

    Have a great getaway, dear one!

  9. My greatest gift in life is that I feel grateful for what my life has been, regardless of “experiences lived or not lived”. Buddhist philosophy has really helped me to isolate the “Me” (or ego), and helped me to look at things in an objective way, so as to “let things go” since nothing in this life is really “mine” (the “anattā” = not self). I no longer fear death and can detach myself. That doesn’t mean I do not enjoy life nor celebrate anything; it just means that even when something is so beautiful and good, I know I must also be prepared to say goodbye and be ready to dismiss it, at any moment. It’s a Buddhist ’s outlook on life. It took me years to attain it, I’m not a practicing Buddhist but what I’ve read has helped.

    • These are great and helpful gifts, Maria. Thank you, so much, for sharing them here with us.

      • You’re welcome, and I’m not even sure whether they should be called “gifts”, but at least they help me not to get illusioned with anything. I still wonder whether this is actually wisdom, or a coping mechanism…😒

      • Maybe it’s wisdom AND a coping mechanism.

      • Yes, you’re right, it could be both, and there will always be the “soft spots”, things you thought didn’t affect you but they are still there, but the goal with enlightment is to get rid of those too.

  10. Another lovely and touching post

  11. Thank you for the gift of Ann, Ann. Enjoy your gifts this weekend, my friend. I’m sitting here with my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle in our Little Bitty on a Friday night, and that’s a gift I can appreciate.

  12. I am thankful for all the things you are. After surviving breast cancer and a double rollover of my SUV, every day I wake up is another day full of thanks. 4-year-old grandbaby makes it double the thanks!

  13. I am grateful that my Dad is still here at 93 and as clear-headed as he ever was.

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