Day 841: Storytellers

On Saturday, I took this photo:

Every picture tells a story. Does that tell a story to you?

I often tell the story that we are all storytellers, as we communicate and shape our life experiences.

During this  Patriots’ Day weekend, I told stories here on WordPress and elsewhere. I also heard stories told of and by other people, including:

As usual, the storytelling included attempts to make meaning out of very different aspects and behaviors of human beings.

I shall now continue the story of this post by asking this question:

What kind of storyteller are you?

If I tell a story by asking others a question, it’s only fair that I answer that question, too. So, what kind of storyteller am I?

Well, I strive to be a storyteller who is:

  • authentic,
  • thoughtful,
  • inclusive,
  • open-minded,
  • gentle,
  • unblinking,
  • clear,
  • serious,
  • humorous,
  • helpful in some way, and
  • always learning.

I just asked my boyfriend Michael, “What kind of storyteller are you?” and he said

Beats me, baby

so I’ll tell this very particular  story about what kind of storyteller Michael is:

A delicious one.

Here’s some Storytellers music:

I’ll end today’s story by showing you somebody who somehow reminds me of the luck-dragon in The Neverending Story:


That’s my story (and our cat Harley).

Storied thanks to all good people and creatures who helped me tell my story today and special thanks to you — of course! — for reading it.

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31 thoughts on “Day 841: Storytellers

  1. I had never thought of myself as a storyteller until you posed the question. I suppose I hope my stories are relatable for people, and perhaps make them think about their own stories. Thanks for always sharing your stories Ann! 🙂

  2. I am a real fan of fairy tales like The Never Ending Story Ann! I love stories of people overcoming adversity, finding their way,helping others, falling in love and living happily ever after.
    I don’t see myself as much of a story teller though … 😉

  3. I love public speaking and telling stories that help people relate to others and tug on our heart strings Ann.

    Your post reminded me of this:

    I used to be ‘so in love’ with Rod Stewart! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. I love Michael’s stories! I’m ß glad be is your storyteller

  5. Love that song and the “dog dragon” he is riding.

  6. Storytelling for me is best with pictures because it’s quicker and because I’m a visual person rather than a verbal one. Yet years ago, Susan Sontag wrote the book “On Photography”, critiquing precisely this phenomena; she criticised the way we have used photography to perceive reality, instead of “living life” and not having to use images (this is not exactly what she said but something to that effect). She is said to have been a brilliant essayist, because she also critiqued television and the media in general for manipulating our realities. She was probably attacking photography advertising as a medium which was booming in her times. Now that’s for the social side of it; for the artistic side; I disagree, as photography is an art in itself. When I saw your first image in B&W I thought: “Piet Mondrian” (a famous painter who painted many squares and rectangles), so storytelling can be so basic as to stay in the “visual sphere” and not utter a word. Yet it can speak to our minds in many ways. I still don’t know what kind of a storyteller I am, so go figure.

  7. I don’t think I am a storyteller, never really gave such thing a thought till I read this post

  8. Thank you for your daily stories, Ann. I never get tired of them, words or photos or songs.

  9. You are the most thoughtful storyteller I know ~ and one that also creates so much happiness and thanks to her readers 🙂 Your follow-up comments are something incredible special that I have yet to witness elsewhere. A special story you have told, are telling now and we all look forward to your future stories as well. Cheers to you Ann.

  10. You are wonderfully authentic!

  11. My girlfriend’s daughter is also called Harley. She celebrated her 15th birthday on April 20. Her birthday is the same day as Adolf Hitler’s. That’s my story for today.

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