Day 836: On the Road Again

I had a busy day, yesterday, on the road again to:

  • my work, as an individual and group psychotherapist at a hospital near Boston’s Fenway Park,
  • my home, to say goodbye to my son before his 10-day trip to Italy with his high school Latin class,
  • an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy session, and
  • dinner and a visit to a local cat shelter, with my boyfriend Michael.

In the midst of all those roads yesterday, I saw this:

… which put me on the road, again, to naming today’s post.

In the moment, I am on the road again to

  • peace,
  • healing, and
  • sharing more photos from yesterday.




Kitty John Stamos might be wishing he were on the road, again, straight out of that cat shelter.

Are you on the road again to guessing my music selection for today’s post?

Are you on the road, again, to anything else, in your life?

Thanks to all, no matter what road you’re on, again, here and now.

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33 thoughts on “Day 836: On the Road Again

  1. I like the photos of nature but am somewhat intriqued by the photos of advertising. This probably relates to my aversion to signage urging us to buy this or that product.
    America and Australia have in common the proliferation of ugly signs spoiling so much beauty for the sake of commerce.
    Perhaps I am just fussy and forget that beauty is in the eye of the holder.

    • I am on the road, again, to understanding you better, Gerard, with this comment. Many thanks for taking the road to this blog today.

  2. I like that ducks might be on the road again and there is a sign letting people know.I do hope John Stamos gets on the road again to a loving family because he is one pretty kitty. I’ll be on the road again shortly to get some food shopping done, my least favorite thing to do. At least the road to the store is short! I will leave you with one of my very favorite road songs

  3. Willy is eternal!

  4. Great post as always Ann! but I have to ask… what is that thing on the tripod??!?!?…you got me intrigued!

    • Hi Dr. Del Castillo! That is the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy machine. I am on the road to understanding it and maybe, now, you are, too! Thanks for the question and great to see you here, as always.

  5. yeoldefoole

    Willie or won’t he? If he’s hittin’ the road again, I mean to go with him!

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Wow a high school Latin Club. I thought they stopped teaching Latin way back when. Ego te hope nomi te

    • I took Latin in high school too, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve been on the road to understanding it. Thanks for the via you took here.

  7. I love the road you travel Ann!
    I hope Aidan’s road to Italy is a fun one… after surviving Scotland with you this will be a breeze 😉

  8. Illuminating photos! I’m on the road to spring–like some of those spring-starving plants that no one is supposed to feed but they just keep sending out those little green buds. Also on the road to walking with a friend this afternoon. Hoping someday somewhere someone will put a memorial to the precise day I entered his or her life somewhere near here. And wondering whether being on the road again is safer for duck and her brood with the sign or without the sign. That’s where I am. So happy to know you’re on the road again!

  9. I thought we would be on the road to checking out a homeschool community center we recently learned about, but instead, one child is on the road to her dreams, having spent her night in happy creation and reading; and the other is on the road to a Sype chat with a fan of the YouTubegaming show he and a friend in a neighboring state have been recording the last few weeks.

    So, instead, I’m on the road to answering blog comments, making visits, and gearing up to write a pivotal scene for my novella which traveled down the road to novelhood when I wasn’t looking.

    My window’s open, and I just heard the early school bus on the road outside. I’m profoundly grateful that no one who lives here is just getting home after a day away, because our house is in a peaceful quiet place that invites puttering and contemplation, and kids exploding with energy they’ve been building up all day and couldn’t release would be – well, a ver different road than the one we’re on!

    I’m on the road to more deeply exploring EMDT, because this is the second time in the last few months that my road has intersected with it, and I’m intrigued.

    I’m on the road to thinking about Make Way for Ducklings, too!

  10. I’m probably “On the road to find out”:

  11. I’m wondering if that was Willie’s tour bus in your photo up high, Ann. And I’m wondering who can afford to drive to a Red Sox game and pay $60 to park. I’m also wondering how much fun Aaron is going to have with his Latin class in Italy. Finally, I’m wondering why nobody has let John Stamos the cat rescue them yet.

  12. I, too, was going to say that the parking is expensive. As for the road shots, I like them and take a few myself; though not near as many as you Ann.

    • Maybe I’m on the road more than you these days, Bruce? And the parking is expensive near Fenway Park on game day because there are so many drivers on the road here that are willing to pay that. Great to see you on this WordPress road today.

  13. I wish I were on the road to that beautiful park on the river. But, if all goes well in the next month or so, I will be. However, it will be a road to a different park and a different river. May your road bring you joy, peace, and fulfillment.

    • Thank you, Robert, for the roads you travel, and for bringing beautiful wishes of joy, peace, and fulfillment along with you.

  14. The football T-shirt made my day.

  15. I’m probably “On the Road to Find Out”. This is an original recording from the Tea for the Tillerman album:

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