Day 834: Keep Calm

Okay, everybody, keep calm,  even if

…there’s still snow around,  in mid-April.

Keep calm, even if you’re surrounded by loud noises, people, and vehicles.



Keep calm!  Loud noises, people, and vehicles might just mean it’s the home opening game for the hometown baseball team.

No matter what is going on around you, keep calm

and deliver on, as best you can.

I’m now keeping calm and delivering on to you some photos from my office, where people keep calm and/or do not keep calm, depending upon what they’re bringing in that day.

If somebody called you “too much” or “too emotional,” would you keep calm or not? 

If anybody says you’re “too” anything,

  • keep calm as best you can,
  • consider the source,
  • ask yourself “does this information help me?”,
  • deliver on a truthful response, if you choose, and
  • move on.

What keeps you calm?  I can think of three things that keep me calm, right now:

(1) cats, (2) good food

and (3) music.

“Sister Serene,” by George Duke, has been keeping me calm for many years.

In this moment, I’m keeping calm, even though

  1. my 17-year-old son is leaving for a 10-day trip to Italy tomorrow,
  2. the 2nd anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing is tomorrow,
  3. tomorrow is also tax day (and the only things that are inevitable in our lives are “death and taxes”), and
  4. I’m having surgery in three weeks.

One more thing that keeps me calm: 

Too little snow!

Calm thanks to the calming and exciting keyboardist George Duke (who — I just found out while writing this post — passed away in 2013), to serene sisters and brothers everywhere, to people who keep calm and lose calm and then keep it again, to the Boston Red Sox, to the nice delivery guy who let me take a picture of his t-shirt,  to the thousands of calm and non-calm Red Sox fans I saw on my walks to and from work yesterday, to everybody and everything that has helped me keep calm over the years,  and to you — of course! — for calming me with your visit here, today.

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30 thoughts on “Day 834: Keep Calm

  1. I remember being told by an old boyfriend “you are too emotional” which did not keep me calm at all, so I “moved on” and got back my calm. Seeing nature around me and watching the birds keeps me calm. And reading your posts of course 🙂

  2. Sunshine calms me. My pets calm me. Talking with my older sister calms me.

    “Keep calm and carry on.” A reminder to buoy ourselves even in the midst of a heavy storm. Ride it out. Celebrate the victories.

    Enjoy yourself a fantastically calm day. (I’m pulling for the Boston boys!)
    I’m pulling for you too, Ann. Three weeks, and our mission here is to keep calm. Team Ann is keep in’ it calm.

  3. I think you get calmed by the Yaz statue, Ann, because you have proven again that there’s no such thing as too many photos of the bronzed Carl on any one WordPress blog! Be serene because the snow is almost going, going, gone like a Sox shot over the Green Monster, that vile bomber has been convincted short of the two-month anniversary of his tragic deeds and will be dealt with according to our laws, and three weeks and a day from now, your special heart will be dancing to a newly synchronized beat.

  4. Great pictures! I’d love to be in Boston for opening day!

  5. Coffegrounded beat me to it. Keep calm and carry on.
    I’m calm about it.
    I’m also calm about the Sox doing well … Don isn’t so calm about it.
    Breathe easy my friend 🙂

  6. How can I keep calm if there are consequences to my actions? I am definitely not calm about that. But — it’s good sometimes to not be calm. Freaking out is a very productive state, sometimes. At least in hindsight.

    That’s a very sad anniversary tomorrow. And an ongoing tragedy, as there are consequences to the bombers’ actions that will affect people for the rest of their lives.

    • I am always very calm about the consequences to your actions, Maureen, which demonstrates the trust I have in you. My trust extends to agreement about how freaking out can be very productive.

      I am calmer after reading your empathic comment. Many thanks.

  7. Physical actions keep me calm Ann! Keep Calm and go on. ❤
    Diana xo

  8. Walking calms me and doing my art helps put me in a joyful place. Stay away from those loud noises and focus on your cats and your music.

  9. “One of these days”, I’m going to KEEP calm.

    • This was actually a clip from a highly prestigious performance at The Ryman Auditorium in Texas. Very few videos are available from this Live performance. It is said it was the best ever (as The Ryman Auditorium is very popular). If you watch closely, he is singing with his wife and Emmylou Harris; he has a horn section; he has a gospel choir, and is playing with top musicians.

      Here’s the whole version of the song with no musicians, just visuals:

      • The reason I posted this song was because the notion of writing a “real long letter” to the people I’ve known, can have a calming effect for me.

    • “One of These Days” is here now, thanks to you, Maria!!

  10. Listening to piano music calms me… but I forget, so thanks for the reminder!

  11. What keeps me calm is reading an Oz book or a Chinese poem.

  12. My husband keeps me calm from time to time but he also makes me crazy so I guess that’s his obligation (keeping me calm) for all the other times he makes me crazy. lol Church, when the candles are lit and the I can smell the incense also keeps me calm. I feel it’s warmth and I’m transfigured. Thanks for reminding me of the many things I have in my life that help to drown out the haters, traffic and snow in April.

  13. Sunshine Jansen

    Just thinking of George Duke before I even listened to the video was instantly calming, but listening worked even better! There’s a cat named Fat Jon who clearly learned a lot from Duke that might calm you too; he plays jazz/instrumental hip hop; you can listen to my favorite of his albums here: Some of his tunes are more whimsical than others, but always laid back. Keep Calm and Groove On!

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