Day 833: We’re all just trying to figure it out. 

Yesterday was like any other day for me. Like the rest of all of us,  I was just trying to figure it out.

After I woke up,  I figured it out that it was the second day of a beautifully sunny, warm weekend in Boston.

To help you figure out how I spent my Sunday,  I’ve figured out which of yesterday’s photos to show you. I believe you’ll all figure out enough about my day, even though I am presenting the figures in these photos in  REVERSE chronological order. Go figure.







Did you all figure out all those figures in those figuring-backwards-in-time photos?

I figure I should introduce you to Bette and Lulu-bel — the two figures in that last photo (whom I saw at the beginning of my walk). I wouldn’t have figured out that either of them spelled their names that way, if Bette hadn’t helped me figure it out. Bette  figured I’d want to know she was “the matriarch”  of that neighborhood. She also tried to figure out my Heart Walk hat and told me about her brother who had recently died from heart problems. When she told me  he was “the sweetest guy” and that he was in his 90’s, I figured it out that Bette’s sweet brother had lived a long and full life.

We’ve all figured it out that some people need to go back to work on Mondays, so here’s my last (I figure) figuring-it-out photo:

Books are wonderful, in helping us all to figure it out.

Have you figured it out that I’ll be sharing some music now?

I figured it out that “Figure It Out” by Royal Blood is on YouTube. Also, because it took me so long to try to figure it out how to include a video created by my son Aaron and his friend Cameron in yesterday’s post, I am going to do my best to try to figure it out how to include that video again here, immediately after I publish this post.

What are you trying to figure out? After years of trying, I’ve figured it out that it’s very useful for me to let go of

  • fear,
  • worry,
  • regret, and
  • anything that interferes with my living in the present moment.

I’ve also figured it out that most things marked “easy” on a package are not easy for me:

I figure I’ll end this post by thanking all the figures I saw yesterday, including Bette, Lulu-bel, Irvin Yalom, Hilary Custance Green, swans, robots, race spectators, walkers, runners, bikers, bunnies, matriarchs, patriarchs, Royal Blood, Aaron, Cameron, my boyfriend Michael, and many more too numerous to mention. And special thanks to you — of course! — for joining me here as we’re all just trying to figure it out, today.

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38 thoughts on “Day 833: We’re all just trying to figure it out. 

  1. I figured out that you had a great day from seeing so many wonderful photos and the sun shining the whole time! I am glad you figured out how to post Aaron’s video again in case anyone missed it yesterday, or want to watch it again today. 🙂

  2. backtowhatever

    I just figured out I’m stressed trying to figure out today.

  3. How to wisely select what to figure out or not figure out as life unfolds.

  4. I figured out this post was a great way for me to start my day 😉

  5. You take the best pics to go along with your topic!

    • And I usually take pictures before I’ve figured out what the topic is going to be! Does that figure? Thanks for the compliment, Claudia.

      • I really like the overall feeling of your blog. Its like your soul knows what it wants to talk about, and it guides you to find the pics first. I love photography too…I believe every set of images tells a story. Good or bad. I think if I ever let the muse free Id have blogs up the gazoo! But I have to keep my ambitions in check…too many blogs spoil the soup! But keep on sharing your creativity!

  6. So glad you’re figuring it all out Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. O wow, I was all caught up with robots racing and swans sailing, when Border Line swam into view, the cover beautifully paired with Yalom’s book. Thank you.

  8. Bloody great photos, have to tell you sometimes trying to figure it out gives me a headache so I just stop and go with the flow

  9. I love the robot run. Are those little robotic vehicles really going to run five kilometers? I wonder if they will run by the bunny that has done the unfortunte faceplant, and save the bunny?

    There were many bleak trails and rails and stretches of grasses bleached by winter on your walk yesterday, Ann. But, many signs of spring and some happy-looking people, too.

    • By the way, I am rereading Staring at the Sun and just mentioned it in a paper today. It is a wonderful book.

    • I figure I won’t dash your expectations if I point out that the robots were doing a dash, according to that sign. I didn’t see any humans running 5K, so I’m not sure I figured things out correctly.

      Thanks for figuring out this post so well, Maureen. I figured you would.

      And the Yalom book is definitely helping me figure things out.

  10. I would love to see the robot race. It looks fun.

  11. Are the swans nesting?

  12. Trying to figure things out has been one of the greatest events in my life; playing detective, and being the eternal student. There’s so much to marvel at in life; thanks for the swans, the shadow play, and the tech race, and your son’s performance again.

  13. Nice of the robots to allow you to join in!

  14. One cheer for motorized robots. Two cheers for natural birds. Three cheers for walkers for hearts, special one and all, Ann. Great Sunday in Boston!

  15. I figured that those little figures drawn on the fences look like aliens from outer space!

  16. I figured out that I am letting go of trying to figure everything out…. and I figure I feel better for it 🙂

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