Day 832: Why I felt better yesterday

I felt better yesterday because — for the first time in 5 months — the weather in Boston was temperate AND sunny.




I felt better yesterday because I got to spend some quality time with my 17-year-old son, Aaron, who is leaving this Wednesday for a 10-day school trip to Italy. Here are some shots I took during that quality time:


I felt better yesterday because I watched on YouTube, again, a video that Aaron and his friend Cameron made, several months ago, which included an original song and a surprise appearance by my boyfriend Michael, with lasagna. I felt better watching that video because I always love witnessing how cool and creative my son is.

I may not be cool and creative enough to include that video in this here post  (so that you might feel better too), but I shall do my best.

I felt better yesterday because I was able to post on Facebook that my high school class of 1970 had a time and place for its 45th reunion, next September.

I felt better yesterday because, despite several cardiologists believing that my very unusual and difficult-to-figure-out heart is on an irreversible and perhaps rapidly increasing path towards deterioration, eventually necessitating heart valve replacement and/or a heart transplant …













… I felt more than better, yesterday. I felt GREAT.

Indeed, if you had seen me taking any of those pictures above, you might have felt better too, because — as a 62-year-old survivor with the extraordinarily rare condition of congenitally corrected transpositon of the great arteries (cctga) and  “on the cutting edge” (which is not referring to my surgery next month) of longevity — I was

  • smiling,
  • singing,
  • dancing, and/or
  • skipping, for heaven’s sake.

I feel better now, just thinking about that.

What helps you feel better?

Here’s some music I heard yesterday which helped me feel even better, from Stephen Sondheim’s rarely produced and early musical, The Frogs:

I hope to feel better today, too, especially if I can figure out how to include Cameron and Aaron’s video in this Feel Better Post.

Whether or not I’m good enough to include that video here, I feel I’ve bettered this post enough to publish it, already.

Okay!  I can now include the video of Cameron and Aaron’s song, thanks to help from Aaron (which always helps me feel better):

Feel-good thanks to Aaron, Cameron, Michael, my high school classmates, Stephen Sondheim, John Stamos, smiling creatures everywhere, the beautiful Boston weather, my caring and competent cardiologists, my very unusual heart,  and everybody and everything that contributed to my feeling better yesterday. And special thanks to you — of course! — for visiting and helping me feel better, today.

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78 thoughts on “Day 832: Why I felt better yesterday

  1. I have been wishing you great weather 🙂

  2. I love it when good weather comes around.

  3. Blue skies … nothing but blue. Ann, your post and photos made me feel better, too. So glad you had a great day with your son, Aaron. (Wishing Aaron a wonderful time in Italy, a place we plan to visit this summer.)

    I loved that photo of the tree with the little white door. For the elves? 😉

  4. yeoldefoole

    I feel better that you felt better! Whoo-Hoo! Can Spring really be here?!?!?!

  5. You and your shadow made me happy now, Ann. Aaron and his shadow, too. The sun is shining in Syracuse, and my dear wife Karen and I are meeting my daughter Elisabeth and her boyfriend George Three to celebrate her 25th birthday with brunch at the Brae Loch Inn, in scenic Cazenovia. Yes, it’s a happy Sunday, indeed. May you be smiling, too, my lady of the special heart. ❤

  6. I felt better seeing those blue skies and wonderful photos- especially that tiny door in the tree. I especially loved that photo of your shadows- it made me smile 🙂 Here’s a video I hope will make you feel better – it makes me smile every time

  7. oops- did the link work? Here it is again

  8. Reading your blog makes me feel better, Ann. Thank you!

  9. So happy that you’re feeling better. It’s finally been sunny here as well and my husband and I got out for a bit of a walk yesterday. Today looks like a glorious day as well. Those blue skies in your photos would make anyone feel uplifted. Hope you can figure out how to share your son’s video. I’m assuming it’s not on Youtube.

  10. yeseventhistoowillpass

    What happened to all the snow? I’m happy you are feeling better!

  11. Love the blue, blue sky in your photos Ann. I love the shadow photo of you and Aaron, I presume? Too bad you didn’t get Aaron’s video up, I really love lasagna and wanted to see that! 😉 haha ❤
    Diana xo

  12. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Ann!

    I’m feeling great today because (1) I managed to get a first draft of three stories that I feel very good about; (2) the sun is shining! and (3) my friend of many years is taking me to lunch to celebrate my birthday (which was a few months ago, but who cares?).

    I love the photos you chose for this post. I hope you continue to feel better!

    • I’m feeling great, right now, because (1) I went for a walk today in the beautiful sunshine, (2) I spent some time with those I love, and (3) my readers are AWESOME. Congratulations about the first drafts and your belated birthday.

  13. Photos of tree shadows always make me feel better.

  14. My son took a 10 day trip to Italy through college, and he said it was the best time he’s ever had. I wish I could do the same….your son will love it!

  15. Aaron and Cameron’s video is mesmerizing and so much fun. Was the lasagne’s arrival choreographed so that it would be consumed during the musical coughing interlude? Does Cameron ever get any lasagne? There are many mysteries in this creative video. I would like to deconstruct it, starting with the lasagne. Love the way that the young men are gazing so intently at something we never see. Life is like that.

    Michael is not only a wonderful cook — he is so cute!

    Thank you for sharing this video.

    • The arrival of the lasagne with Michael was not choreographed. Aaron, with his usual improvisational skills, incorporated that into the performance. I asked Aaron your other question; he said that Cameron did not want any lasagne because he doesn’t like tomato sauce.

      I find the video mesmerizing, also, and have watched it many times.

      As usual, I love the way you deconstruct and construct in your responses; your comments help me feel much better.

      • Aaron is so amazing. I wonder if he will step in as your guest blogger when you have your surgery?

      • I’m hoping I won’t need a guest blogger but if I do, it will probably be Aaron or Michael. I can’t say which one would be better.

  16. lundygirl

    Italy! That sounds like a great trip. hope your weather gets better and better.

    • It sounds like a great trip to me, too! Thank you for this thoughtful comment, which helped me feel even better.

  17. Came read, enjoyed

  18. Ann, the iPhone camera is so sharp and I love all those images with the blue skies; my favorite is the one you caught of that giant tree shadow. You have a knack for storytelling with shadows also. Thanks for sharing this sunny day and your beautiful son who has a knack for humor also!!

  19. Thanks for giving me a flavor for Boston and transporting me there with your crisp images. Your son is a doll, too. Love the video. 🙂

  20. Looking at the sky in some of those photos, looks like spring has arrived too.

  21. Watching Aaron’s video only confirms what I already thought, our kids find creative expression in unexpected ways. We should never squash their dreams, but applaud them for their uniqueness and self confidence. We win every time we do.

    Sweets, I’ve been missing posts. Last week a virus came knocking and I opened the door. Three days of losing my cookies and I had to have the doctor prescribe a med. I won’t tell you the next part. NASTY!

    I hope you have a wonderful day and a beautiful week. I’m thrilled that Spring has sprung for you!
    (If you have time I’d like you to visit my blog today.)

    • I felt better to see you back here. And then I felt very moved to read your post. All’s well, now that you’re feeling better and you’ve returned.

  22. The weather does look glorious. It’s nice to see that blue sky.

  23. It sure is nice to see ground and blue sky in Boston. Great photos. 🙂

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