Day 828: I noticed

You may have noticed that my posts often include what I’ve noticed the day before.

You will notice that this post is no exception.

Yesterday, on my drive to work, I noticed this license plate I had noticed once before in a different part of Boston:

If you’ve noticed my past blog posts, that “AUTO” license plate has appeared  — noticeably and obviously — in a previous post, Day 767: Obvious.

I noticed much more, besides that auto license plate, yesterday:



I am wondering what you noticed in those photos. I noticed, among other things, (1) a budding notice of spring on trees and (2) matzo farfel muffins.

Notice how educational my blog is?

Here’s something else I noticed yesterday:

I’ve noticed that looking younger IS an issue (1) in our culture and (2) for several of my older therapy patients.

Soon after I noticed that magazine cover at work, I noticed an inter-office envelope in my mailbox. I noticed this, inside:

I didn’t notice anybody delivering that noticeably delicious gift to my mailbox and I also didn’t notice how long it was sitting in my mailbox before I it noticed yesterday.

Ever notice how people eat chocolate bunnies?

That bunny got noticeably smaller, noticeably quickly.

Can you notice the difference between these two dinner plates, one for me and one for my 17-year-old son Aaron?

My boyfriend Michael has noticed there are some vegetables Aaron doesn’t like and has acted accordingly.

One more image I trusted myself to notice yesterday:

If you wanted somebody to notice you, what might you say?

You — and Todd Rundgren — might get noticed by others if you say “Hello, It’s Me.”

I couldn’t help but notice that Todd Rundgren sings yet another song I love,  during that live performance on YouTube.

On May 3, I hope to notice Todd Rundgren singing both “Hello, It’s Me” and “Can We Still Be Friends” at Boston’s Wilbur Theater.

Notice I haven’t asked you to leave a comment. Yet.  

How do you like to be noticed?  What in particular are you noticing, here and now?

Noticing and notable thanks to all those who helped me create this (I trust) noticeable post today, including you!

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35 thoughts on “Day 828: I noticed

  1. I noticed you like to notice things, and I noticed you like to eat chocolate bunnies in a methodical orderly way. I also noticed that you prefer asparagus and Aaron prefers string beans, which made me take notice of Michael’s sensitivity to different culinary tastes. I noticed you posted a Todd Rundgren video of 2 songs that take me back to a time long ago, a first boyfriend, which made me notice how old I am, and how the light in the morning makes me notice just how old I really am. But so be it. And now I’ll give notice and wish you a great day Ann

  2. yeoldefoole

    I hate to attract notice this morning (I grew up trying to be invisible) but I did want to say that I did notice your blog entry! (I noticed the chocolate bunny!)

  3. I noticed reading this article that I can confuse myself. I thought…. there’s a study that tells what it means about who you are by the way you eat a chocolate bunny.

    But…. the study is actually about gingerbread men — which I didn’t notice until I couldn’t find the chocolate bunny study!

    🙂 Do you notice how none of that makes much sense? Oh good. No. whew. 🙂

    I notice you wake up my brain in exciting and unusual ways in the morning!

    • I am noticing that I wonder what a chocolate bunny eating study would say about me. I don’t eat gingerbread men, so we won’t be able to notice any conclusions there. I always love to notice what you have to say, Louise!

  4. I have noticed that I am getting older. I don’t want so much to look younger, but I do wish I could do something about the saggy upper arms! I notice them a lot.

    • I notice I’m getting older too, Emilie. By noticing your upper arms so much, think of all the other beautiful parts of yourself that you’re not noticing!

  5. That green thing on the truck is awesome. I wish you had more sunshine at the moment. Feel free to pretend the sunset shot I put up yesterday can be seen from your window.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and I’m so glad someone noticed and appreciated you enough to give you a chocolate bunny Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  7. Your photos of Michael’s food always make me hungry, they look absolutely delicious.

  8. Ann,
    I know how I would not want to be noticed.
    I once attended a dinner hosted by a technical school. The students were serving. Out of sight of most attendees, but not me, was a student struggling to balance a tray of about 20 fruit cocktails. Well, 1st one drops, then two, then four…well the rest is obvious; he just threw his hands in the air and grabbed a broom.
    p.s. With Chocolate bunnies; I say, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!

  9. I like to be noticed with a wink and a nod, Ann. A comment and a reply on WordPress suffices. I noticed that your muffins and the bunny can both lose their tops quickly because they are not to be ig-gnawed.

  10. I do like the things you notice

  11. I notice that you notice many things, “a philosopher of everyday living” Ann, I notice that also.

    • I notice that I really like the title you’ve given me: “a philosopher of everyday living.” Thank you very much, Maria.

  12. Somewhere I have a very funny picture of two chocolate bunnies, face to face, one with his ears eaten off and the other saying ‘You never listen!”

  13. Pingback: Day 829: How to let go of fear | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  14. And I’m always thankful I have ears to hear what you say as well.

  15. I noticed the tree with its black, web-like branches forming a special geometrical pattern.

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