Day 827: Stumped

Is anybody stumped about how I manage to blog here day after day, season after season, through sickness and health?

I’m not stumped about that, but I am stumped about why there is so much snow still around, during the second week of April in my hometown city of Boston.  After months and months, this finally reappeared, yesterday morning:

That’s the stump of our tree, out back.

Have I been stumped by any thing else, recently? I am quite easily stumped, it seems.

Why has it taken me so many years to figure out how to make fried matzo that’s almost as good as my mother’s?

Why are there only three players on my 2015 Boston Red Sox, when I could have sworn they need nine players on the field, this Opening Day?

I’ve also been stumped about why I’ve been seeing Coca-Cola everywhere, lately:

If I hadn’t told you what kind of truck that was, would you have been stumped by that photo?

I am stumped by this new Kids Concourse at Fenway Park. If my sister Ellen reads this post, she’ll probably un-stump me, since she knows all the latest about baseball, the Red Sox, and Fenway.

I am stumped by what that bench is doing at that construction site.

People can really stump themselves with unhelpful negative thoughts. In case you are stumped by that last photo, yesterday at work I invited somebody to transform the thought

I’m not doing enough


I want to do more.

Are you stumped by why I thought that was so important?

I wonder if anybody at the hospital cafeteria yesterday was stumped by matzo balls. Are you? I was personally stumped because the soup, at first, was matzo-ball-less.

Don’t be stumped by the matzo-ball-less appearance of that soup. The matzo balls were there, but they were sinkers, not floaters. Are you stumped by the concept of floating vs. sinking matzo balls? If so, don’t stay stumped — ask for help, below.

Speaking of sinking, when I told my friend Jan yesterday that I’ll be  having surgery next month for synching my heart ventricles, she looked stumped for a second. She thought I’d said “sinking” instead of “synching.”  Because she’s a nurse, she realized her mistake immediately.

In case you’re stumped by what might be sustaining me, right now, while I’m creating this stumped post, here it is:

I’m stumped by why I and others don’t eat more apples, rather than junk food. Apples are so yummy. Are you stumped by that photo, in any way?

Speaking of food … 

That was dinner last night, served by my boyfriend, Michael. Is anybody stumped by why I let him do all of our cooking (except for an occasional fried matzo, by me)?

In case you’re stumped by how to move forward, here’s one answer I saw on a wall last night:

As I was taking one step at a time yesterday  on my walk to work, I was stumped by how the universe put the PERFECT music into my earphones.

Are  you stumped by what that music might be? I would expect you would be stumped, at this point, so allow me to answer that particular stumper.

It was the full version of “Gotta Dance/Broadway Melody” — from my favorite movie musical Singin’ in the Rain — which lasted every step of my way, until I reached the hospital.

I am stumped in my attempts to share that full version with you now, but here’s part of it from YouTube, with the stumpingly amazing Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse:

I wonder if anybody, yesterday, was stumped by how  happy I looked, walking towards work on a Monday morning!

Stumping and stomping good thanks to Gene Kelly, to Cyd Charisse, to my family, to Jan, to people who do their best to let go of thoughts that might stump them in their attempts to heal and grow, to matzo in all its various manifestations, to synching and sinking hearts, to Fenway Park and Red Sox fans everywhere,  and to you — of course! — for stumping your way over here, today.

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47 thoughts on “Day 827: Stumped

  1. I’m never stumped by finding myself happier and lighter after reading your blog. So glad you’re here, and glad that stump showed itself in time for mid-spring. Did it think it was the groundhog, or something?

    • I am sometimes stumped by why you like my posts so much, Jeff. I’ll just have to take your word for it. Great to see you, as always!

  2. Coca Cola is my vice. I’m craving one now in fact.

  3. evgeniaioannou

    Reblogged this on In Human Brain and commented:
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    Share your thoughts and comments on My Websites.
    Mostly appreciated thank you. Have a Great Day!

  4. Ann, I’ve sure learned so much vocabulary in this blog. I now have a better idea of how to use “stumped”. And I’m not stumped by that!

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Pablo is your problem now… Go Giants!

  6. I am not stumped by anything at all right now since after THIRTEEN years of miserable, awful, terrible internet, it has been fixed!!! It is now only slow and a bit mushy. Heavenly.
    Enjoy the (almost total) lack of snow, Ann.

    • Let’s enjoy better internet there and less snow here, together, Emilie! I’m not stumped by the distance involved.

  7. Soooooo…? Why do you LET Michael do most of the cooking Ann??? ❤
    Diana xo

  8. yeoldefoole

    I’m lovin’ your STUMPed Speech!

  9. matzo ball
    less soup 🙂

  10. LOL on your comment on the Red Sox ad.
    How fun it must be in your neck of the woods now that bb season has begun!
    BTW – Here’s my Fenway’s post yesterday for opening day:

  11. I’ve never made a matzo ball because I haven’t figured out how to make a good vegetarian soup that could do justice to the matzo balls. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. My kids have never tasted matzo balls!

    However, today I am making Passover lemon cheesecake (again) and Passover butternut squash and basil lasagne (again) and we’re not doing too badly here, although our matzo comes mostly in hard, flat sheets and not in balls.

    I’m glad that your snow is leaving and that you’re not stumped for things to blog about.

    • You’ve never made a matzo ball but you always make great comments. You’re obviously not stumped about a lot of yummy vegetarian Passover treats.

      Both Michael and I are stumped, in the moment, about vegetarian matzo ball soup (but he suggests looking online).

  12. I’m stumped about the bench too. Feels like you had a lot of fun with today’s theme!

    • I’m glad you weren’t stumped, Jay, about how much fun this post was for me to write! Great to see you here.

  13. I am not stumped about eating apples, Honey Crisp are my favorite and I eat 2 to 3 everyday. I am not stumped that you turned a negative into a positive with your phrase about doing more-because you always seem to look at the cup half full not empty. I am not stumped that Michael cooks diner as it looks better than what is served in most restaurants. Your video reminded me of this one, and I was stumped at first as to what it was called having seen it years ago. Enjoy!

  14. I will go on the stump for Team Ann’s leader to be happy every day and healthier after that synching operation in May.

  15. Is stump a good thing or a bad thing?

  16. I don’t know what fried matzo is…………..just saying
    I am often stumped by things also just saying

  17. I’m stumped, how do you make fried matzos?

  18. “Last night by the light of a matzoh ball moon…” Allan Sherman. If I didn’t tell you who said it, would you have been stumped?

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