Day 820: Spring Ain’t Here

Yesterday — after I published  Day 819: White Thoughts — I walked out into some white I’d thought was gone from Boston.


I tried to capture some of that white proof that spring ain’t here (even though it’s almost April),  with my iPhone:

Snowflakes are there, ain’t they? Can you see them?

At least those snowflakes ain’t sticking.

Here are some things I saw sticking (or ain’t) yesterday, at work:


Somebody is saying “Spring Ain’t Here,” on that sign.

Spring ain’t here and I ain’t thrilled about that.

How many springs will be here for me, in my life? I ain’t sure, but who is?

And I ain’t lying that I heard this tune while walking through those falling flakes of white snow, yesterday.

Spring ain’t here but spring is there,  in that YouTube video of the Pat Metheny Group’s “Spring Ain’t Here.”

Cool, ain’t it?

Comments ain’t here, unless you leave one.

I ain’t forgetting to thank all those who helped me create this post today or you, who are here.

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38 thoughts on “Day 820: Spring Ain’t Here

  1. Winter in America is cold. ( especially when the coca cola truck comes around.)

  2. The pipes from my steam heat are banging in the background as I write this- certainly not spring here yet either. Feeling stuck quite appropriate!!

  3. Rob

    It’s Universe’s way of letting us move on slowly & gently. That, or maybe only lions showed up at the audition this year.

  4. A crazy year.
    Antarctica has been recording record highs and record ice melts.
    Spring came early here, with the blooming season pushed up by three weeks or so, I am loving it because it feels so good but I realize summer could be a killer. Our mild winter with rains means grasses are growing faster and stronger, which means our wildfire season will burn hotter,
    All this said, I hope your spring comes soon!

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    It was 75 here… No snow.. The City keeps saying come back come back..

  6. Oh man! More snow?? Egads Ann, here’s hoping for spring to come now…immediately! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. Lovely piece, and I love Pat, great guitarist.

  8. Spring may not yet have arrived in Boston, judging (in a non-judgmental way) from the footwear, but I’m amazed at how much of it has disappeared. The photos of pathways dug to the storefront stick in my mind.

    I don’t think that we had any snow here this winter. Yet somehow, I will remember this as the snowiest winter on record, thanks to your blog. 🙂

  9. I could see the snowflakes. it is strange that they are still romantic even when yoiu have seen far too many of them.

    • They ain’t romantic to me at this point, Hilary, but I am glad they are to you. Thanks for letting me know you could see them!

  10. Ain’t we got so much fun!

  11. yeoldefoole

    no thoughts here, just an echo…

  12. I hope winter just lets go of her grips over your place. She did blow her kisses by just getting temperature down into 20th. last weekend.

  13. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Spring ain’t here in Ottawa, Canada either! ‘m still wearing my winter coat and I feel exhausted! As I tell everyone, I’ll believe spring is here when I feel it.

  14. This guy in Syracuse really hated it this winter, Ann.

    • Ain’t we out of our minds, Mark, to live in places where there’s so much friggin’ snow, every winter? I’m having stress flashbacks, now, seeing all the snow in this video (and hearing the familiar sound of my GPS, Waze). I ain’t going to live in the snowy Northeast USA forever. No, I ain’t!

      • It’s crazy stuff, Ann. I looked today and saw that we had 119 inches of snow this season. Tomorrow morning my post will have pictures from a walk I took today with Ellie B past big piles of it still. Gack. Friggin’ snow, indeed. San Fran is calling you, my friend.

  15. What you wrote on the whiteboard has helped me a lot today Ann. Thank you. And that ain’t no joke.

  16. It ain’t spring without a little snow, Ann.

    • I ain’t familiar with that spring rule, Jeff. Thanks for explaining.

      • Let’s just say, back in ’85 or whenever it was, when Prince came out with a song entitled “Sometimes It Snows In April,” I was like, “Just sometimes? Whaaa?”

      • Jeff, I think your response to Prince’s song is more proof that I need to move somewhere else besides where you were living in 1985.

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