Day 819: White Thoughts

I am a white person, so — automatically — everything I write here will fit the title of today’s post.

That takes the pressure off.

I wonder if pressure, worry, or anything else turns my face white?

Here are some more thoughts from this white person, this morning,  about “white”:

  • At my age (62), hair is often white for white people.
  • Being white has privileges of which I am aware,
  • Doctors and other people often comment on my “good color,” perhaps because of my congenital cardiac condition, which probably  means I am neither as white (nor as blue) as they might expect or fear.
  • My white boyfriend Michael just told me that Harley, the whiter of our two cats, is “slowly shredding the world.”

  • I have some important medical appointments this week with at least two white cardiologists and I’m hoping their recommendations don’t turn my face whiter.
  •  I saw a lot of white, in my vicinity, yesterday:



That last white photo includes  a white gift from Vahan, who works at the fish counter of my local supermarket. Vahan knows about my white habit of taking photos at the Star Market with pens of various colors, so he gave me a pen that looks like a white, human spine.

Here’s a white song for you all:

That 1967 performance of “White Rabbit” by the white band Jefferson Airplane lives on YouTube, in many colors.

What thoughts and feelings of any color are you having, right now?

Thanks to Michael, Vahan, Harley, the Jefferson Airplane, white rabbits, and all who helped this white person write this post this morning. Also, multi-colored thanks to you for reading it, today.

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31 thoughts on “Day 819: White Thoughts

  1. WHITE BUNNY!!!!
    Great pose with bunny cat 🙂

  2. i think I saw the whites of Grace Slick’s eyes through the whole performance – I don’t think she blinked once. I guess that’s what comes from eating white sugar cubes that have drops of acid on them…. Like the song, though.

  3. We need a new song “White is the color of my true love’s hair” instead of black.

  4. Hi Ann! I’ve always loved White Rabbit and enjoy that video in particular.

    I hope you get good news from your appointments this week. I’m going to resist punning with the word “white” here, although it is such a great word to pun with.

  5. Your photos never cease to amaze me – whatever colour they are. These ‘White’ pics are excellent and certainly smile inducing, at very least! Your new human spine pen is a little different and I hope Bunny pen isn’t offended or feeling second best. The white fence definitely suits the name of the street, although, not so long ago the whole of Boston was white. Glad to see it’s almost gone. I hope the medical recommendations later this week put a smile on your white face, Ann. All the best for that.:)

  6. I love Jefferson Airplane Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. I also love that song from Grace Slick, and I’m from that era also. I love the percussion!

  8. As long as white doesn’t include any more snow – I’m good. 😉

    • RoSy, guess what white stuff I encountered this morning? Arrrgghh!

      • Nooooooooooo…
        Here – sending you some sun…

  9. White works for me too and any other colors as well – just depends.

  10. A Snow White skit:

  11. For you Ann, with black curtains, at the station.

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  13. That is a beautiful photo of the white lines of the railway.

  14. I’m thinking about blue. But, perhaps, I should be thinking about purple, since that is the color of my girlfriend’s blouse!

  15. I’m pretty sure I don’t think or feel in colours. I guess I save colours for other things.

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