Day 816: What fades, What stays

just now, when I looked at the images from yesterday that stayed on my iPhone camera, the title “What fades, What stays” stayed with me.


What images and words stay with you? What fades? What would you like to stay or fade?

What music should stay here, about staying and/or fading?

I believe that “Let’s Stay Together” and “Not Fade Away” are songs that will stay around for a long time, not fade.

One more thing before I fade away to work: I chose Trout Fishing in America‘s version of “Not Fade Away” because I saw them with my son a decade ago, and that memory still stays.

Staying thanks to all things that fade and stay and especially to you, for staying around here today.

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26 thoughts on “Day 816: What fades, What stays

  1. Love the music! Great start to my morning – thank you!

  2. I too found the music a great start to my morning that will stay with me all day!

    Staying around here is one of the things I love to do. 🙂

  3. Most fades. What stays for me are images from visits to Guatemala about twenty-five years ago. Also the light smell of smoke from cook stoves in the Guatemalan highlands, I think I need to return,

  4. Nothing fades and stays with me better than an old pair of comfy jeans Ann! Do you remember that Levi commercial in the 70’s? I tried to find it on you tube but no luck. 😦 here are the lyrics though.

    I bought a pair of Levi’s they’ve really been around. I’ve taken them camping and I played them on the ground. They come with me to parties and they climbed up a tree. And they’ve been to school so often they’re nearly smart as me. And after years and years of wearing my Levi’s in and out. I could not help but notice that the knee wore out. So I sewed on a patch. Put a flower here and there. And they looked so good again I can take them anywhere. I’m using them as cutoffs and flying in the air. But I think it’s about time that I bought another pair.
    You can live in Levi’s ❤

    Diana xo

  5. A version of “Not Fade Away” that always stays with me, Ann, is one played by Buddy Holly. He was something in his short, brilliant life.

  6. What stays with me mostly, Ann, are the faces of lovely peope I’ve met over the years. Also music I’ve loved and happy times spent with family and friends. These things stay because I want them to, whereas, less important things just fade away.:)

  7. For me, what stays are the “memories’ of “The Way We Were”. This song says: “Memories, may be beautiful and yet, What’s too painful to remember, We simply choose to forget”, or as you say Ann, they fade. Memories are always good when souls have been genuine and there was the “quality time”. I think the good memories stay because the soul was involved. I don’t know why, this post made me remember this song:

    • I know it’s a sad song, but I believe the part that “memories” stay.

    • I will stay grateful that you shared your memories exactly this way, Maria.

      • Ann, this song is actually kind of mushy for me, but it also reminds me that people in general seem to generally cherish the ‘fun’ times but associate them with the past. Don’t ask me why, I guess it was part of making the movie more dramatic and sentimental. I bet they cannot make a movie called “The Way We Are” because it would have no sentimentalism. Do you think “sentimentalism” can throw someone into depression? What’s are your thoughts on sentimentalism?

      • Thank you for this great comment and questions, Maria. I think we can look at the past in many different ways: sentimentally, with regret, with idealization, remembering some things and forgetting others. I don’t think there are any right or wrong ways to look at the past. I like to invite people to think about this: the past is the past. That means we can’t change what happened. What we can control is how we learn from the past and move ahead.

      • I know what you mean, and the good memories are valid for the present, aren’t they? I know “reminiscing” is also used in therapy groups. I guess they use it to have access to the good memories.

      • They also use therapy to describe bad memories. That can help people, too.

      • That’s why I was questioning the line of the song when it says “We simply choose to forget”, do we really, or does it eventually ‘fade’?

      • I think memories can fade AND we can choose to forget.

      • I think they fade. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work with bad memories; but eventually, they fade, I think.

  8. Guilt! I have a terminal case.

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