Day 814: What’s So Interesting?

What’s so interesting to this cat, on any day?


What’s so interesting about this plate of food,  on Monday?

What’s so interesting about these words,  on Thursday?


What’s so interesting about this, on Friday?

What’s so interesting about any of these, on Saturday?

What’s so interesting about these, on Sunday?


What’s so interesting about the day ahead of me, on a Wednesday? Today  I’ll be

  • Doing individual therapy
  • Doing group therapy
  • Having lunch with my friend Ada, who drew this interesting picture of me so long ago that I’m not sure what day it was:

  • Seeing my primary care physician
  • Participating in an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) session, and
  • Spending the evening with my boyfriend Michael, who is (1) interesting and (2) a person of interest responsible for the contents of at least one of today’s photos.

Are you interested in my supplying more information about anything in particular, at this point?

What’s so interesting about the song “Seven Days” by Sting, which I heard yesterday, on Tuesday?

Could it be the time signature that’s interesting? The lyrics? Something else? If “Seven Days” interests you and you don’t see it here, you can find it on YouTube, any day of the week.

In any moment, only you can decide what’s interesting to you.

Whatever it is, I’m interested.

Thanks to Oscar the cat, Ada, Michael, people who heal as best they can, Sting, and — of course! — you, for being interesting and interested, here and now.

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28 thoughts on “Day 814: What’s So Interesting?

  1. What’s so interesting with your post is every photo looked at through the lens of your questions gives me pause to consider, what’s so interesting… to me about this?

    And in the answer, I am pleasantly surprised to discover the interest is up to me! 🙂

    What an interesting post.

    thanks Ann for an interesting start to my morning.

  2. Life is interesting! Oscar knows it!
    Love the Sting song – interesting indeed 😉
    Val xo

    • Oscar and you know a lot about life, Val! Maybe that’s because you’re so interested. Love your visit, with interest.

  3. If a storyteller properly places the pieces of the puzzle as you do, Ann, interest grows in many directions.

  4. Hmm…. is it a special anniversary for you and Michael? A birthday? (Yours, maybe?) Lots of pink in those photos, and cats. I can’t play the Sting song right now because other people around me are asleep, but I’ll try after school.

    I’m curious about the EMDR session. Are you leading it? Benefitting from it? Do you think it’s an effective therapy?

    There are dark clouds here today. I can hear the rain coming down. But, I like rain, most of the time.

    • I appreciate your interest, Maureen. I am participating in EMDR for the first time ever and my second session was today. I’ve heard it’s very effective; that’s why I’ve been interested in it.

      No special day for me and Michael. If you’re interested, the “I Love You” valentine pop was a gift to Michael from Faxy, the dog downstairs. Michael is interested enough in Faxy to take her for walks.

      I hope your weather is interesting, as you read this reply.

  5. ❤️EMDR

  6. What was interesting to me – and likely to your kitty – was that plate of tuna steak!

  7. Theoretically, there’s no difference between these two fellows:

  8. A full and interesting day. Love seeing the drawing of you again.

    • It was a very full and interesting day, Hilary. I loved seeing the creator of that drawing and I love that you loved seeing that.

  9. Thank you Ann, I’m choosing the dark cloud.

    1. Experiencing postpartum psychosis with my firstborn, and realizing that my life would never be the same. I have a mental illness.

    2. The sadness that no matter what I do, or say, my husband will hold my mental illness against me, using it to label me, “Psycho!”

    3. My personal belief that no one, including myself, should be labeled. The pain and heartbreak are real and I have a right to grieve for him, and the rite to celebrate. I work every day to lighten someone else’s road, so they might know that someone champions for them, that they do not walk alone.

    Thank you for asking. Today, your post lifts me and may you know what an impact that whiteboard had on me today.

  10. I found the expression on the kitty so interesting- so questioning really. I found it so interesting about the EMDR session. As usual I found your daily post INTERESTING!! 😀

  11. What amazing eyes that cat has…………….just saying

  12. Thanks for an interesting start to my day! I can only imagine what the cat is thinking!! 😉

    • I am self-centered enough to think that cat is interested in … me! Thanks much for the interesting comment, Lilka.

  13. Today I saw a lot of interesting (& creative) Peep art. This year the girls & I submitted a peep scene for a local peep event. Today was the opening of the event with just the artists. LOL – I’m an artist.

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