Day 811: Changing the Inner World

Three days ago, I wrote a post called “Changing the _____ World.”

Yesterday, I saw an image that would have been perfect for that post.

While there was a time when I would have regretted seeing or doing something “too late,” I’ve been changing my inner world enough to let go of regrets.

As long as I’m still here and blogging, I can show you new things I experience, whenever I choose.

Sharing that image with you — here and now — changed my inner world, in some way. Everything does.

Here are more images from yesterday,  changing my inner world:

I am grateful I am alive each day, changing my inner world with every breath.

Two nights ago, I changed my inner world by overcoming anxiety to sing and conduct other singers at a party. Here’s a video of that:

How do you change your inner world?

World-changing thanks to all those appearing in this blog today, to my friend and co-worker Mark for capturing Friday night’s performance (as instructed), to Ali the harpist, to my fellow social workers for the vocal support, to Maria from WordPress for helping me upload The Lion Sleeps Tonight at YouTube a day “late” (and with perfect timing), and to you — of course! — for changing my world, each time you visit.

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50 thoughts on “Day 811: Changing the Inner World

  1. oh the video says I need to sign in to watch! perhaps you need to change the settings. I love to read the sentiments on headstones, sad but touching.

  2. Ann that was GREAT! I love that the audience got into it and everyone had fun. You sounded great! Rock on my friend 😀

  3. I will try to remember to watch the video when I am somewhere with decent internet one day.
    I, too, love to wander cemeteries and read headstones. I especially love cemeteries in Mexico. The headstones are not inscribed as they are here, but they are lovely just the same. And on Day of the
    Dead, wow! Cemeteries fill with people, food music, and tequila. I love to visit then.
    I once encountered a woman on
    Day of the Dead who demanded to know what I was doing at the cemetery. When I explained that I had no one there but just wanted to visit, she grabbed me and took me to meet her deceased husband to visit with him awhile. “Now you have someone to visit here,” she said.

  4. Ann, you are so adorable – love that you did this, love that you shared it, love that you make this world a better place and that through your actions, you give others permission and the courage to make this world a better place too. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Good job, Ann! Very crafty how you instructed your camera person to exclude you from the video! Nice boots, but other than that, we could see nothing of you. 😯 You sounded good, very nice soprano voice! And the courage to sing publicly is significant. Good for you! I also found the gravestones touching, especially the one written by its young honoree before she died. Poignant.

    • I am very crafty, aren’t I? Thanks for noticing that part of my inner world and for the kindness you showed here.

  6. such a peaceful jungle
    here 🙂

  7. Beth Campbell

    It was so wonderful to hear your voice again after so many years. Did you play the piano for your fellow Therapists, my multi-talented friend?

  8. Fantastic watching the video!!!

  9. I don’t know why, but I knew you had a beautiful voice, and I was right. You also picked an extremely challenging song, with so many variants in tonalities, you’re brave! Thanks for sharing another one of your talents!

  10. Ann, i love your video! I love the way you involved your great audience and I love your bravery in doing the song in the first place. It can’t be the easiest one to sing, yet you did it beautifully. You’ve certainly changed my world to a better place by sharing this. 🙂

  11. Ann singing changed my inner world today… SMILE 🙂 Your have a pretty voice Ann!

  12. Really exciting post. Thanks as well Ann for following us at Splendid Recipes and More. 👍😃

    • I apologize for being so involved with my inner world that I missed your comment! Many thanks for the exciting visit.

  13. More confidence than ‘Pretel Logic,’ Ann, and with many more moving parts. Way to go. Your voice has its soprano level, and dance it with the angels. Yes, you were crafty with your video instructions, my friend. Nice boots, indeed.

    Your cemetery shots were thought-provoking. Great post today, in the present and a day later than intended. My inner world is comforted.

  14. The video was wonderful and the cemetery shots amazing makes on thing and reflect

    • I’m so glad this post made you think and reflect, Joanne. That — and your compliment — helps my inner world.

  15. Oh, Ann! You have a heart-liftingly lovely voice. I loved hearing you lead your friends in The Lion Sleeps Tonight! I felt filled with love and hope and serenity as I heard this song. There’s something about your voice and the harp (and, of course, the social worker chorus). Thank you for overcoming your fears to do this and, even more, for posting it so that those of us who live far away, maybe even a little too close to the lions, can hear it.

  16. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  17. Congratulations! You’ve a beautiful voice, Ann.

    How do I change my inner world? I no longer take life for granted. Connect with friends when I start to hide myself away. I tell myself that Rome was not built in a day. That thru the forest there is a thicket, and within that, there are beams of sunlight.

  18. When I saw this video, I was extremely touched. Sometimes there are amazing coincidences in life – too unbelievable to be simply chance. Perhaps you found my blog because my deceased son, Jason had the same congenital defect that you have (Transposition of the Great Vessels).
    Now here’s another. My son lived to be five-years old and had an absolute favorite song. It was “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” It’s hard for me to hear that song without tearing up. You have a beautiful voice and that video moved me. Especially because it represented courage for you.
    We played that song at the end of Jason’s funeral. The words are also etched on his gravestone.
    I am very moved by all of this. You are awesome!

    • I was very touched and teary-eyed when I saw that photo of Jason’s gravestone. Thank you so much, Judy, for sharing that and your kind and beautiful thoughts. And while my heart is somewhat different from Jason’s (I have congenitally corrected transposition), this heart is so grateful to connect with you here, Judy.

      • Ditto! And it’s all because of hearts that we are connected. I had to share puns with you about Sandra Callahan’s battery change and now I see you’re following her journey. All of this is very inspiring and uplifting. Love your blog and how you capture life in a beautiful way.

  19. Ann,
    Congrats! In changing you inner world you have had a positve effect on the outer world; the world in which those you hold dear live. The smiles on their faces confirm a lightness of heart. A good time had by all would not have been, had you not had the courage to change within.
    p.s. With the booze flowing, the lion wasn’t the only one sleeping that night!

  20. Well done, I’m in total awe. So brave!

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