Day 808: Changing the _____ World

Yesterday, on my walks, in group and individual therapy, at meetings, at a town hall, and at my son’s school,  I witnessed many people doing their best changing their worlds.

Here’s how I changed my own world,  by capturing words and worlds on my iPhone camera:

What helps me change my personal world includes:

  • patience,
  • passion, and
  • belief in the world’s capacity to change.

Here’s some world-changing music:

If that live version of “Change the World” by Eric Clapton isn’t changing your  world right now, you can find it in The World of YouTube.

How would you change your world?

A world of thanks to gloves, love, Fenway Park statues, honesty, trust, people who heal individually and in groups, tea, Christiane Corcelle, the Fab Four, my son’s school, Eric Clapton, world-changers everywhere, and — of course! — to you, for changing my world, today.

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26 thoughts on “Day 808: Changing the _____ World

  1. Thank you so much Ann – these are all so good to see.
    ❤️Patience, passion and belief we can.❤️
    It lifts my heart 🙂
    … what is that brown paper filter like thingy?…

  2. I see now …. teabags!!!

  3. Sometimes it can be as simple as sharing a smile

  4. or a high five

  5. Ann, your shadow photography is getting better each day; I just love that image of the shadow today. I came up with: “Changing the “Hasty” World”, as acting too quickly may get us in trouble, or get into unnecessary accidents; although the world runs in a ‘hasty’ manner, one can improve one’s planning skills so it doesn’t seem at least that ‘hasty’ anyway. Does it make sense?

  6. I have spent my life working for change in the world.
    I thought for some time about the letters that should go in the blanks before “world” and hasty is good. Working on finding others, though.

  7. Nice message as always. There was a Cheryl Crow song that says a Change will do you good too.

  8. Forgive me if you get this comment twice, your page timed out when I tried the first time. I love Eric Clapton and for the life of me I can’t figure out why he hasn’t searched me out and proposed marriage! Keep on changing the world Ann – we need you! ❤
    Diana xo

  9. Great post. Informative (especially about the art of tea bags) and inspiring. My biggest challenge is my inner world. So I’d have to say I can change my world by changing my inner world. Which demands more than I sometimes want to give: honesty, transparency, risks, and more practice than I’d like to admit.

  10. I love the school art. Kids are so much better than they’re given credit for.

  11. Sometimes I just want to listen, Ann.

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  13. That shadow photo got to me.

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