Day 807: Cherish

I cherish:

  • my son,
  • my boyfriend Michael,
  • the delicious food Michael cooks for us,

  • my family and friends,

  • waking up to another day,
  • my very unusual heart and the more mundane parts of me,
  • the time I spend every day creating a blog post,
  • your time and attention,
  • our cats,

  • fresh fruit,

  • chocolate,

  • silliness,
  • my ability to exercise,

  • the things I see around me, no matter what the weather,

  • art,

  • things I see at home,

  • all my memories (even the difficult ones),
  • all the faces I’ve seen (no matter what their expressions),

  • the work I get to do with people in group and individual therapy,

  • books,

  • and, last but not least, music. 

I cherish both versions of “Cherish” by Pat Metheny and by the Association (and I cherish how easy they were to find on YouTube). 

What do you cherish?

Cherishing thanks to all in this post and — naturally! — to cherished you (and the cherished time you spent here today). 

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25 thoughts on “Day 807: Cherish

  1. I love this! I cherish you and your blog!

  2. Me too! I cherish you and your blog and your beautiful outlook on life and your quirky sense of humour and your eyes that see so much and your heart that shares so much! so many things about you I cherish!

  3. So much to cherish!!! That’s what makes life worth cherishing every moment 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post about all of the blessings around you! Loved this!

  5. Like you, Ann, I cherish family, friends, food, books and more.
    I cherish the beautiful desert I live in with its broad valley and mountains In all directions. I cherish the beautiful yet fragile river that runs nearby though it slows to a trickle just before rainy season begins each year. And of course I cherish the little village in Mexico that I love to spend relaxing time in.
    I also cherish the connections I have made through these wonderful blogs!

  6. Wonderful post! I cherish you, Ann. And I just recommended Staring at the Sun to a claßmate yesterday, but I’m only giving her my notes this morning — what a coincidence, to see it here today.

  7. There’s so much in life to cherish, Ann, and you’ve named a few of them in this cherished post. Where would we be without cherished family and friends, for a start? I know you’re extremely cherished by so many of your fellow bloggers, too. 🙂

  8. I cherish this post, which has a lot of nice art work, and you as a fellow blogger who has new teachings for us everyday.

  9. Wow, that’s quite a list!

  10. Seems the word of the day is cherish but it is the right word so I too will say I cherish you and your blog

  11. You covered a whole lot of cherish, Ann. I’d like to add that I cherish the chance.

  12. Lots of fabulous pics in this. The socks, the NOT ART, and the cat plus cat… and the yummy quiche, all stood out, but I liked all the others too.

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