Day 806: Something to remind you

Here’s something to remind you that Spring is coming:

Here’s lots of  freaking data to remind us that  Spring isn’t here, yet:


I need something to remind me that

  • The path may be icy, but I have the skills and the knowledge to move forward,
  •  I can’t please everybody on the way,
  • I do not have to re-prove my worth every day,
  • I can look up to others and others can look up to me,
  • I can be on the same level as others, look them in the eye, and demand to be heard,
  • Losing things is not the same as losing people,
  • Hearts beat a limited number of times, which reminds me to treasure every heartbeat,
  • We cannot control what others say or do, but we have choices of how to react,
  • Carrots work better than sticks to motivate ourselves and others,
  • Inevitably, we make mistakes, hurt others’ feelings, misunderstand, and are misunderstood,
  • Expecting the worst doesn’t contribute to a better outcome,
  • Worry interferes with action and connection with others,
  • Direct, authentic, and open communication helps relationships,
  • Being messy is not a sin,
  • All feelings are valid,
  • Fear can be an automatic, self-perpetuating habit,
  • People have the ability to change,
  • Lists are always incomplete, and
  • Everybody has unique gifts to share.

Speaking of unique gifts, somebody left this gift for me at work yesterday:

I believe that’s a double-edged sword.

That sword, now between a magic wand and a three-hole punch,  is something else to remind me to teach, learn, and hope.

Today’s date, March 17, is something to remind me of someone committing suicide over 10 years ago.  I remind myself: We can’t control what others do. We can only do our best to show up, be gentle, and tell the truth, here and now. 

Here’s something that reminded me, musically, yesterday:

I’ll remind you that “Something to Remind You” by the Pat Metheny Group can be found on YouTube.

What has this post reminded  you of? What somethings are reminders for you?

I don’t need to be reminded to thank everyone who inspired and helped me to write this post today, including you.

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35 thoughts on “Day 806: Something to remind you

  1. You do have such cool snow. Losing things is not the same as losing people – Very true

    Will you be celebrating St Patrick’s Day today?

  2. Love this — Expecting the worst doesn’t contribute to a better outcome,

    St Patrick’s Day is a double edged sword kind of day for me too. I wrote about my brother and his wife’s death on this day, today. Like your friend, it was their doing and I can only love them for what drove them to such lengths was more than they could carry.

    Thank you for the Pat Metheny song. Very healing.

  3. I liked being reminded by your list of what it is important to remember to remind myself. And here’s a little music too

  4. Happy St. Patty’s Day and all the luck O the Irish to you Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. I had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day dinner last night with friends,
    Spring is here in the Southwest. Leaves on the cottonwood trees have been out for a month already and other trees are leafing too.
    However, the mesquite are still bare, and out here we all know iit can freeze again until the mesquite leaf out, my fingers are crossed that they will be a bit early this year!

  6. Ann,
    I like you list of reminders.
    I’m reminded of a quote by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: “Put your trust in God and go merrily on your way.”
    When I keep that thought and act on it, I wiil be the best I can be for myself and those around me.
    Keep it simple.

  7. These are great reminders Ann!
    I love the double edged sword 🙂
    It reminded me of ….

  8. Sunshine Jansen

    Today I attended a funeral for a friend, and when you mentioned the suicide you are commemorating, it reminded me of funerals that I did not show up for when I was too immature to understand their real purpose. There are so many of them now, as I get older, but I’ve found that your advice is not only spot-on but simple. Exactly like every single bullet point on your list (all of which I relate to!)

  9. Hal and David were there, too, Ann. Just a reminder for you.

  10. I need all these reminders too. Thanks.

  11. I need those reminding today in particular. Thank you.

  12. I’m sorry that St. Patrick’s Day has such a sad association for you, Ann.

    • The date does have that sad reminder, Maureen, along with other more pleasant ones. Thanks for making this day better for me.

  13. Yes yes yes I really liked this post, it has taken me a long time to learn to be happy with who I am and to accept that if a person is pissed with me it doesn’t meant they don’t still love me

    • Yes, it takes a lot of time and a lot of reminding to remember those things, Joanne. I really liked this comment.

  14. Nature was always there to remind me
    How we roamed free, as children with nothing to conceal
    With fists that opened to set the butterflies free
    And wild spirits preparing each spring, for hearts with wings…

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