Day 800: Numbers

When I started writing 1 blog per day on Day 1, I never dreamed I would reach 800 consecutive posts.

Here are 3  questions on my mind, right now:

Why does it feel 100% easier for me to write any of these 800 blog posts than to gather the numbers  I need to do my yearly taxes? Why have I spent dozens of years feeling anxiety before 4/15, no matter what those tax numbers are? Why is my worry so numerically high about making mistakes with numbers?

As I have countlessly reminded myself and others: Naturally we make mistakes with numbers. Numbers are not our native language.

I have at least a half-dozen  tasks today, including:

  1. Conducting 1 individual therapy session at work,
  2. Facilitating  1 group therapy session with more than 2 and less than 6 members,
  3. Receiving my more than 20th and less than 100th pre-teeth cleaning antibiotic  IV (that stands for IntraVenous, not the Latin # 4),
  4. Getting a cleaning for each one of my 24 teeth,
  5. Driving my 1 17-year-old son to a 4-hour rehearsal of a play, for which he is running lights for the 1st time,
  6. Meeting with a tax preparer for the 2nd time in 2 years, with more than 10 and less than 25 documents.

Until 5 minutes ago, there was 1 number I could not locate for my tax preparation, even though I looked in all 3 likely locations. When I looked for the 4th time just now, I found it. 

Now I feel 100% prepared and ready for the day, even though there’s a 100% chance I am not perfectly prepared, numerically or otherwise. Nevertheless, on a scale of 1 to 10, I feel like  a 10!

Here are 6 photos I took yesterday between the hours of 8 and 6:

Here are 6 photos I took after 6, when I was looking for numbers around me:

3 people in my 1 therapy group yesterday were speculating how many days or months it would take all the snow in Boston to melt. What do you think that number is, based on these 3 photos from yesterday ?

In other words, how many more days will I have to wear 2 of these 100% waterproof boots?

How many seconds after I got home last night was I greeted by 1 cat?

As usual, my (1) curiosity + (2) love for guessing games = n  questions.

Here are 2 number-based numbers I heard yesterday:

That is Pat Metheny’s 5-5-7 and Tommy 2Tone’s 867-5309.

Why did I have 0% trouble remembering those numbers perfectly?

Do you have more than 1 thought or feeling about the numbers or words in this 800th post?  (I wonder what # of comments I’ll get, below.)

Thousands of thanks to the countless number of people, animals, and things helping me write today’s and 799 yesterdays of posts and — of course! — special thanks to you, for reading the hundreds of words and numbers here, today.

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47 thoughts on “Day 800: Numbers

  1. That waterproof boot really is colourful ha. That post on being miserable reminds me of a road called Hope Street. next to it is a sign saying: No entry!

  2. Debbie Terman

    Congrats on #800 !!!

  3. Just so you know you’re not alone… I too have that same anxiety around tax prep. It is unfounded. Unproven. Unnecessary. Yet, still I unwittingly allow it! 🙂

    And congrats on 800

    I’d wear those boots all year round, regardless of snow melting or rain falling!

  4. wow 800 is a NUMBER!! 😀 Congrats! I have no head for numbers, and as fate would have it I married an accountant!!

  5. Numbers don’t exist. I’ve looked for them everywhere and can’t find them. Behind the garage, under stones . . .

  6. 800th post eh? That’s amazing Ann! Numbers aren’t my forte either. Good luck with your taxes, the sooner you get ’em done, the sooner you can stop stressing about them. ❤
    Diana xo

    p.s. glad you found the document you were searching for on the fourth try. Isn't it funny, that you always seem to find the thing you're searching for in the last place you look? 😉

  7. Congratulations on your 800th post. Did you know that 800 is 2222 in base 7?

    I think that in base 7, you will only have to wear your waterproof boots for 5 more days.

  8. amazing endurance & diligence!
    by the numbers i’m content
    if i manage one post a week 🙂

  9. Congrats on the 800th post!

  10. Congrats on your 800 Ann! You fell off my reader again ,,,, will go back and connect the numbers 🙂

    • That’s happened at least 2 times, hasn’t it? Many thanks for reconnecting, Val!

      • I feel bad when I lose touch because of an app technical glitz … Thankfully I am back at my computer and can be more present 😉

  11. I hate doing taxes!
    Congratulations on post 800!

  12. 800! Congrats!
    I thakfully kept all four pieces of paper I needed for my taxes and they are done. Done! I still need to send a little off to the state when I get home from Mexico on Monday.

  13. I can put no number on my admiration for you and your blog work, Ann Koplow.

    Oh, OK. You’re one in a million.

    The snow in Boston will melt in one month.

    You had one cat who greeted you and one cat who did not.

    I spot today one photo of one candy company taking one hell of a chance by taking its name from above.

  14. 800 consecutive posts that is bloody amazing, I think many of us find the more we blog the more we want to blog…………well that is the case for me

    • The greater the number of times we practice, Joanne, the easier it gets. I agree! Thanks for being so bloody amazing, yourself.

  15. I am just 2 tired of seeing your 2 tired photos of 2 high, 2 dirty, 2 ugly snow in BosTON. That IS a # isn’t it? TON? Am I wrong? Do I care? I do care about Jesus Mints. HOW MANY ARE IN THE BAG? WHY DIDN’T YOU COUNT THEM?! And why didn’t you look up all those NUMBERS on the Scripture wrappers???? I feel 100% better now. Thank you very very very much. (3 is the purrfect # you know.)

  16. Happy consecutive #800 posting!

    It will take until May of this year before all of that snow melts. Of course, this is an uneducated quests.

    Taxes, the tax man, the IRS and prime numbers frighten me. I always worry that I will not have all the correct answers. However, that within itself is futile. How can any of us know the entire tax code, the humanity and dignity of the taxman or how the Internal Revenue System really works? And those prime numbers, I just threw that bit in here. I was keeping myself on my toes. 😉

  17. You are still the one.

  18. Congratulations on 800! I find this truly mind boggling as I can barely get out one post a week but I’m greatly inspired! 🙂

  19. Congrats Ann on your 800th post!

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