Day 798: The Bunny Hop

Yesterday, as I was hopping around the Boston area, I saw some bunnies hopping.

This morning, as I’m hopping around hoping I’ll quickly get used to the clocks hopping forward over the weekend, I’ve discovered this song, hopping on over at YouTube.

That’s “The Bunny Hop” as performed by the Ray Anthony band in 1953, the year your hopping and humble blogger hopped into this world.

As I hop into the beginning of this work week, here are some of my hopping thoughts:

  • I’ll be meeting with somebody, this week, who tends to get hopping mad with people who work in the medical system (like me).
  • A few people I love at work have hopped on out of there lately, for different reasons.
  • On Wednesday, I am getting my teeth cleaned AND working on my taxes, two events that can get my anxiety a-hoppin, for different reasons.
  • It helps me to remember that any progress includes hops forward AND hops back, just like in The Bunny Hop.

Feel free to hop on below and leave any comment that hops into your mind, you hear?

Speaking of hopping and hearing, here’s the first photo I took yesterday, while seeing, hearing, and hopping around town:

My boyfriend Michael and I hopped around in the snow after we saw that sign, trying to figure it out. We’re still not sure which local tree is hearing or getting a hearing, and for what.

Gotta hop to work now, bunnies!

Thanks to Star Market, to Ray Anthony, to photogenic bunny pens (which might hop better if somebody names them),  to rabbits and trees that keep on keeping on, to all those who’ve helped me hop forward in my life,  and to you — of course! — for hopping on over here, today.

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35 thoughts on “Day 798: The Bunny Hop

  1. I like that Lady Bunny Pen hopped around to find friends. I especially liked the expression on the dog with the bunny ears. 🙂

  2. Echo and the Bunnymen’s Killing Moon was a great song. Nesquick is great. I know its unhealthy but chocolate cereal is fantastic.

  3. It seems that ‘bunny-hopping time’ has arrived in Boston – always a sign that Easter’s hopping ever closer. Loved listening to The bunny Hop again – another hop back to my childhood days. The Tree Hearing sign’s quite a hoot. I can see why it sent you hopping about tryinhg to figure out what it meant. Your photos, as always, are hoppingly bright and cheerful, Ann, and I hope you are too. 🙂

  4. Good luck with the hopping mad client and the scary dental appointment. Let’s all listen to the trees.

  5. isn’t that special!
    a little bunny hopping
    certainly won’t bother
    the neighbors 🙂

  6. OMG – loved seeing the bunny hop Ann! I did my taxes last week with an easy online program and believe it or not, I like getting my teeth cleaned. It feels like a massage and I have to stop myself from falling asleep!! ❤
    Diana xo

    • I’m hoppily happy that you loved the bunny hop, are done with your taxes, and enjoy getting your teeth cleaned, Diana! ❤ xo

  7. No daylight savings time in Arizona or in Sonora, Mexico, where I am right now. No clock hopping for us!

  8. Hi Ann!
    Oh goodness – you really put a BIG OL SMILE on my face today. What a cute little bunny in your bunny-hop pictures. Where ever did you find it & what exactly is it (a toy)?
    I’ve been hopping from ice arena to ice arena almost the whole winter. With one tournament left in hockey season – I hope to catch my breath soon. At least for a short wile…
    Hope you have been doing well.

    • RoSy! I am so happy to see you, hopping in for a break from all that ice-arena-hopping. The bunny that was hopping in my photos is a pen (one of four I ordered a little while ago). I hop and hope to see you again soon.

  9. Sunshine Jansen

    Usagiko the Super-Kawaii Bunny Pen (which is what *I* would name her) would wind up in my purse SO fast!

    • Usagiko the Super-Kawaii Bunny Pen is an awesomely hoppy name, Sunshine. I shall try to keep that in my mind (and try to keep U the S-KBP in my purse).

  10. I think Bunny Pen looks like an Inky, Ann.

    And it would be impossible to turn a deaf ear on a Tree Hearing sign. I have a feeling the city or county or town wants to cut that and some cousins down and citizens are holding a meeting with officials to fight it.

    • Inky is a hopping good name, Mark. And I am always happier when I hear your thoughts about trees and other living things.

  11. That bunny sure gets around. Myself I prefer Lindy Hopping to bunny hopping.

  12. You know the children in my family are chocolate snobs, they will only eat Cadbury chocolate and of course Cadbury is one of the more expensive brands, no cheap home brand chocolate for my girls or grandchildren.

  13. The bunny behind the cat is really funny to me.

  14. I want to hop in this post and eat all those chocolate bunnies!
    For that person that gets hopping mad at your workplace, just take his hopping hot words and toss them out the window. They will freeze, or at least, melt.

    I’m sorry people are hopping out around your workplace. I’m going to hope they have hopped into positions that will keep them hopping forward toward greater rewards.

    Now I must hop over to the dryer and get clothes to magically hop onto coat hangers.

    I’m glad I hopped in here today. Cute pens, delicious chocolate bunnies and a tree. Now that tree has my brain cells hopping.

  15. Great post!

  16. YELLOW BUNNY!!!!!! 🐰

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