Day 796: Show & tell

It’s time for 

Show & tell!

That sign was on a shuttle bus to work yesterday in Boston, a/k/a as 

Snow & hell!

If you need me & my iPhone to show & tell you more about that, here you go:

While that snow was showing and telling on my walk back to my car after work, I heard …

… “For a Thousand Years” from Like Minds, with Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny,  Roy Haynes, and Dave Holland. 

I want to show & tell you the thoughts I had, then. 

It feels like this snow & hell could last for a thousand years. 

Actually, turning the clocks forward this weekend will show & tell more light.

Fear & hopelessness can make too much snow (& other personal hells) last “for a thousand years.”

Warmer temperatures next week should show & tell that snow where to go!

My Show & tell is Done & done. Anything you’d like to show & tell in a comment?

Thanks & appreciation to Gary & Chick & Pat & Roy & Dave, to musicians & others of like minds, to all who endure any kind of personal hell for any amount of time, and to you — of course! — for showing (& maybe telling) here and now. 

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29 thoughts on “Day 796: Show & tell

  1. Emy Will

    Looks like slush and tell.Wishing you warmer weather around that corner 🙂

  2. It just goes to show when snow turns up in such a telling way, hell is not far behind!

    I hope the warmer temps shows all that snow where to go so you are done and done with it!

  3. snow much to show
    in cool tones
    and brief truths 🙂

  4. Ann, for Bostonians, it must feel like the proverbial when pigs fly and hell freezes over. Spring is just around the corner! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. When I was a teen, I remember reading one of my Dad’s old English books. In it, a bit of poetry I never forgot: “The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.” (e.e.cummings) That about says it all for me and my experience in snow country before moving to Florida.

    I hope Spring arrives soon for all you folks. Stay safe and warm, Ann.

    • Love your show & tell about your father’s books and the e.e. cummings poem, Judy. I hope I won’t have too many more snow days to show and tell about.

  6. Those pile and pile of snow on the ground seem like a show and tell of a war, the heavy one for the record. I am glad the war is about to pass 🙂

  7. More like show and hell, Ann. That is the dirtiest snow in history. Ugh. Let’s go melt.

  8. I hope all that slushy snow doesn’t make anyone accident prone!

  9. Ann,
    That’s a hell of a lot of snow. And as usual, the first fallen whiteness of it turns to a dirty grey after the plows move in.
    Hang in there; the spring cavalry is on the way.

  10. I’m with you, sister! New York has the same snow mountains, although not as impressive, and dirt, and we are done with it! Hopefully…

  11. Very slushy

  12. It is baffling that snow, the most attractive possible weather phenomenon, turn into such disastrously ugly grey heaps.

  13. When the beauty of white transforms into dirty gray … its time for a major melt down

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