Day 793: Replacements

We all experience loss in our lives. For those we’ve lost, there are no real replacements. 

I need to replace the focus of this post, now, and tell you it’s the anniversary of the death of my father, who passed away in 1997.

While nobody could ever replace my father, I did re-place my father’s name — Aaron — on the birth certificate of my son, who was born a year after my father left this world.  

Yes, my father and his only grandson never met. I sometimes wish I could replace that reality with a different outcome. 

This might be a pale replacement for actually meeting his grandfather, but my son hears great stories about my father all the time, no matter where we go. Just last week in California, my friend and college roommate, Marcia, shared memories of my dad with me and his 17-year-old namesake. 

By writing  about my two irreplaceable  Aaron’s, I’ve replaced my original intent for this post, which was to show you these:

I ordered those pens online a few weeks ago, before I left for California. While none of them can replace this pen I’ve probably lost: 

… they can each make me smile, too. 

What other replacements can I place here, now?

Somebody is trying to replace our real experience of winter in Boston with an advertising campaign. 

This tissue box in one of my group therapy rooms is empty. I’ll be bringing in a replacement box, today. 

In a therapy group yesterday, we tried to replace self-blame with acceptance and love. 


I am waiting for some warmer weather to replace some of this friggin’ snow. 

What might you place here for a replacement song? I’m ending with The Replacements performing “When It Began.”

If you can’t see that Replacement video, please re-place your cursor over to YouTube, where I found it. 

 Is there anything you’d like to replace, in this post or elsewhere?

Thanks to all those irreplaceables in my life, including my father, my son, and you, my wonderful readers. 

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24 thoughts on “Day 793: Replacements

  1. Yes, replacing the snow with green green grass would be a wonderful thing, but tomorrow we expect snow once again.

  2. Penny is not easily replaced but Bunny 1,2,3,4 are cute 🙂
    I replaced the winter cold for Florida sun and warmth. It feels good!
    You are irreplaceable Ann 🙂
    Enjoy the fond memories today of the irreplaceable Aarons in your life.

    • You are irreplaceable too, Val, and I am so glad you are re-placed in Florida for now! Thanks for placing this great comment here!

  3. You know Ann? Pretty white snow is one thing, but that dirty snow needs to go! Bring on spring! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. Have always liked the name. Shame they never met but they both sound great people who have played a big part in who you are.

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    How does snow get that dirty yikes!

    • Yikes is right! I’d like to replace this dirty snow with Bay Area beauty, for sure.

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        How does that snow get so dirty with so much snow around… Really. It’s 68 degrees here and not a cloud in the sky…

  6. Nothing I’d change, Ann, except for the chronology of your two Aarons, and that is beyond mortal men and women.

    • I wish I could replace the fact that I’m just seeing your beautiful comment now, Mark, years after you made it. Thanks for your irreplaceable friendship. ❤

  7. It was all very serious sounding until I got to “The friggin snow”….I turned my head just in time not to spit a mouthful of water into my laptop.

    Lucky for me as I’d hate to have to replace it.

    A while back, you toyed with replacing your address with one in Charleston, SC…currently 67 degrees…81 where I am in Lexington, SC. C’mom down….replace the snow with heat and humidity.

  8. Is Penny being replaced because she has “Gone with the Wind?”

  9. There are some things that can never be replaced but when it is possible to replace something of meaning it is nice to do so

  10. May this bad weather be replaced soon! Or be “Gone with the Wind!” Part 1

  11. Something tells me that your dad would have loved your blog and, of course much more so, your Aaron.

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