Day 792: Out of Practice

As I continue to practice creating blog posts on my phone, I’d like to tell you that I returned to work yesterday at a primary care practice within a major Boston teaching hospital, after practicing vacationing in California for two weeks. 

When I take a break from work (or anything else), I can quickly feel like I’m “out of practice.” That is, I believe I’ve forgotten important  skills and procedures. It feels like I have to relearn all over again, in order to be good enough. 

In reality, I don’t forget what I’ve learned that quickly.  Indeed, once I gather the courage to try things again, the old knowledge reappears — just like riding a bicycle. 

Yesterday, I discovered I was not out of practice, even though I had been out of the primary care practice for two long weeks. 

For example, I was not out of practice taking photos when my car was stuck in traffic:

I was not out of practice walking through the snow and the cold, either (or feeling a little blue about it):

I was not out of practice noticing colorful things that distracted me, momentarily, from all that snow:

On my return plane ride from California last Friday — when I was feeling out of practice with New England winters — I discovered I was not out of practice loving movies, either. During that flight, I practiced watching Whiplash, about a young musician who practices, practices, practices jazz  drums,  and gets out of practice with everything else in life, including  connection with others and, at times, self-preservation.

As I watched the filmmakers practice effective and often innovative story-telling, I resolved not to get out of practice with my own self-care and life priorities.  

I shall now practice posting here the great jazz tune “Caravan” (practiced  by countless big band jazz players everywhere),  as performed by the practiced musicians from Whiplash. 

I seem to be out of practice posting links to YouTube the way I’d like within a phone-practiced post, even though  I’ve successfully practiced that on WordPress the last few days. 

Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to practice finding that clip on YouTube, if necessary.  

Before I practice ending yet another daily WordPress post, I shall practice asking a practiced and practical question: what does practice and/or “out of practice” mean to you?

Practically, you could practice answering that kind of question in a comment, below (if you need that kind of practice). 

Many thanks to the practiced doctors, nurses, social workers, other staff, and  patients  at the primary  care practice where I work; to people in the Boston area who practice dealing with difficult weather; to all the talented people who helped create the wonderfully practiced Whiplash; and to you — of course! — for helping me practice blogging, every day. 

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35 thoughts on “Day 792: Out of Practice

  1. It’s a shock to the system to come back to the cold from somewhere warm, isn’t it Ann? Still, I would mind practicing more of that, it’s worth the shock! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Boy did I enjoy the Caravan clip while reading your blog today… The pictures of so much snow must still be stunning for you coming from Cali ~ I hope you are beginning to acclimate. I get to do the same as it is off to China for me today. That feeling of being out of practice is real, I am in a Seattle frame-of-mind and far, far away from a China state-of-mind and I need to switch over but things just aren’t clicking 🙂
    Cheers to a great week ~

    • I look forward to seeing what stunning images and posts you create for us from practicing your China state-of-mind. Thanks for helping things click here, Randall!

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Very nice post! I write my posts on this iphone4… Barely.. Peace

  4. Out of practice, to me, is the state of being insecure, doubting myself and allowing negative thoughts to invade my psyche. Practice is the simple mechanics of knowing that I can, have, and will continue my learned processes.

    You were never out of practice, Ann. Never!

    Welcome home.❤️

  5. Practice means that I have to stop using my old desktop and start using my new laptop that I bought a week ago, because practice makes perfect.

  6. Oh boy does it look cold! Such permanent piles of snow… Still the year has turned and is heading in the right direction now.

  7. I was also deciding what movie to watch last weekend and decided to skip this one. How do you like it?

    • I don’t have to practice my answer: I looooooved that movie. I ordered my own copy and hope that there are extra features about how the movie was created.

  8. I am out of practice with a lot of things like riding a bike or exercising but what the that is just me

  9. Did you see the movie (Whiplash)? Great flick!

  10. I fear I am out of practice from “office-ing,” Ann, now that it’s two years since my layoff from the big daily and I’m freelancing from my recliner. Fortunately, I am in practice going out in the community and writing on my trusty bluetooth keyboard attached to my iPad Air. Why no visit to the Apple store for a new power cord, Ann? Team Koplow is getting worried about you getting out of practice. Though I like the Caravan of iPhone posts just fine. This song is one of my favorites!

    • Don’t worry, Captain. I am practicing what I preached yesterday: less is more. And there are so many more fun activities than visiting an Apple Store. I’d rather practice visiting WordPress, with trusty folks like you.

      • I think you are much enjoying the less searching and linking of your phone posting, Ann. And that is a fine practice in my WordPress book.

  11. I have found there’s a difference between blogging directly from the actual website on your iPhone, than on the stand alone WordPress app. You’ll still have to go to YouTube to get the ‘share’ link that you want and copy and paste in on your post, because ‘YouTube’ is still not listed as a ‘share’ button in the iPhone for you to go there, select the video to post directly to the post.

    What I really like though, is going to my blog using a shortcut added to my Home Screen, because from there I can blog a lot easier from my iPhone. Forget the WordPress stand alone app. From you blog (in the iPhone) you’ll go to Reader, and next to Reader is the icon to create a brand new post. It looks exactly as if you were doing it in you Mac. You can then paste you YouTube link, and you can even do a preview, and there it is! Exactly like in your Mac! I don’t have to use the stand alone app for anything!

    I have the iPhone 6 plus, it takes just a little long for the preview to generate, but at least when it does it’s a real preview!!! Just like in the computer.

    • Best thing is to get your Dashboard as a shortcut on you home screen. You will have the exact look of WordPress in your iPhone. You find it by going to your blog (in the iPhone), then pressing Reader, then blogs I Follow, then next to it you’ll see ‘My site’, once you’re there, you’ll find WP Administration; press there, and you have your Dashboard, just like in your computer! Immediately make a shortcut for it on your home screen on the iPhone. I hope I didn’t confuse you.

    • Thank up for this very practiced, practical, and helpful advice, Maria!

  12. Your post didn’t seem out of practice at all and your photos just get better and better. I think we all feel out of practice after a break, no matter how short it is. As you said yourself, Ann, it doesn’t take long to get back into routine. 🙂

  13. I have missed reading your blog for the past few days, but I’m not out of practice — and I’m quickly catching up on the things I missed.

  14. Great photos! I’ve only blogged from my desktop for posts. Also, after looking at your photos, brrrrr cold!

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