Day 791: Less

Yesterday, when I created a blog post with my iPhone, it took less time. I also put  less effort into adding links to other posts and references like Wikipedia (because I have less  knowledge of how to do that from my phone). 

While I want each post to be no less than helpful for me and my readers, I would be less than honest if I did not confess that I enjoyed doing less here yesterday. 

I’ve been thinking more about doing less, in general, since returning less than three days ago from my one-day-less-than-two-week vacation in a part of the USA that had way less snow and cold than my hometown of Boston. 

Using less words about that: Less is more for me, right now.   

Yes, I believe I will get more out of life with less

  • worry,
  • perfectionism,
  • stress,
  • stuff and clutter,
  • self-doubt,
  • over-achieving,
  • focus on everybody else’s needs,
  • anxiety about taxes,
  • anxiety about everything else,
  • assumptions,
  • rushing,
  • regrets,
  • comparisons,
  • feeling “less than,”
  • catastrophizing,
  • all-or-nothing thinking,
  • mind reading,
  • fortune telling
  • Jumping to conclusions,
  • fear,
  • projections onto others,
  • shoulds,
  • denial,
  • self-criticism,
  • avoidance, 
  • rigidity,
  • close-mindedness, 
  • judgmental thinking, and
  • automatic, unhelpful habits. 

As I mentioned in my introduction to this less-than-perfect post, I am having less success using links when creating blog posts with my phone. Otherwise, I would have taken up less space in that list,  by linking to my handout on cognitive distortions. 

However, i am less than upset about how this post is turning out, despite my having less experience and proficiency in phone blogging. Sometimes, less experience has its own benefits and advantages.

Before I write more, what would you like less of, in your life?

It’s time for less words and more pictures! Here are less than a dozen photos I took yesterday, as I was focusing more on less:

Harley is interested in less than five new cat toys. 

Oscar is less interested than Harley. 

There is less access to that newspaper kiosk than there was two months ago. 

I find all this snow less than Irresistible. That’s why I also took this next photo, less than a minute after the one above:

While I’d like to see a lot less snow around here, my boyfriend Michael says there is considerably less now than there was two weeks ago (after my son Aaron and I escaped out of Boston, avoiding yet another big blizzard by less than two hours).

One of those signs says less than the other. 

Valentine’s Day stuff couldn’t cost much less, could it?

Truth is beauty and beauty is truth (said the poet Keats, with less words). Truthfully though,  WHEN will there be the friggin’ beauty of less snow and cold? 

This hydrant could do with less cone protection. Do you agree, more or less?

Here’s a “less” song for you all:

Would I be less than polite if I suggest you leave less than three  and more than zero comments, below?

Thanks to Elvis (for “A Little Less Conversation,” which I found on YouTube in less time than expected), to Harley, to  Oscar, to Aaron, to Michael, and to all those doing more or less what works for them. And, more thanks to you, for being neither more nor less than yourself, here and now. 

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42 thoughts on “Day 791: Less

  1. It is a good post. More with less is something we often forget

  2. Actually, I couldn’t be more impressed that your previous post was achieved on your iPhone! My up-close vision is less than perfect and I would certainly feel cross-eyed by the end of that endeavor. 🙂 Love your pictures, but oh, that snow!! I would definitely be less than excited about all of that! 🙂 Stay warm today!

  3. The time of less snow will come and you will feel blessed.

  4. More with less ~ that is a great philosophy to start my week with. Stay warm ~

    • I was less warm today than I wanted to be when I was outdoors, Randall, but I appreciated the warmth of this comment

  5. I like your less post, Ann, especially the photos and your list of things you could do with less of. 🙂

  6. Ann,
    You’re right-less is more. Once we remove the post-its that cover our refrigerator, we rediscover its true purpose. So too is it with us. Get out from under a mountainous daily list of to do’s, and rediscover why we do them; and the who that is doing them.

  7. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Who has better weather San Francisco or Boston? That looks quite cold there!

    • I will say it more and more: San Francisco has better weather! San Francisco has better weather!

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        Good.. Now we need some snow.. We are heading to Lake Tahoe where there is little.. Send us some:)

  8. Harley is adorable! I have a photo of Millie the cat on my last post but she could never pose for a photo without being asleep. How did you manage?

  9. I have to do less of something in my life, but I just cannot decide what. Love the cats surrounded by mice.

  10. Another bloody great post

  11. Less is definitely more. I train myself to do it when shopping and even when cleaning up. It’s become like a golden rule for me. Great post!

  12. You do fortune telling? I think you are more of wanting less 🙂

    • I’m trying to do less fortune telling, since my guesses are less accurate than most. However, I did guess you might comment, and I was right!

  13. Sometimes Les is more, Ann. Do you know the guitar work of Les Dudek?

  14. Now I like Les even more, Mark. Ready for more Les guitar work?

  15. Less is more in most circumstances. But I have chubby hands and am always accidentally hitting speed dial for the dentist instead of my husband, and can’t type on the smartphone for anything. As I get older I’m getting rid of more and more clutter, mostly because I hate cleaning. If we can get less snow, I’ll be in for a party, too!

  16. I’m just speechless at the snow! With every post that I catch up on this morning, I’m not less speechless, but more!

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