Day 790: New dawn, new day

I like that every new dawn and new day is a chance to start anew. 

During recent dawns and days, though, I’ve realized I  want to hold on to some things from day to day. 

When I wake up to each new day, I want to remember and be in touch with:

  • my basic self-worth (which does not change from day to day),
  • my connections with others (which are also  real and true),
  •  my knowledge and wisdom (which I’ve earned with the experiences of all my dawns and days), 
  • my personal power to affect others and create change, and
  • hope and possibility. 

Darkness, night, and unconsciousness do NOT compromise or obliterate those things, in any way. 

Self-worth, connections, knowledge, wisdom, personal power, possibility, and hope all survive each night, even if they seem inaccessible or hidden. 

Remembering these words — every new dawn and day — will help me, I know. 

This new day, I am creating this post on my phone, because my laptop is out of power. When my laptop wakes up from its cordless slumber, it too will still have the worth, connections, knowledge, power, and possibilities it had before I left its cord behind in California. 

I am now going to post recent photos in a new way. I assume they also retain the worth they had when I took them over the last few days:

That was so easy!  See, people? My laptop losing its power cord created a new and better photo-posting day, for me. 

Let’s see how linking to a song goes in this new dawn, now.

Thanks to Nina Simone, to new dawns and days, to my iPhone, to my laptop, to undaunted courage, to Jackie Chan, to Saturday Night Live, to the movie “Whiplash,” to airplanes that take me places new and old, to Spring,  to those who do their best venturing out into each new dawn, and to you — of course! — for making this blog part of your new day.  

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29 thoughts on “Day 790: New dawn, new day

  1. Thanks for reminding me Ann that every new day is ripe with new possibilities and adventures – a great way to kick off my Sunday morning! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Ann, you are a positive role model for me! I too am trying to remember my insights daily, and that requires practice, which is why I sit daily, twice when I can do it, and recite some Buddhist texts, including the Metta Sutta and the Insight that Bnings Us to the Other Shore (Thich Nhat Hanh’s new retranslation of the Heart Sutra). Great photos and words. Enjoy this new day!

  3. Sunshine Jansen

    I see the cats gave you the not-at-all-new “Oh so you decided to come home” treatment… 🙂 (But I trust, also per tradition, that hours later they really let you know your worth to them.)

    • Thanks, Sunshine. Not pictured was Oscar’s (cat on right) immediate reaction to me when I got home: pure love and affection, which totally brightened my night!

  4. Beth Campbell

    One thing that hasn’t changed, dear Ann, is you keeping me abreast of the names of this winter’s storms. The Greek in me is hoping that the upcoming snowfall is indeed Spartan in volume. (Because I will always drift towards an obvious pun.)

  5. Way to post anew, Ann! Maybe the laptop is a hindrance for photos in the long run. When you get the new cord, you may find yourself cutting the photo posting cord to the MacBook and writing the text there and posting the photos on the iPhone? Who knows what may leap at us from the impending spring.

  6. i LOVE that song!

  7. Ann, you’re definitely my favorite photojournalist.

  8. Yes yes yes I so loved this post

  9. Wonderful photos, start to finish.

  10. Amazing photos and inspiration!

  11. You are an inspiration to me.

  12. PERFECT song!!!!!

  13. Love that song from her! Have a great day!

  14. A beautiful post, Ann!

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