Day 789: Too much stuff

When I woke up this morning, on my first day back in Boston after a two-week adventure in California, I KNEW I had left something behind there.

I don’t mean that I left my heart in San Francisco, although I love that area of the country so much, I am instituting a 1.5 year plan to move there, after my son graduates high school and leaves for college.

No, when I woke up, I thought

I left the power cord for my laptop at my friend Lawry’s house.

And I could visualize and play back the exact moment when I needed to remember to pack it, but didn’t .

So, while I’m writing this, I have 20% of my laptop battery left, so I need to act fast and efficiently to get this post out to you today, people.

Ooops!  It’s 19%, now.

So, I can’t put too much stuff in this post. But I will say these things:

  1. We have too much stuff to keep track of, so it’s inevitable that we’re going to forget and leave things behind, sometimes, and
  2.  I’ve had too much stuff on my mind lately, and I really appreciated the time away in California as a way to breathe, relax, learn, connect with people, and get back in touch with my priorities.

Ooops!  17% battery power and the indicator on my laptop had TURNED RED!

I have too much stuff I wanted to show you visually today, too. But I’m just going to show you this, which I saw from the “airtrain” I took yesterday from the rental car place to San Francisco Airport:


That’s a good sign, isn’t it?

My battery is at 13% (my laptop battery, NOT my pacemaker battery, thank goodness), so I’m going to publish this sucker for you all. Next step?  Finally, making it to the Apple Store, where I have other business to take care of.

And since one of my priorities and relearned goals from this trip is to ask for help, could somebody post an appropriate song in the comments?

12% … so I just want to thank each and every one of you, for visiting here today.

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41 thoughts on “Day 789: Too much stuff

  1. Welcome home Ann. I so identify! We were in Florida a few days ago (now back in NE PA where it was 3-degrees F when I awoke) and the car we rented didn’t have a USB port for recharging the iPhone, so I insisted on buying a car charger thingy (in purple!) so I wouldn’t run out of juice with all the navigation we were doing with the phone. It cost $5 and my sweetie thought it was such a stupid purchase. I never ended up needing it, but having it did give me more than $5 worth of peace of mind! Btw, congrats on deciding to relocate in about 1-1/2 years to a warmer climate. We are doing that too!

    And for that music:

    πŸ™. 🌞

  2. wishing your heart
    a full recharge
    when the other battery
    runs out πŸ™‚

  3. Welcome home!

    “Help” by the Beatles

  4. I have done the same, Ann! I have power cords at the regular places I visit. That eases things for me a bit.
    And I have WAY too much stuff! Yard sale in my near future, and if it doesn’t sell, I will donate it all. Whew!

    • I felt that “Whew!” all the way in Boston, Emilie. It is relief to let go of too much stuff, isn’t it? I am inspired by you to do the same.

  5. I’m busy eliminating stuff from my life, but my laptop cord won’t be one of them! Hope it’s easy to replace!

    • “Easy” is a relative term. The power cord I got tonight doesn’t fit. In the meantime, I can use my phone or Michael or Aaron’s computers to blog.

  6. amusez798387

    Welcome home. Ah, the old leave power cord behind. Has happened to me too many times. Look forward to seeing you.

    • Your joining with me on that, Mary, helped me feel understood and not as alone. You know how that works. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  7. Glad you got home safely Ann. As per your request, here you go!

    Diana xo

  8. Here’s some pop chords from Huey Lewis, a Bay area favorite, Ann. With what you radiate and your special heart, I say you should never need what you left behind at Lawry’s house.

    • I would say you give me too much praise, Mark, but I won’t, because I love what you have to say! Thanks for the power of that.

  9. So glad you were able to post today Ann. Thanks to those who added the music on your behalf. Not too much stuff at all when it is given with love πŸ™‚

  10. It starts with an invitation to come into the warm inside. It is the theme tune to my next novel.

  11. Better to leave the power cord than your heart in San Francisco πŸ™‚ Glad you had enough juice to power up a short post, you might have had blogging withdrawal symptoms otherwise; apart from depriving us of your daily wit πŸ™‚

  12. Hope you don’t have to wait too long to get your power cord back

  13. Oh Ann, I know this feeling well πŸ™‚ Frustrating as it is, there is also the slight benefit of being unconnected that can be refreshing too! Great to hear that you are back home, hope all is well back in Boston… Take care!

  14. That is a cool shot out of the “airtrain” window.

    The battery situation reminds me of my fear every time I think about how much we are depending on smart phones or tablets these days. These devices can help us go about daily life more an more. Your entire credit cards (e.g.Apple Pay), banking, map, boarding pass, etc. are in one device. If it ever go bad while you seriously depend on it then it could be very chaotic. Your pacemaker is an absolute life – death example of such supportive devices.

  15. Glad you got all recharged and reconnected, Ann!

  16. 25 years ago I moved from NY to SF, as soon as my kids went off to college! Go!

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