Day 788: Turning bad into good

Yesterday, it was a relief for me to:

  1. attend my third and last day of a group psychotherapy conference in San Francisco,
  2. listen to one of my heroes — group therapy expert Irvin Yalom — give a down-to-earth, soulful, and moving talk,
  3. participate in a “medicinal drumming” workshop, given by Sal Núñez from City College of San Francisco,
  4. go to a very interesting  panel discussion about “Group Psychotherapy Practice of the Future,”
  5. hear from one the  esteemed panelists afterwards — much to my surprise and delight — that she considers the therapy groups I’ve developed and facilitate  at a Boston hospital a “Practice of the Future” (and that she would have described my groups in her talk yesterday  if she’d had more time),
  6. get a free, stress-relieving 10-minute massage at the conference,
  7. see and talk to other group therapists I feel I’ve connected to in  authentic and important ways,
  8. use this incredibly cool app to easily drop off the car I drove to the conference  and then miraculously get it back when I was ready to leave San Francisco at 9:30 PM, and
  9.  discover and read this amazing blog post by esteemed and admired WordPress blogger Randall Collis.

Here’s the comment I left there, in response to Randall’s gorgeous words and images:

Randall, this story and your images are so beautiful and important to me, right now. Your post is the only thing that has cut through my negative thoughts and feelings about returning home tomorrow to Boston after my two weeks in sunny, warm California. Now I actually feel strong and hopeful about what lies ahead for me. Thank you for your spirit, creativity, and talent; you make our world better with your gifts.

Here’s the last sentence of Randall’s response to me:

Thank you very much Ann, nothing like a little creativity to turn bad into good.

I have to admit that I was feeling bad two night’s ago, about

  • returning to the cold, dark, and snow of my home town of Boston, Massachusetts and
  • health uncertainties and possibly scary recommendations from doctors about my heart, which I will surely face soon after my flight home today.

However, as Randall wrote, a little creativity can turn bad into good.

Here’s just a little photographic evidence of  bad-into-good creativity, from yesterday:



Because of all the things I learned (or re-learned) yesterday, I hereby resolve to turn bad (New England weather, fears about my health, etc.) into good  (self-care,  in-the-moment acceptance and joy) by:

  • seeking out the sounds, sights, and places that sustain me (like the ocean, which — despite how cold and gray and snowy New England may be — is NEVER silenced),
  • asking for help, when I need it, from the people around me,
  • looking into a drumming class,
  • continuing to help myself and others let go of  old unhelpful messages and images from the past, and
  • facing my immediate future with hope, resiliency, and clear vision.

I hope I turned this morning’s post into something good (enough). Gotta go catch a plane back to Boston!

Before I go, here’s some good musical creativity for you (found here on YouTube):

Thanks to Irvin Yalom, Sal Núñez, all my esteemed colleagues at the group psychotherapy conference, Randall Collis, the massage guy, the local dudes who took care of my car yesterday, the Beach Boys,  everybody everywhere who has ever turned bad into good with a little creativity, and — of course! — special thanks to you, for turning things better for me today, with your visit here.

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34 thoughts on “Day 788: Turning bad into good

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    You forgot The City By The Bay… No snow here..

    • I have NOT forgotten the City By The Bay. I hope to be living in that area within 1.5 years. Let’s see if I make it there! And I’m glad you’re there (and here).

  2. Is that your favourite Beach Boys song?

    • I have lots of favorite Beach Boys songs, Alex. That is definitely one of them. Thanks for asking!

      • For 3 seconds I’m going to pretend Ann is your middle name, Barbara 😉

      • It’s funny you should say this, Alex. When “Barbara Ann” was first released by the Beach Boys, my best friend was Barbara (who has appeared in several of my posts). So it made the song more meaningful to me. Thanks for the memory!

  3. Definitely good enough! Thanks for providing the link to Randall’s blog so I can also “turn some bad into good.” Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It’s almost spring Ann, hang in there. I’m so thrilled you were able to bask in California warmth for a time. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Your break in California has done you the world of good, Ann. As Diana, above, says, it’s almost spring. Just keep turning ‘bad into good with a little creativity’ and the weather will soon be warms again – even in Boston. 🙂

  6. Love this Ann, and with your talents with writing and communicating, you’ve got a wealth creativity to draw from making the good come out of every day. Wish you the best in Boston, battling the snow and for keeping the spirits up when meeting your doctor. Take care and ~ ♬♪ Happy trails to you, until we meet again…Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then ♬♪

  7. Ann,
    Happy you’ve had a nice trip-a blend of business and pleasure. You sounds refreshed. It will be difficult to leave sunny Ca. for cold and snow covered Boston. But, remember, Spring is around the corner.
    Have a safe flight.

  8. Get creative and get the drum out when you get home Ann!
    Safe travels,

  9. Two weeks of blessed relief and good learning will create a more comfortable environment to accept what awaits in Boston, Ann. I feel better as a Team Ann member, too, ready to face our world.

  10. “Good Vibrations” all the way home, Ann. Thank you for writing during your busy schedule. We are blessed.❤️

  11. Gene Phillips

    I am glad that you could turn bad into good, because you are, yourself, so good.

  12. This was another bloody great post

  13. Thanks for sharing your diverse adventures in California. Have a safe, happy return to Boston with your loved ones!

  14. You are a wonder!

  15. Pingback: Day 789: Too much stuff | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  16. You are a brave lady. I was worrying about you returning to the cold north, but that idea of the sparrow among the beautiful cranes was certainly uplifting… and there are all your friends and your puss-cats back home.

    • I am turning the bad of missing this great comment (until today) into the good of appreciating it now. Many thanks, Hilary!

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